#267 Your Brains A-sploded

Fairy Tail chapter 334 : Sin and Sacrifice [read here]

So what exactly  was Ultear doing walking through the battlefield?  Is it just plot convenience since Jellal needed his ass saved before the two girls were going to tear him apart? I was pretty sure she was staring at Rogue thinking about to kill him!  Even after walking away from Jellal’s situation, she was still thinking about it. Well now we understand she’s all torn apart by her thoughts and is now a non-player in this battle. How many chapters will it take for her to get better? Hopefully it will only take a couple chapters.


FT 334 0Sting is such a troll. A heartwarming, funloving troll. :) Great Sting and Rogue bromance this chapter.

So let’s get to the important part. So it starts out with,

FT 334 1

And ends up,

FT 334 2

No words.

I was angry before, but now it’s just no words.

I don’t know why

or how


Why… He didn’t even get to struggle for his life.

Fairy Tail series’ first death? Nobody usually dies in the story. Especially not the members of the guild itself. Pretty sure the Guild Master has been almost dead 3 times already. *sigh* He didn’t even get to struggle. Only 3 pages.


I’m done now.

FT 334 twit


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