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#219 Check Out My Facebook Page

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Hey everybody who’s anybody. I am making this post to officially say that I am no longer posting in this blog. Well I might if something worth ranting about comes up like Tobi’s jacked up back-story or if I want to write another Anime vs. Manga post.

The Ultimate Spoiler Attack Facebook page has been up for a while for a few people to stay updated for my blog posts. I will now use this page to have mini-rants when my favorite mangas update with a provided link. I will also be now using it to post my manga/anime screenshots that I extensively collect.

It’s obvious I have too many of these. I will allow posting on this page so others can share, too! SHARE YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND MANGA SCREENSHOTS.

I usually take the ones of humorous aspect, but you make share your favorite heartwarming scenes as well.
And don’t worry about spoilers. This name is ULTIMATE SPOILER ATTACK for that sole reason. Spoil away!

I don’t know where this will be heading. It might explode to be some meme page, it might just be just me posting pictures all alone forever. Whatever happens, it will be fun. :)

Images appeared in this post by order: Defense Devil, Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison, Yotsuba&!, GaiaOnline, and Bleach



#141 Yes, Raikage hand is back by accident

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Since there isn’t any sign of WSJ coming out yet, I looked into the searched links for my blog. I found some interesting things.

Lucky for me, WordPress tracks all the searches that lead to views on my blog. Crazy things end up there and it makes me wonder why people search these things. Reminds me of that rage face that said, “If they found a list of things we Googled, we’d be screwed.” I too would be screwed.

[Click here to view full search list for 11.1.11-11.8.11 of this blog]

After staring at it for a very long tine, I broke it down by different searches by anime series.

Fairy Tail: 28
Naruto: 27
Bleach: 23
Blue Exorcist: 12
Hetalia: 6
Soul Eater: 4
Yotsuba: 4
Silver Spoon: 3
Black Butler: 3
Defense Devil: 2
[C] Control: 1

Obviously, Fairy Tail is quite popular because of its new chapter starting the new arc. Sabertooth guild is quite intimidating and we can’t wait until the gang gets in another battle.

Naruto gets 40 total views because people are far too impatient for MangaStream to release the new WSJ. Don’t get me wrong, I too am anxiously waiting for the new chapter, but I can’t do anything since MangaStream is the only reliable source I know…I can’t find raws so we’re just going to wait this one out!

Oh, Raikage gets 7 searches because of his hand. Well it’s true. I believe it’s a small typo that Kishimoto hoped that it would not raise any attention. Raikage has no arm on page 15, but gets his arm back by page 17. Unless Tsunade learns Orihime’s spacial reversal healing, they just screwed up.

Bleach. There’s a lot of different searches for this one. Many are about Ichigo and Ginjo’s fight which hasn’t exactly developed enough to explain what’s happening other than Ginjo’s a maniac. Other searches were about Riruka.

Most of the Hetalia searches were of the Halloween episode that is now… gone. I even looked back in my previous post where I linked to it and the video is gone. So sad.

I guess that concludes my post. See the complete search list above in orange. There is a very bizarre in there somewhere. I won’t post about it so go check for yourself! Cya!

Not posting about Bleach anime anymore. I’m going to lay off the anime since I see it’s going well.

#91 A pig will look a man in the eye and see his equal

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Silver Spoon ch 7 : Springtime (7) [read here]

First volume of Silver Spoon/Gin no Saji will release in Japan on July 15th.

Yugo ignored his mom’s text message. That was polite. Also, I didn’t know that this school collected the students’ cell phones.

This time, the class is visiting the pigs. Yugo attempts to pet the pig, but it tries to take a bite from his fingers. Tokiwa can’t handle the cuteness of the piglets.

The teacher tells how the front of the mother pig produces more milk than the back. The smallest pig is pushed to the back nipple and never strives for anything better. She says people are the same and Hachiken Yugo agrees and names the smallest piglet Pork Bowl. Then they castrate the piglets. Fun.

Yugo’s middle school teacher is planning to visit him to see how he’s doing next week!

Don’t you dare resist.

Kuroshitsuji II Welcome to the Phantomhive Family ep 3-4 [watch here]

The Black Butler OVA’s are finally subtitled in English!

Episode 3 is about Grell and William’s past. They are chosen to take the final exam to become shinigami together. They must evaluate a writer named Thomas Wallis for one month to see if he lives or dies.

Grell and Will are incompatible, but by the end of the episode, Grell becomes attracted to Will and ends up saving Will’s life.

Episode 4 is of the Trancy Manor as I said in my previous post. We see Alois having a compassionate personality with demonic actions.

He is annoyed by the demon triplet’s constant whispering and demands them to speak up. Thompson, Timber, and Cantebury don’t have interesting conversations. Their comments are extremely honest, simple, and meaningless. They do, though, comment on how cute or not cute Alois’s actions are.

We also see Claude’s interest in Alois’s soul. He describes it as “A soul that dances like flames without getting burnt.” This is similar to Ciel Phantomhive’s description as “A soul that resides in darkness but stays pure.” Claude never consumes Alois’s soul in the end.

This episode consists of 3 short clips and is the last OVA for Kuroshitsuji II. The manga still runs. See my other posts on Kuroshitsuji.

#90 How may I serve your Anime today?

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90th post! Yes. Nobody really reads this stuff though. If you do and appreciate my daily reviews, please leave a comment below. :)

Kuroshitsuji II Welcome to the Phantomhive Family ep 4 [watch raws here]

Here comes another episode of the irregular OVA series of Kuroshitsuji II. Episode 3 is still not subtitled yet.

This episode is of the people of the Trancy Manor. We hear Thomson, Timber, and Cantebury who work under Hannah speak for the first time. We also see more of Hannah’s experience with Alois’s little brother Luca.

This episode is only 13 minutes long and subbed in Chinese.

It’s funny how this website describes Alois’s shorts as microscopic.

[C] The Money of Soul & Possibility Control ep 7 : Composition [watch here]

We divert our attention from Yoga and turn it towards Mikuni and Msyu.

Mikuni had a business relationship with his father. Because of this, he turned his career from music to being a secretary for his father’s business. His main goal was to earn money to keep his dying sister alive. After his father chose to save the business rather than his daughter’s life, Mikuni’s sister dies. His life becomes wrapped around the business and uses financial district in his business.

Msyu aka Mashyu questions Yoga’s intentions and personality towards her. They both question what it means when the Asset is the embodiment of the Entre’s future. They meet the man they had their first Deal with and ask him as well. Msyu doesn’t really have many emotions of her own. She hardly knows the world outside of her own. There is a great deal of emotion when it comes to food. She also asks for a kiss from Yoga if they become 30 times closer than they are now.

Potential couple

Blue Exorcist ep 7 : Flock of Plovers [watch here]

Exams are coming up before summer vacation and the students of the cram school must take a week long training camp.

Rin asks Bon and his groupies what a Meister is. So there are 5 classes of exorcist: Dragoon, Aria, Tamer, Doctor, and Knight. Wait, when did this turn into an RPG game? Obviously, Rin takes the sword class of Knight. He uses the excuse that the sword is the keepsake of his father.

On to demon taming class. Kamiki summons 2 spirit foxes because she was a descendant of a shrine maiden. The only other person who tries is Sheimi who summons a green man spirit which she names Ni. It has a plant like resemblance. Sheimi takes this chance to befriend Kamiki who immediately takes advantage of Sheimi.

The camp is held at Rin and Yukio’s empty dorm building. Kamiki and Paku are attacked by a ghoul who is after Rin that we later find out is controlled by the teacher they met earlier. Paku is burned and Sheimi’s familiar, Ni grows the plant needed out of its stomach for Sheimi to use. Pretty nifty.

Rin comes in to rescue Kamiki from her own familiars and goes after the ghoul. He is thrown thrown through the glass shower door and is on the brink of pulling his sword. Yukio comes to save him obviously.

And we learn Rin’s tail is hidden by his shirt.

#69 Today is Black April.

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Remember the day. Google it.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 5 TEASER is out.

So Naruto has been convicted of assassination of ninjas from the Hidden Mist and Hidden Stone. His sentence is that he loses his ninja powers. Isn’t there some sort of death sentence? I can’t really work my mind around that they’ll take away his powers. I hope it will be a good movie.

Kuroshitsuji II Welcome to the Phantomhive Family ep 3 RAW : The Story of Will the Reaper [Watch Here]

Another OVA of Black Butler. This time is of William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliffe in shinigami academy. Younger Grell and Will on a mission. Grell was much more serious back then and full of pride. Expect a certain level of action as well as Grell weirdness.

Soul Eater ch 85 : Persuit [read here]

It’s finally out. The next chapter comes out in 2 weeks on May 12th.

So Justin Law and his madness clown has come to take Crona out. Crona is still addressed genderless.

Tezca Tiploca says he changed his mask many times. Is that why he looks like a bear again? Or is that some kind of dog. It has pointy ears… other sources says it’s a wolf.

It might me just me, but Justin Law’s character might be questioning faith. Justin is shown as a religious character, he questions  what sins are. Plus he’s a guillotine. Very symbolic character.

After creating multiple clones, Justin cuts all of them down. The severed body parts pull themselves together creating a 4-legged, 3-armed, 2-headed thing of Tezca. Has Tezca been infected by the madness? Crazy guy.

I learned that his character originates from an Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca. The characteristics of the god resembles Tezca. His name translates as Smoking Mirror, face of black and yellow, and right foot of obsidian mirror. First of all, Tezca’s weapon transformation is a demon mirror. His animal helmet probably is black and yellow. We have never seen this character in color though. When he transforms, he attaches himself to Enrique’s (his monkey meister) right knee.

I’m a South American dog thingy.

19 pages. Short chapter for a monthly. Next chapter scheduled on May 12, 2011.

#28 Hydrogen Oxide is a deadly chemical. Avoid contact at all costs.

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Huzzah! Kuroshitsuji chapter 55 release in Shounen Fantasy has not been delayed! and I found raw spoilers.*spoilers*

This sounds really odd, but Grell to the rescue? I never thought those words would go in that sentence… I’m not complaining though. Zombies + Chainsaw + Lawnmower = Pure awesomeness.


Kuroshitsuji II Welcome to the Phantomhive Family OVA episode 2 is now in subtitles as well Ciel in Wonderland OVAs can now be found on AnimeCrazy. These OVAs are episodes take place in between season 1 and season 2. I think they are really good. They make me want to watch the series again.

Oh, and hydrogen oxide is actually water.