#276 Hataraku Maou-Sama Review

Hataraku Maou-Sama episode 13 : The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might [watch here]

The ending was… meh. It was kind of broken up into pieces with random things to wrap up the season. Pretty poorly, if you ask me.

The first 3 minutes before the theme song was a conclusion to the previous episode’s battle.

Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 0

And Mini-James isn’t back in Ente Isla because Maou screwed up making a portal back. Don’t give me that bamboo tree garbled explanation!

And he, the manager of Sentucky, has fallen in love with the manager of McRonalds. Oh joy…

Chiho had a dream about Maou. Emi had a dream about Maou. Suzuko… does she dream? It doesn’t matter. These 3 women’s lives are revolved around Maou. Ashiya and Urushihara are pushed to the side.

And then things get all suspenseful and serious when the guys have a secret they can’t tell. It got really really suspenseful, but due to the nature of this series, there was never anything to be worried about. He just needs to pay for stuff, like always.

Urushihara gets caught in a marketing scam and… what? He’s written as 18? What a midget he is. He’s as tall as Chiho and she’s 16. Interesting, though, that in Japan, the rule for minors is having a guardian even at 18, whereas in United States, 18 is the age where you are legally an adult and cannot have guardianship bindings.

And then:

Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 1Of course, they needed a reference to the first episode.


Hataraku Maou-Sama 13 2And a reference to the first time Maou and Emi in Japan after the ending credits. New ending theme song by the way.


Overall, this anime was quite enjoyable, comically and animation wise. I know many don’t see anything special in the animation, but it was what I liked about it. The animation was complete and didn’t cut corners where most animes would have.

The series started out extremely strong. Back story, battle scenes, a fake language. It was a perfect beginning. The only problem is that most of the things that were established are completely useless to the rest of the story. Let me list them out for you.

The continent that lies on the ocean of Ignora consisting of a large central island with four islands to the south, north, east, and west, watched over by the gods, is Ente Isla.
This is the first sentence of the entire series. How much do you really need to know? None of it other than the name, Ente Isla.

Four generals of Satan’s army? Only 2 that look most human-like come to Japan. One becomes a deadbeat that sits in front of a computer all day.

Satan flies with bat-like wings? Not anymore. He just stands in the air like a Shinigami from Bleach.


Hataraku Maou-Sama 1 0from Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 1

Their first meal in Japan is Khatsudon, in which they pronounce “Khatsu-dum”. They like it, but they never really learn how to make the dish (or can’t afford kitchen utensils for it) and only this plays a significance in the last episode.

There is a lack of information from Ente Isla as well as the story is more focused on the financial troubles of the 2 main characters, Ashiya and Maou. We understand that the humans have a victory over their world again, but the demons seem to have just vanished. Emi, Ashiya, and Maou don’t seem to have any concern about what is happening in their original world.

Rewatching the first episode, I realized he made that portal to Japan himself. A good conclusion would be that he can’t make portals. Mini-James wasn’t sent correctly to Ente Isla either. He probably can never get back even if he tried.

But I didn’t watch for the deep back story and action scenes. I watched for the comedy.

This show makes living in poverty hilarious. At the same time, they talk in that funny medieval way that makes me feel like they’re hardcore LARPers. Ashiya’s over exaggerated actions make it all worth while.

The other thing was the ripoff names for products. McRonalds? Sentucky Fried Chicken?

Hataraku Maou-Sama 1 1From Hataraku Maou-Sama! episode 1

Holy Potter: Blood of a Sorcerer and a Dragon. Things don’t get better than that.

Suspense in this show is really good too. The build up and the reveal is both surprising and awkward at the same time! Oh Emilia. Forever a tsundere.

I also like how they chose not to have an official opening theme sequence until many episodes later when all the characters have been introduced. Theme sequences usually spoil which characters are good guys, who you expect to appear later, who falls in love, and so forth. I’ve never seen an anime do that except for the first 2 episodes. This was for the first like, first 5. If they did put in the official theme song in the beginning, we would have known that Lucifer would become a good guy even when he was introduced as a powerful antagonist in the first arc of the story. After that, even the story took a turn south. Nothing as exciting as Lucifer’s attack happened again.

Hataraku Maou-sama! gets a 3/5 score from me. Due to the lack of character development and actually, character degeneration. Lucifer, aka Urushihara is our first antagonist and then becomes a bum sitting in the back of the room. Useful at times, but degenerated overall. Maou Satan as well. His connection to his “I want to take over the world” personality is non-existent. The ending feels as if thrown together and not a full wrap up of the story, or even the season in this matter. After all this, we still have to remember that this is a comedy and lines are not connected for the sake of comedy. If this was a well rounded story, it might be a lot more dramatic and depressing, but it’s not. Straight up comedy and it has made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. I suggest this series for light anime watchers who need a laugh. It’s a story about financial problems.

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