About Me

Welcome! Being an Otaku is a daily job, but it gets rather lonely when there is nobody to share it with. Rather than waiting for someone to talk to about a particular series each release, I post it here.

Here, I will review things I read and watch daily, if I am able to. I try my best to post about a release within the same day to 2 days after the release. I’m a full time student and my life does come first, so all my energy does not go into this blog.

It would be nice if there were people who would come read and comment regularly here, but I highly doubt that would happen. This blog is mainly for my own entertainment, though, so I am not offended. Who reads on the internet anyway?

I was introduced to this anime world the year 2003 in grade school when my cousin gave me subbed Naruto episodes on a CD. I instantly loved it. The following year, I was introduced to manga.

In my freshman year of high school, I discovered something that changed my life. OneManga.com. I poured every ounce of my time on that website for 3 years!
Rest in peace good friend. Auguest 1, 2010

In the end, the reason for this blog is to express my anime and manga love, hide that I’m actually a nerdy Asian girl. Thought I was a guy? I’m doing it right then. Also when I refer to the blog I say “us”. There’s actually just one person running everything. That would be me, Lee.

About the site

If I blog here, it should at least look good. Banner and background made by me.

Navigation should be fairly simple.

You can use the search box on the right side to search for whatever you need in this blog. Trying to find my first post? It’s actually right here.

Following is the color guide for my posts. Within each post, you will see that I have titles that are colored.
Series Listed Under Categories: These titles means whatever follows this colored title of sea green is about a series listed in Categories on the right.
Contain Raw Manga Scans: The true anime and manga fan will search for the raw episode or chapter. This teal title tells you that there are raw episodes or chapters.
Series Not Under Categories: I read way more manga than those listed in categories. Just to let you know. Reviews of other series are titled in brown.
Extra Comments: Usually this is for picture captions. Rarely, I’ll write a sentence or two of pure opinion.

Pages include this about page you are currently viewing, my currently series list (which isn’t accurate), and my page where I post the anime icons I create on Photoshop. There is now a contact page. There are instructions there how to contact me. I get an extremely large amount of views, but no comments.

Next is Categories. Usually, if I believe a series is important enough to have its own category, it will appear under there. Some posts, though, are mislabeled. My bad.

Under is the recent posts. Enough said.

Lastly, are my links. The links under Resources are the ones I consult the most, but I do have more. I have  (which I actually just use to follow ANN). Lol. If you follow my Twitter, you can get updates when I post on my blog.

Last Updated May 18, 2011


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