#236 I think they broke a wall

I’m back! I would be so sad if I don’t blog Hetalia. :)

Hetalia: Beautiful World episode 5 [watch here] or [here]

Insightful story alert! Prolly the saddest episode of Hetalia.

I was going to say they broke a 4th wall, but… more like a wall inside the story itself. I always thought the Hetalia characters were a symbolic representation of each country and they were not actual people. Guess I was wrong.

Note: The term “breaking 4th wall” means to break through the wall the viewer looks through.
For better understanding, the term originated on stage. Stages had 3 walls. Where there is no wall is where the audience sits and watches. Normally, actors stay within the confines of the 3 walls and the invisible 4th wall. They “break” the 4th wall when they become conscious of the audience watching them.
I took a theater class. It taught me A LOT.

What I also didn’t know was not all the normal people were aware of the symbolic being existing nor understand them. This is shown by the man in this episode who questions why France still looks the same after 50 years. France answers with an indirect and symbolic answer. Is it just me, or did they make France prettier this time around?


Now this sparks new questions: How do these symbolic beings come to be? What exactly is their purpose? Is their ultimate goal is to make sure their country as a whole to thrive forever?
Most importantly, why didn’t FUNimation translate the French words?!

All in all, very surprising episode. It was a good surprise, though. I’m a little bummed out, but still happy. :)

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