#207 Gray/Juvia Unison Raid

Fairy Tail chapter 283 : Natsu vs Sabertooth [read here(Plus some recap)

It’s a lie! I think this week’s cover page was just to advertise the movie… or something. Neither Gray nor Juvia were in this chapter. I think they used Unison Raid back in a filler episode I watched. Gray said a lot of face-palm worthy, out-of-character things that filler arc. Geez, it was horrible.

We did get some Gray and Juvia previous episode. Erza dared to venture into Gray’s love life. It’s obvious Gray knows how Juvia feels towards him but it is a very sensitive topic that he refuses to talk about.

So back to Yukino! While I was gone, Yukino wagered her life, lost, and then was spared. As punishment, the master of Sabertooth kicked her out. This guild is the best in the world so it makes sense that they are very strict.

Well then Yukino appears on Lucy’s doorstep offering to combine her 2 celestial keys with Lucy’s 10 for some destiny thing. Also sounds like those two are the only Celestial Mages left on their planet. Has Raven Tail killed them all? If they needed one why did they have to kill them?

You know Yukino is going to join Fairy Tail. It’s inevitable. And now, “One does not simply” join Fairy Tail. You get your old guild stormed by Natsu first. Juvia and Gajeel’s old guild was destroyed by Natsu, too. Well he destroyed some of it, but that is just a minor detail.

Natsu can’t even defeat his own master, he can’t possibly defeat another guild’s master.

Oh hey, look! A ninja!I like ninjas xD

So Natsu is physically overpowering against Sabertooth’s guildmaster. The Master didn’t use any magic yet so we didn’t get to see what kind of magic he uses.

Minerva stops the fight by holding Happy hostage. Looks like she has some sort of Yin Yang, teleporting  abilities. (WTF Firefox says “teleport” is not a word). According to Yukino, Minerva is taking Yukino’s place in the tournament so we will be seeing her again very soon.

Natsu and Happy moment! D’awww.

Natsu’s actions and words definitely reached out to the members of Sabertooth. Something that was also inevitable.

Images in this post ©  Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail

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