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#240 Fairy Tail Movie Prologue?

Posted in Anime, Fairy Tail on March 4, 2013 by Lee T

Fairy Tail Movie: The Phoenix Priestess [watch here]

Finally, a link to a higher quality movie! I’m totally not watching it again.

But I did watch the prologue that wasn’t there before. With that, I am able to cross out number 3 on the list of things wrong with this movie!

Our friend Momon has more significance than we thought. Eclair created the little birdy thing as a stuffed animal and it was brought to life!

FT mov1

Ain’t that sweet?

But wait, it gets even better! Momon’s role in the movie is actually the friend that would never leave Eclair’s side no matter how much time passes nor how much of her memory she lost. He always protects her to the very end!

FT mov2B’aawww
Their friendship is so beautiful!

Movie now gets ranked up one to 3 out of 10. The rest of the movie is ruined by Lucy.


#237 Fairy Tail Movie Review (Spoiler Alert: It Sucks)

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Fairy Tail: the Pheonix Priestess Movie 

This movie doesn’t deserve a full review. I give it 2/10 rating.

Why? Well, the animation is top notch, I’ll give it that.. And there’s an adorable yellow chicken thing. (See image bellow) That’s why it gets 2 points.

All the other points were missed because:

1. The fight scenes were too simple and focused more on showing every single Fairy Tail member fight instead of having few epically good battles with a couple couple characters.

2. Fairy Tail had the upper hand the entire time so there really was no suspense. For most of the movie, it was 4 enemies from Carbuncle Vs Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Charla, and Happy. Then everybody else joined in except Romeo and the dancing guy.

3. The chicken had virtually no use. Well other than to speak for Eclair (even though he barely knew her himself) and to “save” her life. You don’t really see him successfully undoing the chain though, so it doesn’t count. Eclair isn’t even nice to him until after she’s dead.

4. The Magic Council had a meeting at the beginning of the movie about something that might destroy the world, but still refused to help throughout the movie. I think it was just to introduce that the Magic Council exists.

5. Gajeel and Lily were sent on some secret mission by the Master at the beginning of the movie right after the council meeting that we never know about but doesn’t seem to have any affect on the plot whatsoever.

6. Lucy cries 4 times. It’s not just a cry. She bawls. She cries and screams like she’s dying because she’s sad for Eclair, the movie damsel in distress. It’s sad, but it doesn’t really distract from the fact that THE WORLD IS ENDING. She’d rather save Eclair, let the world explode, and then everybody dies. Not once does it cross her mind that Eclair is being sacrificed for the good of all humanity.

7. All the bad guys have unique powers. All except one. One of the characters has the exact same power as Erza. She also has the power to dispel magic, but still. Everything else was unoriginal.

8. The aim of the plot got totally messed up. I can’t figure out if it was to to save the world, save a girl, the importance of friendship, or to find out if magic was good or evil. I think the answer is close to… all of the above.

FT Mov

I was hoping to write a couple paragraphs and be done…
It turned into a hate list very fast. I don’t like to express my anger so I’m thoroughly surprised. That was good venting. I wish I could say nicer things about this movie, but I didn’t really enjoy it. The only thing I can think of is that the music soundtrack is pretty good.

Maybe you should watch it to see if there’s anything else good to say about this movie. I don’t recommend it, though.

#219 Check Out My Facebook Page

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Hey everybody who’s anybody. I am making this post to officially say that I am no longer posting in this blog. Well I might if something worth ranting about comes up like Tobi’s jacked up back-story or if I want to write another Anime vs. Manga post.

The Ultimate Spoiler Attack Facebook page has been up for a while for a few people to stay updated for my blog posts. I will now use this page to have mini-rants when my favorite mangas update with a provided link. I will also be now using it to post my manga/anime screenshots that I extensively collect.

It’s obvious I have too many of these. I will allow posting on this page so others can share, too! SHARE YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND MANGA SCREENSHOTS.

I usually take the ones of humorous aspect, but you make share your favorite heartwarming scenes as well.
And don’t worry about spoilers. This name is ULTIMATE SPOILER ATTACK for that sole reason. Spoil away!

I don’t know where this will be heading. It might explode to be some meme page, it might just be just me posting pictures all alone forever. Whatever happens, it will be fun. :)

Images appeared in this post by order: Defense Devil, Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison, Yotsuba&!, GaiaOnline, and Bleach


#191 How Dare You, Lily?!

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Fairy Tail chapter 272 : The Noble Loser

This week’s chapter is really depressing. I don’t really think Lucy’s battle is very exciting except the very end. Oh, and Gemini is back! So cute.

Lucy gets her ass whooped, almost wins with a new move, and loses. Raven Tail cheated! I have a feeling that the next chapters will focus mainly on Raven Tail and Fairy Tail fighting each other… So much for the other guilds…


Fairy Tail episode 119 : The Deepest Realm

The anime is creeping awfully close to the manga. They’re already at the part with Natsu’s lightning-flame dragon powers!

I don’t always watch Fairy Tail, but when I do, I do it for Happy filler moments.

The animators have way too much fun with Happy. I like it. 

Getting angry over Panther Lily touching Charle? Only Happy can make a big deal! I just noticed that Lily’s voice doesn’t change when he goes chibi!

Probably the only thing good about Fairy Tail anime is watching their fillers. They do it so well that it’s legit! You can’t even tell it’s filler. If only other animes can do it as well as them. Other than that, everybody’s eyes become the same shade of brown when they’re shocked!

I think the weirdest part of the episode where this screenshot has Happy in the same position I drew him when I tried to picture the energy source that was alive back in the manga. Weird…

Images in this post © Fairy Tail

#125 Fairy Tail’s Silver Lining

Posted in Anime, Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail, Manga on October 8, 2011 by Lee T

Fairy Tail ch 254 : Year 791 [read here]

Let me summarize what happened this chapter.

Your hope comes with ten pounds of sparkles.

Fairy Tail ep 100 : Mest [watch here]

I just watched this episode because it is episode 100.  That’s all.

So we are introduced to Mest for the first time and how confused everybody is about him.  The most entertaining part of  this episode is the fight between Loki and Gray and Wendy and Mest.  They are so mean to Wendy.  We also see Evergreen and Elfman versus Mirajane in this episode.

Afterwards, Natsu meets Zeref for the first time!  The anime is only one arc away from catching up to the manga.  Even in the manga released this morning, we do not know what Zeref’s relationship with Natsu.  Only time will tell!

Salty plums! Om nomnomnom!!

#63 The fun we would have with Explosion Magic

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ANN News: first 48 episodes of Fairy Tail has been licensed for dub by FUNimation

Fairy Tail ep76 : Gildarts! [watch here]

Gildarts is here! It’s not a filler! Actually, it is. It’s not a separate story filler. It’s about Natsu and Lisanna 3 years ago before the disappearance. Happy is a baby and they are taking care of him.

How the city moves for Gildarts is awesome. Don’t you wish the city would move for you?

Pretty good filler. They do flash back to another filler. It makes me want to watch the series from the beginning. Only 76 episodes… I might.

Green ape with pink hearts? What strange creatures they have. Gildarts is such a badass. He’s also a fatherly figure. I’m getting mixed emotions about him. Isn’t he the same guy who fought Natsu in the S-class exam?

Gildarts lost an arm but they’re not showing it. Too graphic for your animu? Actually, I checked the manga and it is the same. Edolas arc + Gajeel cat search next!

Don’t fight the adorableness of winged cats.

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control ep2 – [watch here]

Simulcast for this anime is only in the UK. So sad.

Artist of the OP is NICO Touches the Walls. I guess they’re becoming very popular since doing 2 themes each for FMA:B and Naruto Ship.

So you have Assets that are monsters that fight each other. The fights are called Deals. Their goal is to hit the opponent’s user. If the user is harmed, they lose money. If the user invests in an attack and hits, they gain profit. The higher the investment the stronger the attack. When the user is bankrupt, they are banished from the Financial District. Everything is controlled through a Midas Card, which sort of looks like a credit card. They mentioned something about stocks as well.

Kimimaro Yoga’s asset is named Msyu who isn’t a very kind to her user, but means well. Yoga cares a lot for her well being. Returning to his own world, he starts to see Midas Money being used everywhere. He meets Souchirou Mikuni, the owner of Q. He seems to own another Asset other than Q as seen in the first episode. While appearing as a common citizen in the real world, he seems to have an enormous amount of power in the Financial District.

Even though the concept of the story is questionable, the anime itself is well made. I just say the overall impression is a little odd, but I will continue this series. Next time, I will add it as a category.

#50 I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies

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The lyrics in the title are from Green Day – Holiday

50th post y’all! I honestly did not believe I would reach this far. I thought I would get tired of posting, but nothing is holding me down to continue my love for anime and manga even though I get views ranging from 0 to 5 views a day.

Fairy Tail ch230 : Tears of Love and Life [read here]

Ready? Fight! Wait what? No fight? I was hoping for the continuation of Juvia’s fight but that obviously didn’t happen. Our emotionless antagonist is actually cute and caring towards Ultear. In the end, everybody wins through the power of love. I love how puny the little kids are in this series. They almost look like the Edolas cats.

I didn’t expect Ultear to be an ally of Gray. That is somewhat of a turn of events, but I think this could be expected since Ultear met Gray back on that one island. If she bared such a grudge, she would have killed him then.

I didn’t really like this chapter. Oh well, on to next Saturday!

Fairy Tail ep 74 : Wendy’s First Job?! [watch here]

New opening: Evidence by Daisy x Daisy
I liked Fiesta better, though. Ever had one of those theme songs that just revealed too much? Well, this is one of them. Not only did they reveal the absorption of Magnolia, Mistogun’s face, and Edolas Lucy and Natsu, they also showed a lot of Lisanna. All these anime people are going to go “WTF?!” too soon.

New ending: Lonely Person by ShaNa

Beginning does mention Gildhart’s return so expect to see the Edolas arc soon, but there is filler next week as well.

Wendy goes on her first big job, but ends up being helped by Happy, Freed, Lucy, Charle, Erza, and Natsu. Freed is a big weirdo. He’s still sad that Lexus is gone, but worships him like a god.

There is a big sand sandstorm that had this evil face on it. When Wendy used Sky Dragon’s Roar on it, it dissipated with hearts. Yeah… okay. Not my favorite of episodes.

Rawr. I’m an evil sandstorm.