#280 I’m Leaving

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I’ve finally settled down on a new “blogging” (and blogging is used very loosely here) website.

After fumbling around on a personal Tumblr account, I seem to like it much more than the WordPress blogging medium. It’s hard to keep an audience, even harder to ask for feedback, and there is an unbelievable amount of spam that comes every day.

Being a teenage girl with a cartoon addiction will probably thrive better on a social and trending network. WordPress leans towards more business-y type subjects and less towards the short attention span of myself and my fellow peers.

There are cons to this though. I believe Tumblr has degenerated their definition of “blogging” due to it’s “reblogging” of users that pretty much is what keeps this website afloat. There is a great lack of original content and thought processes throughout the site. Blocks of texts and anything that requires any drop of patience is immediately ignored by the masses. All the users need to do to find more mindless content is to scroll down. Blogging is not what Tumblr is. Tumblr is a personalized 9gag feed.

But the main reason why I’m switching to Tumblr is freedom. I feel like I should watch what I say here and be extremely precise in my wording. Tumblr, I can be more liberal. I’m young. I think I should be wild and free before reality of adulthood strikes me down. Maybe I’ll come back here when that happens.

My Tumblr “URL” is the same as this blog, Ultimate Spoiler Attack. I am also very against them calling it a URL. I prefer calling it Username or Account Name. I’m against a lot of things.


I’ve stopped reading manga this summer (mostly b/c of Bleach’s break and Naruto’s retarded arc) and picked up Shingeki No Kyojin, Danganronpa, Monogatari Series 2, and Gin no Saji animes instead. Enjoy my posts on Tumblr from now on.

Now, without further ado…


#279 Obito The Sage

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Naruto chapter 640 : Finally [read here]

4 chapter review skip. I really got bored of the recent chapters since things slowed down so much to focus on the details of the battle. Only like ONE thing happens per chapter now. This one is a shocker, though.

Also going to edit these scrnshts on MS Paint now ’cause I’m lazy. Is the quality lower? I have no idea.

Naruto 640 0Oh what the f–?!
We’re going into the Soul Eater realm now. Ripping logic at the seems.

That’s not the shocker. Here it is.

Naruto 640 1

Bam! Plot twist! Kurama’s talk of Naruto being similar to the Six Path Sage and foreshadowing Naruto gaining Six Path Sage powers meant nothing! All hail our new sage, Obito! Better plot twist than Sasuke’s return.

You should read my previous post, #278, where I ending up talking about what Sasuke should have done in my penultimate Soul Eater chapter review.

I believe it is safe to say that in the realm of Naruto, ultimate powers make your grow pseudo-clothing. Naruto has that energy cloak when he goes into kyuubi mode and a physical cloak materialized in the Blood Prison movie when Naruto went into Sage mode. Now Obito has now materialized the Six Path Sage cloak out of his own skin. It all makes sense now. No Super Saiyan hair here. Just super clothes!

No Bleach for the next 5 weeks and no One Piece this week. Enjoy your short break One Piece-ers! Bleach-ers over here will just have to sit anxiously and suffer.

Still waiting to see Kenpachi’s sword spirit.

#278 Crona the Savior

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Soul Eater chapter 112 : The Dark Side of the Moon IX [read here]

Second to last chapter already?

I was about to go on about how cheesy and confusing this last chapter was, but if you think about the rest of the series, there has never been a stable logic to anything.

So Maka’s goal was one: destroy Kishin, and two: save Crona.

Poor Crona. Her speech to Maka sure hit an emotional chord in me. Especially this scene:

SE 112

Dangit. Why can’t Sasuke be like this? He too, needs to understand the weight of his sins and realize he can’t just jump in and be the hero!

And from what I understand, Kishin absorbed the Book of Eibon for plot convenience. Crona also being able to use the Brew stored in the Book of Eigon also due to plot convenience. Ehh…?

And Kishin exploded and consumed the moon. I’m sad. I always loved the moon. I even have a key chain of the Soul Eater moon.

Now the people currently standing on the moon:

SE 112 0

Group hug for the end. D’aaawwwww. T_TSE 112 1


What a sport… Good sacrifices were made in this battle.

Next chapter is the end! I’ve enjoyed this series very much mostly due to their constant breaking of logic and reality. I loved the anime of this series much more due to the animation, but I feel like the manga is gives such high standards that the anime would never be able to stay at that level of quality of animation forever.

See you next chapter for the end!

#277 What are you watching this Summer 2013?

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I bet you’re wondering where Naruto and Bleach chapter reviews lately. Well, they’re not coming. Naruto is getting very suspenseful, but also slowing down to one event per chapter. Bleach is too busy flipping through their multitude of new and old characters that I’m losing focus from the main story.

But let’s talk about anime.

I know I’m late. Animes have come out for the past couple weeks and I haven’t even seen 1 yet. Well, I watched Monogatari Series. I’m going to start now!

Things I will be watching this Summer 2013:

Gin No Saji (Silver Spoon) 

To be honest, the manga has completely lost my interest. Other than being a great source of agricultural knowledge (some which I can relate to since I go to an agricultural university myself) I believe this series has become an anime through the pure hype of the author’s previous work, Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is a rare case that the anime has to be better than the original story of the manga.

Of course, this won’t stop me from continuing to read the series and watch the anime. Let’s see what happens.

GNSa 1Hachiken x Bacon is canon now.
In writing this post, I have only seen the OP and this put a smile on me. I hope the rest of the anime will do the same.

Monogatari Series: Second Season

Bakemonogatari is back and it will be my number 1 focus this series. Its unnatural scenes and lack of continuity really is something. I always love how the scenery tells the story more than the character that is standing still in a large room.

It looks as though they will be focusing on everyone else other than Araragi, hinted by the series poster and first episode. Episode 1 was named Nekomonogatari but the series is called Monogatari Series. It probably means that each episode will be named after each of the female characters respectively. They already said episode 2 is about Hachiki in the beginning of episode 1!

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Movie

An anime that was better than its manga. Not much else I can say. This movie is already out raw, but refuse to watch it until subs come out to make every moment count. No spoilers for me please!





Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!
(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!)

Little girl obsessed with high school dating games and expects to be extremely popular like the games. Expectations vs Reality is hilarious.

Read the description, I’m curious. I’m going to wait a few more weeks until a few episodes come out to watch them consecutively.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) 

Read the manga. Liked it.

First episode is a complete disappointment.

Lack of… character from Ai? Her head is wider than her shoulders for Pete’s sake. She is now a generic submissive anime character who you have to pity 90% of the time. First episode is too rushed. Every scene is a sunset scene even when this episode spans across multiple days.

I’ll stay until about episode 4 and see how good the anime really is.

Blood Lad

I have no idea why this became an anime. Well, kinda.

I have been reading the manga for quite a few years now and the first arc is very good. Otaku vampire who lives in the underworld is a big plus. It’s recently that all that stuff about Staz has died down and sort of disappeared and they are focusing on actual plot. I got really annoyed and bored after that since Staz just became all OP and DGAF about a lot of things. Makes him look like a sensible character, which I don’t really like at all. I never really understood why he was called ‘Blood Lad’ since only Wolf called him that and it was never explained… I’ll watch this… someday.

This feels more like a waiting list for anime I think I’ll watch rather than the things I will absolutely watch. I’m not that into anime anymore and none of these titles really get me excited other than Monogatari Series.
I guess it’s just a fill in until AKB0048 and Fairy Tail start up again.

See you… whenever. I just made a Tumblr so it might be a while before I return.

#276 Hataraku Maou-Sama Review

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Hataraku Maou-Sama episode 13 : The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might [watch here]

The ending was… meh. It was kind of broken up into pieces with random things to wrap up the season. Pretty poorly, if you ask me.

The first 3 minutes before the theme song was a conclusion to the previous episode’s battle.

Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 0

And Mini-James isn’t back in Ente Isla because Maou screwed up making a portal back. Don’t give me that bamboo tree garbled explanation!

And he, the manager of Sentucky, has fallen in love with the manager of McRonalds. Oh joy…

Chiho had a dream about Maou. Emi had a dream about Maou. Suzuko… does she dream? It doesn’t matter. These 3 women’s lives are revolved around Maou. Ashiya and Urushihara are pushed to the side.

And then things get all suspenseful and serious when the guys have a secret they can’t tell. It got really really suspenseful, but due to the nature of this series, there was never anything to be worried about. He just needs to pay for stuff, like always.

Urushihara gets caught in a marketing scam and… what? He’s written as 18? What a midget he is. He’s as tall as Chiho and she’s 16. Interesting, though, that in Japan, the rule for minors is having a guardian even at 18, whereas in United States, 18 is the age where you are legally an adult and cannot have guardianship bindings.

And then:

Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 1Of course, they needed a reference to the first episode.


Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 2And a reference to the first time Maou and Emi in Japan after the ending credits. New ending theme song by the way.


Overall, this anime was quite enjoyable, comically and animation wise. I know many don’t see anything special in the animation, but it was what I liked about it. The animation was complete and didn’t cut corners where most animes would have.

The series started out extremely strong. Back story, battle scenes, a fake language. It was a perfect beginning. The only problem is that most of the things that were established are completely useless to the rest of the story. Let me list them out for you.

The continent that lies on the ocean of Ignora consisting of a large central island with four islands to the south, north, east, and west, watched over by the gods, is Ente Isla.
This is the first sentence of the entire series. How much do you really need to know? None of it other than the name, Ente Isla.

Four generals of Satan’s army? Only 2 that look most human-like come to Japan. One becomes a deadbeat that sits in front of a computer all day.

Satan flies with bat-like wings? Not anymore. He just stands in the air like a Shinigami from Bleach.


Hataraku Maou-Sama 1 0from Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 1

Their first meal in Japan is Khatsudon, in which they pronounce “Khatsu-dum”. They like it, but they never really learn how to make the dish (or can’t afford kitchen utensils for it) and only this plays a significance in the last episode.

There is a lack of information from Ente Isla as well as the story is more focused on the financial troubles of the 2 main characters, Ashiya and Maou. We understand that the humans have a victory over their world again, but the demons seem to have just vanished. Emi, Ashiya, and Maou don’t seem to have any concern about what is happening in their original world.

Rewatching the first episode, I realized he made that portal to Japan himself. A good conclusion would be that he can’t make portals. Mini-James wasn’t sent correctly to Ente Isla either. He probably can never get back even if he tried.

But I didn’t watch for the deep back story and action scenes. I watched for the comedy.

This show makes living in poverty hilarious. At the same time, they talk in that funny medieval way that makes me feel like they’re hardcore LARPers. Ashiya’s over exaggerated actions make it all worth while.

The other thing was the ripoff names for products. McRonalds? Sentucky Fried Chicken?

Hataraku Maou-Sama 1 1From Hataraku Maou-Sama! episode 1

Holy Potter: Blood of a Sorcerer and a Dragon. Things don’t get better than that.

Suspense in this show is really good too. The build up and the reveal is both surprising and awkward at the same time! Oh Emilia. Forever a tsundere.

I also like how they chose not to have an official opening theme sequence until many episodes later when all the characters have been introduced. Theme sequences usually spoil which characters are good guys, who you expect to appear later, who falls in love, and so forth. I’ve never seen an anime do that except for the first 2 episodes. This was for the first like, first 5. If they did put in the official theme song in the beginning, we would have known that Lucifer would become a good guy even when he was introduced as a powerful antagonist in the first arc of the story. After that, even the story took a turn south. Nothing as exciting as Lucifer’s attack happened again.

Hataraku Maou-sama! gets a 3/5 score from me. Due to the lack of character development and actually, character degeneration. Lucifer, aka Urushihara is our first antagonist and then becomes a bum sitting in the back of the room. Useful at times, but degenerated overall. Maou Satan as well. His connection to his “I want to take over the world” personality is non-existent. The ending feels as if thrown together and not a full wrap up of the story, or even the season in this matter. After all this, we still have to remember that this is a comedy and lines are not connected for the sake of comedy. If this was a well rounded story, it might be a lot more dramatic and depressing, but it’s not. Straight up comedy and it has made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. I suggest this series for light anime watchers who need a laugh. It’s a story about financial problems.

Read my other reviews for this anime series:

Hataraku Maou-Sama episode 11 review

Hataraku Maou-Sama episode 12 review

#275 Saving Old Obito

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Put both Naruto and Bleach in one post this week. Not much happens in both, so enjoy!

Naruto chapter 636 : The Current Obito [read here]

Here we go again with a freshly created backstory for someone’s last battle. Last time this happened, it was for Itachi and the backstory was for hunting. Honestly, this doesn’t do the ticket for me since this stuff is new and I really don’t have the emotional connection with it. The author throws in too many of these things like he meant to put them in before and decides to put them in where it’s sort of too late.

The good story with this flash back + end battle is Kakashi’s monologue. Ending with:

Naruto 636I’ve been playing with this phrase in my head to figure out exactly what it means… My conclusion is that Kakashi is protecting an idea rather than a person. The old Obito’s personality and will is what he wants to protect. Those two things he has adopted into his own personality and will and passed them onto his student, Naruto. The current Obito is against all that so to protect his will and Naruto’s will, he must defeat the current Obito. All of this you probably figured out, but it took me a while. Let me express my own thoughts.

Okay, so Kakashi and Obito severely wounded each other and Obito fled the scene. Can Kakashi get back on his own? Who knows.

FB Naruto 0Person who can recognize the other anime reference wins some internetz

Then half his body starts turning black. It’s the good part too! Remember his right side of the body was rebuilt by that Hashirama tree?

Naruto 636 1And there’s a circle around his eye like his old mask…. Wait. Doesn’t this kind of look like Black Zetsu?

zetsu-brit-n-bianca-32310267-400-300Image taken from Google Images

Does this explain how Black Zetsus are made? Is this why there’s only 1 Black while there’s an army of White?

Actually, this doesn’t explain sh*t. Let’s just wait until next chapter.

Bleach chapter 453 : Letters [read here]

Well, that took a good 6 chapters for Ishida to reveal himself as our enemy and then get on stage.

So he’s a successor. I’m not completely surprised. It makes for good story is what I’m agreeing to. Little confused since he’s actually not a pureblood and his father is. His father doesn’t have any pride of being a Quincy, though so Ishida is our candidate.

I don’t think he likes it there. Probably came against his will. We’re talking King of the Quincies here. It was probably to go or die.

Bleach 543 0

And now the King is giving Ishida new powers. Ooooh. Exciting. This story has potential.

Introducing and reintroducing characters of the bad guys. Looks like it’s by letter instead of numbers in the Espada. The author likes to put different races of people in the story.

Bleach 543 1That’s a definite Chinese guy.

And nothing happens on the protagonist’s side! I don’t really care about these new characters. I want to know what Kenpachi’s sword spirit looks like.

#274 Zombies Again?

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Kuroshitsuji chapter 82 : That Butler, Laughing Out Loud [read here]

KS 82Pbbbbbbttt

I literally spit on my monitor. Zombies again?? Wasn’t that last arc? Apparently it isn’t over yet. I’m sick and tired of these zombies everywhere. Lately it’s been zombie movies everywhere, zombie games, The Walking Dead. Just another day in the Land of the Free. Geez.

But still, I’m nicely surprised by the turn of events.

Prefects killed him for some reason unknown. Does that mean that the other students are dead and zombiefied, too? We have to remember how the Prefects described Derrick back in chapter 73. Each of them said he excelled at different things.

KS 73From Kuroshitsuji chapter 73 : That Butler, Consultaion

What they said about cutting off from the source, I do not understand one bit. Maybe since Derrick had connection to power through the Queen? I’m not sure. The way things are right now makes it very blurry.

Well I know now why Redmond is Viscount’s nephew. It’s for this situation to “revive” Derrick from the dead. What a big mistake they made. Derrick was revived before the zombie cruise line since Doctor Ryan Stoker is currently dead. There hasn’t been a large time gap between that and this arc.

So why does Sebastian get the epicest entrance in the world?

KS 82 0Materializing in the air like that.

Actually, forget Sebastian. Why does Ciel get so many epic poses this chapter?

KS 82 1

KS 82 2

KS 82 3My only guess is to counterbalance all the innocent smiling he’s been doing this entire arc.

Back to more important things:

KS 82 4

What is this? Edward defending Ciel? He has been against Ciel this entire time and decides now to defend him. Nice change of pace, Edward, even though you’ve said otherwise in the previous arc.

KS 58From Kuroshitsuji chapter 58 : That Butler, Chop

Lastly, we find the Undertaker has been posing as the principal of the school. He obviously hasn’t been the whole time, though, since he comes in the carriage with Ryan Stoker. He probably replaced him after coming back from the cruise ship.  What shocks me the most about this is the Undertaker’s physique. He is a very skinny and fit man. We’ve always seen him in drapery so his body shape was a mystery. All I can remember are his super sexy mid-thigh boots.

KS 59From Kuroshitsuji chapter 59 : That Butler, Compromise

Looks like there’s a battle coming up and it’s going to be extremely bloody taking into account of Undertaker’s great skill in combat. With that, see  you next chapter.