#254 Dragon Slayers Actually Slaying Dragons

Fairy Tail chapter 329: Seven Dragons [read here]

Natsu is OP. He is the one to boost everyone’s moral to defeat the dragons!
Just to say, “I told you so”. Let’s make more FT predictions!

But seriously, Natsu is OP. But you know, it’s normal for the main character to get up from almost dying and beat the final boss.

Lucy on the other hand, I think she is the actual main character. The story does start out with her. We know absolutely everything about her life and history and not so much on Natsu. Maybe Natsu is just the male protagonist and Lucy’s character point of view is what moves this story along.

So we finally know how Sting and Rogue killed their parental dragons. The dragons told them to kill them so their sons would be stronger. So if that happened, why are Natsu and Gajeel still waay stronger than both of them? Is it that whole “nakama” business all over again? Also, Natsu and Gajeel seemed to take the more strategic view while Sting and Rogue powered housed through it.

Oh man, I’m not talking about the chapter at all!

I love how the light dragon looks. That beard so cool… I wanna stroke it. So what’s the Light Dragon’s name? Shadow dragon is Skiadrum. I didn’t expect a shadow dragon would have a name like that. Wait wait wait, the light dragon’s name is Weisslogia? Sounds like Acknologia. I wonder what these names mean. And in what language?

Okay, so everybody‘s goal is to kill Acknologia. Future alger-ego Rogue, Fairy Tail, the princess…. Grand Magic Council is more geared towards Zeref.

So future alter-ego Rogue is surprised that a dragon-slayer can kill a dragon he’s riding on?

So apparently “fake” dragon-slayers count as dragon-slayers. They even released the poison dragon-slayer from back in the 3rd arc from prison. I thought he was out of prison because of the recent filler arc, but according to internet sources, end of the arc says Oracion Seis ended up back… in… prison… A bit counter productive. I should really watch that arc. I keep saying so, but never get around to it.

FT 329

I always wonder why Natsu’s tongue turns like that from time to time. I thought it was comical.
Now it looks like a medical condition?

So new prediction: Natsu beats that dragon future Rogue is riding on and eventually defeats future Rogue. Well, not before present Rogue gets to meet future Rogue and sh!t gets real.


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