#252 Menma Shippuden?

Naruto Shippuden movie 6 : Road to Ninja [watch here on YouTube]

So this is the Korean dub of this movie. Quite honestly, it’s not bad. Of course Naruto’s voice is annoying as hell (as it is in every language).
I apologize for the little Korean info bar floating in the video. Trust me, it bothers me as much as it bothers you, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Too lazy to summarize, let’s get to the points I like!
Note: I write this while I’m watching it so I apologize if it gets confusing when I am foreshadowing.

Best. Freaking. Opening. Ever. Remake of Kyuubi battle from Yondaime’s perspective? Omygod. I can die happy now.

And of course, there’s the comical battle! I’ll talk about this later. I made my list of Naruto movie requirements 2 movies ago. Read that post here!

The scene after that is really bitter. Horribly bitter. There going through that whole “Naruto doesn’t have parents so let’s walk over the same parts of town” sequence. I’ve honestly seen this too many times in flashbacks, now Naruto in present time is walking through the same places his normal flashbacks usually take place, all ending at the park. Well, he goes to the park, then Sakura’s house, then back to the park. Oh, the park. Those two also blew up the park. Best. Date. Evah.

So “Madara” met the two and… Oh, screw it. I’m calling him Tobi.

Tobi put Sakura and Naruto in his genjutsu alternate world. Manga prologue said it would cater to Naruto’s wishes but it just looks like an f-ed up reality. I mean like, who the hell wanted Kiba to be a cat shaman?

N6 1Okay, I take it back. That is pretty darn cute.

And Naruto’s name is now Menma. This kinda flips my shit because there was another character (filler of course) called that and in that episode, Naruto actually went on a trip to get menma for the ramen man. (ps. the ramen man doesn’t have a name). I’m going to be super pissed if our protagonist is going to be called this the remainder of the movie.

I love this scene right here:
N6 2Notice how Sasuke almost shows interest.

N6 3Almost.

N6 4

Aaaaaaand it’s gone. Good ol’ Sasuke.

What twisted… teenager logic… Sakura’s parents are dead and the first thing she thinks of is freedom. Never saw Sakura as the rebellious type…

Naruto on the other hand, all the feelz go to him! This is a really sad movie for him! It actually makes sense that Naruto is really rejecting of all the feelz. He’s been a lone wolf his whole life he doesn’t know how to react to the familial bonds. He also is aware the world is fake and is set to make things the way they are. This theme is also carried out during the war. Naruto is our protagonist and it is his job to set things straight whether he likes it or not!

Sakura on the other hand is insensitive in every possible way. Usually the guy is in certain animes, but Sakura sure plays the part. A bit too well if you ask me.

And the safe?

N6 5

Again, they have this technology yet they can’t invent telephones?

Next scene!

N6 6

Everybody loves the badboy. Even the badboy himself! Who knew?

Back to the feelz.

The whole flashback of the day Naruto was born? Horribly placed. Who is having the flashback? It definitely isn’t Naruto! Pretty sure he was told the story, he did not witness any of this.

Oh, and there’s this.

N6 7

Totally didn’t copy that image from the manga.

naruto 503 1

Pretty pretty feelz. :3

So the ‘Naruto’ aka Menma of this world is all evil and stuff, wouldn’t Kushina and Minato know anything about this…? Maybe it’s like when Lisanna went to Edolas and the Elfman and MiraJane of that world pretended she was their sister…? What?

The whole Naruto riding on top of Kyuubi? Horrible. Same way Naruto gets a cool outfit when he went Sage Mode in Blood Prison. Absolutely horrible. Extremely flashy and convenient, but totally fake and made up.
What could have happened was that since Menma has the ability to split up the tails and use them as monsters, he could have the ability to summon the Kyuubi outside of his body. Naruto on the other hand would have to transform completely with the Kyuubi taking over his body. This information has already been established. You can’t change it! The newly introduced character could have all the snazzy new techniques because he is new. But noooo. They had to have plot convenience so the two can have a punch fight.

From a former animation student’s point of view, the Kyuubi’s run cycle is beautiful.

And then,

N6 8

What? How do those things even relate to each other? Well kinda but… what? He’ll still be able to move. Not in the right direction, but he’ll be able to move.

So Menma was possessed by an evil spirit? Did he die in the last scene? Why didn’t his parents notice he was gone nor recognize his techniques? Why did Tobi pull out chains to fight when he lost the physical body to fight? Where is the other world’s Sakura? So many plot holes!

And the man Menma kills in the beginning? Do you think he killed Tobi in that world?? That man was wearing all the Akatsuki rings. That’s probably why Tobi didn’t go to himself like we all expected.

Judging time!

It made me cry. Heck, it made Naruto cry too. First Naruto movie to make me really appreciate my life.

I heard that Kishimoto Misashi designed the characters and wrote parts of this movie so I guess I couldn’t expect any less, well except the Kyuubi part. That hopefully wasn’t him. There’s also a downside to the author’s hand in the movie. You can see it especially in the recent manga. He knows his story is coming to an end and he is cramming things in there that don’t really belong. What I’m saying is it looks like Kishimoto was never able to put parts in the story that he wanted to include so now he’s shoving them in as odd flashbacks and new information. I mean like, why would Sasuke and Itachi go on a hunting trip? Just saying it makes a lot more holes in the story. He wants to add more abstract detail, but there isn’t enough time to go full circle to let the view understand. For example in this movie, Menma was possessed in this movie that made his hair black. We don’t know why or when or how or even if it was necessary to show it dissipating away. Also the training ground that Jiraiya and Minato used.

On a more positive note, adding Sakura in was a genius move. There was somebody for Naruto to endure this challenge with rather than alone, even though he was alone in some parts. Sakura provided an extremely strong contrast as well when they switched lifestyles. Plus Sakura is rigidly selfish while Naruto is a tad bit more aware of other people’s emotions.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja gets a whopping 5/5 for da feelz. Can’t go against da feelz.

N6 10All da feelz and more

It’s that time again! Time to find the things that make a Naruto movie a Naruto movie!

  1. Humorous intro battle
    N6 11Might or might not be highly suggestive
  2. A damsel in distress
    N6 12Well, this is a first.
  3. A strange mysterious power
    N6 13It’s like a little planet in your hand.
    N6 17He’s glowing purple!!!
    It’s evil! Run! Run!!
  4. Naruto goes Kyuubi
    N6 14
  5. Special Rasengan ending
    N6 15It’s not that special. It was a reference to how Minato defeated Tobi, though.
  6. Strange technology
    This one I added today. Every movie seems to have enemies with the craziest technology. I believe there were flying ninjas. You heard me, flying ninjas in Shippuden movie 2.

    N6 16Am I still in the same movie…?
  7. Evil henchmen
    Another I added, but this goes for any action movie in existence. All bad guys have henchmen to carry out their dirty work or they wouldn’t be the bad guy!

    N6 18Is that a… seahorse?

That concludes my review of this movie. Kind of went screenshot crazy because I love making screenshots! Look! A baby fox!

N6 19

Sort of resembles what Naruto used to look like in the pilot chapter.

Naruto 0

Well resembles is a stretch, but it did remind me of it because they’re both so small and cute!


4 Responses to “#252 Menma Shippuden?”

  1. aHamburger Says:

    Oh my god… “Feelz” is an understatement for what I felt while watching this video…

  2. […] Here is my review and rant blog post on the movie (even if it was only 3 blogs ago): Blog #252. […]

  3. 5/5? I found the movie to be very disappointing. An interesting idea, poorly executed.

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