#217 Just A Week’s Update

I am going to stop posting er Spoon here. I will post on my Facebook Page from now on since blogging takes hours at a time.

School started this week so I have been late in readings too! >__<

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading recently:

Silver Spoon/Gin No Saji chapter 53.
Aftermath of Hachiken Yugo being rushed to the hospital… None of his friends came to visit… not even his bro. Further discussion on Facebook.

Naruto chapter 602.
Madara sat in a cave for hundreds of years… What?

Bleach chapter 508.
Ichigo is missing from these chapters. The Grand Captain is the main character now! I can live with that.

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji chapter 73.
Discussion on Facebook.

Fairy Tail chapter 300
Lector!! T___T

Black Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul chapter 11.
Rock has changed her clothes that mirrors her character in the Anime. You KNOW epic things are going to happen. Also, I thought the souls were spheres, but apparently, they are look like convex glass like in a magnifying glass. They are also quite crunchy.

Kubera vol 2 ch 1.
This one isn’t manga. It’s manwha! Korean webtoon to be exact. This new volume starts out with everyone in this party being uncomfortable with each other… Hope it doesn’t stay that way. First volume ended with so much of it.

Blue Exorcists/Ao no Exorcist chapter 38.
Rin is now a good student I guess. He’s actually studying now!
Auguste Angel has been introduced as Rin’s antagonist but he’s still a good guy. I feel like I would trust him. He just talks really high of himself.

This concludes my update. I will continue to post excerpts of my thoughts on my Facebook page along with links to chapters and other things I find. See you there!


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