#237 Fairy Tail Movie Review (Spoiler Alert: It Sucks)

Fairy Tail: the Pheonix Priestess Movie 

This movie doesn’t deserve a full review. I give it 2/10 rating.

Why? Well, the animation is top notch, I’ll give it that.. And there’s an adorable yellow chicken thing. (See image bellow) That’s why it gets 2 points.

All the other points were missed because:

1. The fight scenes were too simple and focused more on showing every single Fairy Tail member fight instead of having few epically good battles with a couple couple characters.

2. Fairy Tail had the upper hand the entire time so there really was no suspense. For most of the movie, it was 4 enemies from Carbuncle Vs Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Charla, and Happy. Then everybody else joined in except Romeo and the dancing guy.

3. The chicken had virtually no use. Well other than to speak for Eclair (even though he barely knew her himself) and to “save” her life. You don’t really see him successfully undoing the chain though, so it doesn’t count. Eclair isn’t even nice to him until after she’s dead.

4. The Magic Council had a meeting at the beginning of the movie about something that might destroy the world, but still refused to help throughout the movie. I think it was just to introduce that the Magic Council exists.

5. Gajeel and Lily were sent on some secret mission by the Master at the beginning of the movie right after the council meeting that we never know about but doesn’t seem to have any affect on the plot whatsoever.

6. Lucy cries 4 times. It’s not just a cry. She bawls. She cries and screams like she’s dying because she’s sad for Eclair, the movie damsel in distress. It’s sad, but it doesn’t really distract from the fact that THE WORLD IS ENDING. She’d rather save Eclair, let the world explode, and then everybody dies. Not once does it cross her mind that Eclair is being sacrificed for the good of all humanity.

7. All the bad guys have unique powers. All except one. One of the characters has the exact same power as Erza. She also has the power to dispel magic, but still. Everything else was unoriginal.

8. The aim of the plot got totally messed up. I can’t figure out if it was to to save the world, save a girl, the importance of friendship, or to find out if magic was good or evil. I think the answer is close to… all of the above.

FT Mov

I was hoping to write a couple paragraphs and be done…
It turned into a hate list very fast. I don’t like to express my anger so I’m thoroughly surprised. That was good venting. I wish I could say nicer things about this movie, but I didn’t really enjoy it. The only thing I can think of is that the music soundtrack is pretty good.

Maybe you should watch it to see if there’s anything else good to say about this movie. I don’t recommend it, though.


7 Responses to “#237 Fairy Tail Movie Review (Spoiler Alert: It Sucks)”

  1. The thing I always hated about shonen anime movies was that they aren’t canon and always have a sappy-like ending and really bad animation compared to the main show.

    If anything this movie was a long OVA.

    • I do agree with the sappy story and the long OVA.

      I don’t agree that the animation is worse. I have yet to see an anime movie with worse animation than the main show… other than FMAB: Sacred Star of Milos.

  2. […] But I did watch the prologue that wasn’t there before. With that, I am able to cross out number 3 on the list of things wrong with this movie! […]

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i think your a complete dickhead

  4. The film was incredibly crappy, indeed.
    But about point 5, if you had just thought a little then you would have seen that gajeel had to get that arrow thingy because the magic council wouldn’t give it.
    But still, this does not make the movie good whatsoever.
    Still a huge waste of time.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think by Fairy Tail standards, it’s pretty good. Overall, it was crap. But let’s face it; that’s the best we can expect from Fairy Tail. We’re often just forced into fights that end so stupidly, abruptly or both, no matter what importance they have. Even in the movie, Natsu apparently just beats the guy by sheer willpower or whatnot. Eclair’s development was barely… Developed on at all… The chicken was useless, yeah that was frustrating…

    The only thing I give the movie credit for was that they managed to add more action into the scenes to make them more decent-looking and less of the typical still-picture-of-certain-moves-execution thing that typical shounens are guilty off…

    Overall, the movie was… Just… A huge disappointment.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    bad plot structure

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