#179 I’m supposed to be busy!

I have a midterm in 2 hours but I don’t care! It’s Friday and it’s Fairy Tail time!!

Fairy Tail ch 268 : Elite B Team

These introductory chapters are packed with surprises. Last chapter, Wendy was attacked by another guild, we are introduced to some of the guild and MAVIS is here! Still quite a shocker that she came to watch. We might get more character development from her.

This chapter, we are surprised with the team that came in second place. A second Fairy Tail team?? Master Makarov entered a second team without telling the others. We have the rest of the crew along with Mystogun? It’s actually Jellal pretending to be Mystogun. Mavis approves since he will help Fairy Tail win! Those sly masters.

The first event starts and love triangle goes in first…? Leon, Gray, and Juvia have a weird thing going for them.

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Image © Hiro Mashima

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