#266 Then, where is my real sword…?

Bleach 540 : The Sword Five [read here]

Naruto making me fangirl this week and Bleach making my mind blow. It’s going to be a good week.
And I have a 5 page essay due tomorrow I haven’t started. =D

The first half of this chapter is like,

Bleach 540Yeah. Let’s not talk about it.

And I ask why, again, do we have to go through all these new character introductions? Most of these new characters are not crucial at all to the story. Too many characters..


Bleach 540 0shock!

It makes sense now why Zangetsu hasn’t been showing up even after Ichigo revived his shinigami powers a whole arc ago! I get it and Kubo got me good. By hiding that character and making the readers sort of forget about him for a while lowers the suspicion of them being the same person. When the fact is revealed, it blows everybody’s mind! Well done, Kubo. Well done.

This also grows on what Isshin said about Juhabach where “His blood within all Quincies.” (chapter 537) Juhabach is part of Ichigo whether we like it or not and of course, this will aid Ichigo in learning Quincy powers. It’s just the rules of Bleach that Ichigo learns every power he comes across.

Well now, you know what’s going to happen? Zangetsu’s going to be replaced. There’s a chance he might keep the same name, but he’s going to look completely different. A character we’ve gotten to know since the beginning, a character Ichigo has trusted with his life, he’s going to change. Let us embrace this new character and watch as Ichigo finally inherits the strength he was meant to weld from the beginning.

I haven’t been this excited since I saw Rukia revealing her sword for the first time. Anybody else getting that?

Okay, okay. I want to take a scrnsht from the first half just to go ‘wtf’ at it.

Bleach 540 1WTF?
You pulled a hammer out of a tooth.

It’s not clever or creative, just WTF.


I think you already can tell that I am not very passionate reading Bleach since it is always the shortest post every week.

I found this guy on YouTube that has a far in-depth analysis of this chapter that can make up for the lack of research on my part!
Zero sama’s Bleach chapter 540 review


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  1. Haha oops, But you are definitely right and No doubt you did really a interesting post for every swords lovers…

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