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#267 Your Brains A-sploded

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Fairy Tail chapter 334 : Sin and Sacrifice [read here]

So what exactly  was Ultear doing walking through the battlefield?  Is it just plot convenience since Jellal needed his ass saved before the two girls were going to tear him apart? I was pretty sure she was staring at Rogue thinking about to kill him!  Even after walking away from Jellal’s situation, she was still thinking about it. Well now we understand she’s all torn apart by her thoughts and is now a non-player in this battle. How many chapters will it take for her to get better? Hopefully it will only take a couple chapters.


FT 334 0Sting is such a troll. A heartwarming, funloving troll. :) Great Sting and Rogue bromance this chapter.

So let’s get to the important part. So it starts out with,

FT 334 1

And ends up,

FT 334 2

No words.

I was angry before, but now it’s just no words.

I don’t know why

or how


Why… He didn’t even get to struggle for his life.

Fairy Tail series’ first death? Nobody usually dies in the story. Especially not the members of the guild itself. Pretty sure the Guild Master has been almost dead 3 times already. *sigh* He didn’t even get to struggle. Only 3 pages.


I’m done now.

FT 334 twit


#263 What Will Happen To Present-Rogue?

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Fairy Tail chapter 333 : Man and Man, Dragon and Dragon, Man and Dragon [read here]

FT 333

He’s afraid of his own shadow. It reminds me of that funny video of the baby being afraid of her own shadow. That’s so cute. Heads up, this post is mostly about Rogue.

Serious talk: Rogue’s shadow might be the embodiment of his anger and fear, if it is part of him at all. As Yoda would say, “I sense much fear in you.”

But then what about this thing way back when?

FT 318
From Fairy Tail chapter 318 : Gajeel vs Rogue

Something referring to a past event but never brought up again. Then again, we barely know anything about Gajeel’s past before he joins Fairy Tail. Reyos? Sounds like Rayos, like rays of the sun or lightning in Spanish. Quite the opposite of Dragon Slayer of Darkness. Hopefully this point will be brought up again ’cause it is bothering me half to death!

I should have talked about this before, but future Rogue’s face is split down the middle. Like the Shadow had taken over half of his body in the future… making half his hair turn white. But then I noticed that it’s not just his hair, when Future Rogue is attacking, the half of his face covered by his hair turns completely black. Another power I guess for being from the future?

FT 333 0

Oh, and he seems to have lost his hair tie in Natsu’s last punch.

I’ve also stumbled across this image.

FT 325From Fairy Tail chapter 325 : Unity!!!

What’s up with everybody’s right eye? Gajeel, Erza, Rogue, even Laxus has a scar!

But I digress. So in this chapter:

FT 333 1Is that a gun? On a stick? I know you’re probably distracted by Erza’s cleavage, but look at this gun. ON A STICK.

Now for serious about the chapter.

So looking at this timeline on the second page, it looks like the timeline is jacked up when the Gate of Eclipse is open. I didn’t know there were 2 alternate time lines. Now that this battle arc has started a 3rd one has opened. I suggest if you’re confused, just focus on what his happening currently: a fight against Rogue from taking over the future. The other 2 alternate futures don’t matter anymore.

Natsu overpowered megapunch! I told you Natsu is going to be overpowered in this battle. As for last chapter that I didn’t review last week, wasn’t it obvious that Natsu would try to eat Atlas Flame? Why does it deserve such a big reaction shot?

FT chat

Natsu get’s a lot of hero like scenes this chapter. Glad he wants to protect present Rogue since he has done nothing wrong. Beautiful speech, sir.

Ultear is correct to some extent no matter how many people are against her choice on killing present Rogue. Ultear’s plan is the quickest and most efficient fix even though it is the least moral. The only thing I’m against is her unitard. I want to see her in a skirt.

So from here, the path lies in the hands of Natsu and Ultear. The one most moral and the one that is most beneficial. Reminds me of my philosophy class.

Natsu’s path is deontologist path which is most moral since we cannot kill the innocent so going after future Rogue is the option. The downside is that many people will die/be injured during the battle to take down future Rogue.

Ultear’s path is called utilitarian path where she will take the necessary actions to save as many people as possible. Killing present Rogue will stop everything at once. Stopping the dragons, stopping future Rogue, and removing the uncertainty of if Natsu was going to win against Rogue as well.

Sorry I went on a little rant here.

But the path that Fairy Tail usually follows, it is safe to predict that Natsu will defeat future Rogue and present Rogue will conquer his Shadow and fending off Ultear as well. There’s also a chance that the dragon would protect Rogue since he was told to not let present Rogue die.

My image uploading has gotten out of control since the Naruto movie.
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#254 Dragon Slayers Actually Slaying Dragons

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Fairy Tail chapter 329: Seven Dragons [read here]

Natsu is OP. He is the one to boost everyone’s moral to defeat the dragons!
Just to say, “I told you so”. Let’s make more FT predictions!

But seriously, Natsu is OP. But you know, it’s normal for the main character to get up from almost dying and beat the final boss.

Lucy on the other hand, I think she is the actual main character. The story does start out with her. We know absolutely everything about her life and history and not so much on Natsu. Maybe Natsu is just the male protagonist and Lucy’s character point of view is what moves this story along.

So we finally know how Sting and Rogue killed their parental dragons. The dragons told them to kill them so their sons would be stronger. So if that happened, why are Natsu and Gajeel still waay stronger than both of them? Is it that whole “nakama” business all over again? Also, Natsu and Gajeel seemed to take the more strategic view while Sting and Rogue powered housed through it.

Oh man, I’m not talking about the chapter at all!

I love how the light dragon looks. That beard so cool… I wanna stroke it. So what’s the Light Dragon’s name? Shadow dragon is Skiadrum. I didn’t expect a shadow dragon would have a name like that. Wait wait wait, the light dragon’s name is Weisslogia? Sounds like Acknologia. I wonder what these names mean. And in what language?

Okay, so everybody‘s goal is to kill Acknologia. Future alger-ego Rogue, Fairy Tail, the princess…. Grand Magic Council is more geared towards Zeref.

So future alter-ego Rogue is surprised that a dragon-slayer can kill a dragon he’s riding on?

So apparently “fake” dragon-slayers count as dragon-slayers. They even released the poison dragon-slayer from back in the 3rd arc from prison. I thought he was out of prison because of the recent filler arc, but according to internet sources, end of the arc says Oracion Seis ended up back… in… prison… A bit counter productive. I should really watch that arc. I keep saying so, but never get around to it.

FT 329

I always wonder why Natsu’s tongue turns like that from time to time. I thought it was comical.
Now it looks like a medical condition?

So new prediction: Natsu beats that dragon future Rogue is riding on and eventually defeats future Rogue. Well, not before present Rogue gets to meet future Rogue and sh!t gets real.

#244 Not As I Predicted!

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Fairy Tail chapter 323 : A Returning Shadow [read here]

Huh. Pleasantly surprised. A character who has been standing semi- in the background (behind Sting specifically) the entire time is the bad guy! Got some two-face thing going on here.

Usually stories stare at a single character hinting that they will do something. They did that Tenrou island with Zeref, introducing him before the arc started and such. Fairy Tail, being a very predictable series, has taken a pretty cool turn.

I don’t usually review this series. I just play a the prediction game and see if I’m right! Let’s get to it.

New Predictions:

  • Sting will be a hero in some form or another.
  • Frosch will provide some emotional distress being all cute and stuff. Might be the key to saving Rogue. She’ll probably cry somewhere in between. I know she already has, but she will do it again.
  • There will be touching flashback story for Gajeel and “Raios” aka Rogue?

What else? The normal things?

  • Lucy will talk a lot.
  • Natsu will be OP.
  • Nobody will die.
  • Somebody will join Fairy Tail.
  • Something about Zeref.
  • Fairy Tail lives happily ever after!

I hope I’m right!

FT 323

#219 Check Out My Facebook Page

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Hey everybody who’s anybody. I am making this post to officially say that I am no longer posting in this blog. Well I might if something worth ranting about comes up like Tobi’s jacked up back-story or if I want to write another Anime vs. Manga post.

The Ultimate Spoiler Attack Facebook page has been up for a while for a few people to stay updated for my blog posts. I will now use this page to have mini-rants when my favorite mangas update with a provided link. I will also be now using it to post my manga/anime screenshots that I extensively collect.

It’s obvious I have too many of these. I will allow posting on this page so others can share, too! SHARE YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND MANGA SCREENSHOTS.

I usually take the ones of humorous aspect, but you make share your favorite heartwarming scenes as well.
And don’t worry about spoilers. This name is ULTIMATE SPOILER ATTACK for that sole reason. Spoil away!

I don’t know where this will be heading. It might explode to be some meme page, it might just be just me posting pictures all alone forever. Whatever happens, it will be fun. :)

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#217 Just A Week’s Update

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I am going to stop posting er Spoon here. I will post on my Facebook Page from now on since blogging takes hours at a time.

School started this week so I have been late in readings too! >__<

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading recently:

Silver Spoon/Gin No Saji chapter 53.
Aftermath of Hachiken Yugo being rushed to the hospital… None of his friends came to visit… not even his bro. Further discussion on Facebook.

Naruto chapter 602.
Madara sat in a cave for hundreds of years… What?

Bleach chapter 508.
Ichigo is missing from these chapters. The Grand Captain is the main character now! I can live with that.

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji chapter 73.
Discussion on Facebook.

Fairy Tail chapter 300
Lector!! T___T

Black Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul chapter 11.
Rock has changed her clothes that mirrors her character in the Anime. You KNOW epic things are going to happen. Also, I thought the souls were spheres, but apparently, they are look like convex glass like in a magnifying glass. They are also quite crunchy.

Kubera vol 2 ch 1.
This one isn’t manga. It’s manwha! Korean webtoon to be exact. This new volume starts out with everyone in this party being uncomfortable with each other… Hope it doesn’t stay that way. First volume ended with so much of it.

Blue Exorcists/Ao no Exorcist chapter 38.
Rin is now a good student I guess. He’s actually studying now!
Auguste Angel has been introduced as Rin’s antagonist but he’s still a good guy. I feel like I would trust him. He just talks really high of himself.

This concludes my update. I will continue to post excerpts of my thoughts on my Facebook page along with links to chapters and other things I find. See you there!

#207 Gray/Juvia Unison Raid

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Fairy Tail chapter 283 : Natsu vs Sabertooth [read here(Plus some recap)

It’s a lie! I think this week’s cover page was just to advertise the movie… or something. Neither Gray nor Juvia were in this chapter. I think they used Unison Raid back in a filler episode I watched. Gray said a lot of face-palm worthy, out-of-character things that filler arc. Geez, it was horrible.

We did get some Gray and Juvia previous episode. Erza dared to venture into Gray’s love life. It’s obvious Gray knows how Juvia feels towards him but it is a very sensitive topic that he refuses to talk about.

So back to Yukino! While I was gone, Yukino wagered her life, lost, and then was spared. As punishment, the master of Sabertooth kicked her out. This guild is the best in the world so it makes sense that they are very strict.

Well then Yukino appears on Lucy’s doorstep offering to combine her 2 celestial keys with Lucy’s 10 for some destiny thing. Also sounds like those two are the only Celestial Mages left on their planet. Has Raven Tail killed them all? If they needed one why did they have to kill them?

You know Yukino is going to join Fairy Tail. It’s inevitable. And now, “One does not simply” join Fairy Tail. You get your old guild stormed by Natsu first. Juvia and Gajeel’s old guild was destroyed by Natsu, too. Well he destroyed some of it, but that is just a minor detail.

Natsu can’t even defeat his own master, he can’t possibly defeat another guild’s master.

Oh hey, look! A ninja!I like ninjas xD

So Natsu is physically overpowering against Sabertooth’s guildmaster. The Master didn’t use any magic yet so we didn’t get to see what kind of magic he uses.

Minerva stops the fight by holding Happy hostage. Looks like she has some sort of Yin Yang, teleporting  abilities. (WTF Firefox says “teleport” is not a word). According to Yukino, Minerva is taking Yukino’s place in the tournament so we will be seeing her again very soon.

Natsu and Happy moment! D’awww.

Natsu’s actions and words definitely reached out to the members of Sabertooth. Something that was also inevitable.

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