#280 I’m Leaving

I’ve finally settled down on a new “blogging” (and blogging is used very loosely here) website.

After fumbling around on a personal Tumblr account, I seem to like it much more than the WordPress blogging medium. It’s hard to keep an audience, even harder to ask for feedback, and there is an unbelievable amount of spam that comes every day.

Being a teenage girl with a cartoon addiction will probably thrive better on a social and trending network. WordPress leans towards more business-y type subjects and less towards the short attention span of myself and my fellow peers.

There are cons to this though. I believe Tumblr has degenerated their definition of “blogging” due to it’s “reblogging” of users that pretty much is what keeps this website afloat. There is a great lack of original content and thought processes throughout the site. Blocks of texts and anything that requires any drop of patience is immediately ignored by the masses. All the users need to do to find more mindless content is to scroll down. Blogging is not what Tumblr is. Tumblr is a personalized 9gag feed.

But the main reason why I’m switching to Tumblr is freedom. I feel like I should watch what I say here and be extremely precise in my wording. Tumblr, I can be more liberal. I’m young. I think I should be wild and free before reality of adulthood strikes me down. Maybe I’ll come back here when that happens.

My Tumblr “URL” is the same as this blog, Ultimate Spoiler Attack. I am also very against them calling it a URL. I prefer calling it Username or Account Name. I’m against a lot of things.


I’ve stopped reading manga this summer (mostly b/c of Bleach’s break and Naruto’s retarded arc) and picked up Shingeki No Kyojin, Danganronpa, Monogatari Series 2, and Gin no Saji animes instead. Enjoy my posts on Tumblr from now on.

Now, without further ado…


2 Responses to “#280 I’m Leaving”

  1. Blog will be missed

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