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#199 Legend of Korra Premiers Tomorrow!

Posted in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto on March 23, 2012 by Lee T

There’s absolutely something wrong with me when breaks come around. I just spend all day playing games which is probably unhealthy. I never get anything done and always late when my favorite mangas and animes release. I guess I’ll just review shortly what I think about each chapter… I’ll get back to normal next week when I’m back at school.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Did you visit Korranation? They received 100,000 shares and likes and now they will premiere it on this website TOMORROW.

Confession time. I haven’t exactly seen the entire series… Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it, right?

Official website here:

Naruto chapter 579 : Brothers, Fight as One!!

Itachi and Sasuke getting along… I never thought I’d see the day. Sasuke showing emotion…? He talks way too much.

The only interesting thing out of this chapter is this Dragon Sage Mode that Kabuto has. Glad to know that there are more Sage Modes in this world. Wish they could go into depth about Sage Modes.

Bleach chapter 485 : Foundation Stones

Bad guys killed a bunch of people. The head captain is still alive (big surprise). And Nel is back. Wait, Nel is back? That is big news! Oh, the fans are happy. Oh, and the bad guys took over Hueco Mundo, but who cares! Nel’s back!  xD

Fairy Tail chapter 276 : Chariot

All dragonslayers having a motion sickness problem makes no sense. Other than for good plot device.

Other than that, Natsu makes good speeches! Sabertooth is going to have a lesson in friendship! Sometime at the end of this arc.


#194 In the Heat of Battle

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga on March 9, 2012 by Lee T

Fairy Tail chapter 274 : Bad Omen [read here]

That is some adorable fanservice. 
Image © Mashima Hiro

Great way to start a chapter huh? She’s too engaged in watching the tournament that she can’t leave!

This chapter was a lot of fun! I was scared when I heard from a friend this morning that Jellal had the same magic as Mystogan! They really shouldn’t since they are different people. It was a big relief that it was just Jellal copying his counterpart rather than actually having that same style.

I kind of like Mystogan better than Jellal. Mystogan seems a lot nicer and more discreet. Jellal just looks like he can kill anybody on sight. Maybe it was just because of that arc he had before, but this chapter also shows that he is very reckless. I really knew shit was going to go down with that look in Jellal’s eye last chapter like he was going to commit murder. I just don’t like this guy. I can’t stop judging him.

So apparently Levy is writing a letter to Lucy. I wonder why? That’s a fanon couple waiting to happen unless it’s already canon! I don’t get involved in couplings. It makes the series less enjoyable to me.

I’m trying my best to get these character names as accurate as possible now since Fairy Tail is already getting dubbed so official spellings for English should be out. I just hope ANN is correct. They better be.

#191 How Dare You, Lily?!

Posted in Anime, Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail, Manga on February 24, 2012 by Lee T

Fairy Tail chapter 272 : The Noble Loser

This week’s chapter is really depressing. I don’t really think Lucy’s battle is very exciting except the very end. Oh, and Gemini is back! So cute.

Lucy gets her ass whooped, almost wins with a new move, and loses. Raven Tail cheated! I have a feeling that the next chapters will focus mainly on Raven Tail and Fairy Tail fighting each other… So much for the other guilds…


Fairy Tail episode 119 : The Deepest Realm

The anime is creeping awfully close to the manga. They’re already at the part with Natsu’s lightning-flame dragon powers!

I don’t always watch Fairy Tail, but when I do, I do it for Happy filler moments.

The animators have way too much fun with Happy. I like it. 

Getting angry over Panther Lily touching Charle? Only Happy can make a big deal! I just noticed that Lily’s voice doesn’t change when he goes chibi!

Probably the only thing good about Fairy Tail anime is watching their fillers. They do it so well that it’s legit! You can’t even tell it’s filler. If only other animes can do it as well as them. Other than that, everybody’s eyes become the same shade of brown when they’re shocked!

I think the weirdest part of the episode where this screenshot has Happy in the same position I drew him when I tried to picture the energy source that was alive back in the manga. Weird…

Images in this post © Fairy Tail

#184 Icy Anger

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga on February 12, 2012 by Lee T

I freaking love Fridays.

Fairy Tail chapter 269 : Vanish into the Stillness [read here]
Fairy Tail chapter 270 : Into a Night of Falling Stars [read here]

I didn’t really review this chapter last week, but because of a complaint I’ll do it this week.

The pumpkin thing is super creepy no matter how I look at it. End of story.

This hide and seek game is insane. I don’t know how the Raven Tail participant is able to track down Gray so easily. We obviously see that Ravel Tail is specifically tracking down Fairy Tail and Makarov’s son is all anal about his father’s guild. I guess this is the reason why the author put Laxus back in the guild. I hope to see Laxus fight against his father somewhere along the way.

And here is the comic relief. The losing Fairy Tail team will be the slaves of the other team for a day! Everyone has really weird ideas to do with one another… except Juvia. Juvia’s is normal.

Narupuding targeted Gray the entire time and takes 2nd place. Rufus is a total badass from the overpowering Sabertooth takes first place predictably. Gray gets last place followed by Juvia. At one point of the battle, Juvia confronts Gray getting ready to attack, but they never get around to it. Recalling from their first encounter, Juvia can probably wipe the floor with Gray. I hope to see them fight in the future.

Natsu snaps when the crowd boos at Gray. We even get a glimpse of Mavis’s disappointed face. Gray seems to be moved more than anyone else. Looks like he will seek revenge. I don’t see Gray as a vengeful person. He is hotblooded, but not usually vengeful.

Gajeel… what the heck?
Image © Hiro Mashima
I meant to post on Friday, but a couple things came up. That’s the story behind the first line of this post… Hehe…

#179 I’m supposed to be busy!

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga on January 27, 2012 by Lee T

I have a midterm in 2 hours but I don’t care! It’s Friday and it’s Fairy Tail time!!

Fairy Tail ch 268 : Elite B Team

These introductory chapters are packed with surprises. Last chapter, Wendy was attacked by another guild, we are introduced to some of the guild and MAVIS is here! Still quite a shocker that she came to watch. We might get more character development from her.

This chapter, we are surprised with the team that came in second place. A second Fairy Tail team?? Master Makarov entered a second team without telling the others. We have the rest of the crew along with Mystogun? It’s actually Jellal pretending to be Mystogun. Mavis approves since he will help Fairy Tail win! Those sly masters.

The first event starts and love triangle goes in first…? Leon, Gray, and Juvia have a weird thing going for them.

More like “Trolololol!”
Image © Hiro Mashima

#175 Preliminary Round is a Go!

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga on January 13, 2012 by Lee T

So I discovered this card game called Weiss Schwarz I found my classmates playing. It’s looks pretty trippy and quite costly… I’m tripping out because one guy had a complete Fairy Tail deck. So it’s this card game in Japan with characters of different animes as cards. I’ve never been into card games, more like collecting them. I think this game is a way for the animes to make more money by adding to the same card game . Brilliant.

Fairy Tail chapter 266 : Sky Labyrinth [read here]

Midnight has come, Wendy is missing, Elfman is now in the competition! To eliminate 105 of the 113 entries, there is a prelim 3D maze that each of the guilds must pass. Our heroes get 8th place despite their cockiness and “brilliant” strategy of beating up other guilds and stealing their maps. 8th place is last by the way.

Interesting picture on page 5 when Lucy imagines what is happening to Wendy. I question the horse on the right though. Gray says “Do all writers have this overactive imagination?” I’ll take that as a confession about Mashima’s mind.

I love Pyxis the Celestial Spirit. It’s like an owl with a compass on its head. It looks like it only has one purpose to be a compass… Poor little guy. He’s so cute, though.

Image © Mashima Hiro

#164 Lies Lies Lies!

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga on December 22, 2011 by Lee T

I’ve been quite busy this week. Not the work busy, more fun busy! It’s Christmastime isn’t it?

There was a horrible black out today so I am posting now!!

Fairy Tail ch 264 : Only Enough Time to Pass By [read here]

Thanks for the love for that lame comic I put together last week! I got some favorites on DeviantArt too. :)

This chapter, Ultear is putting that spell to increase their magic storage or something. Natsu is in some serious pain, but everyone else is giving off more of a comical vibe. Even at the end when everybody receives the spell, there is still a comical atmosphere.

Jellal (Jerard?) and Erza love. So many pages… Jellal can’t tie himself down with someone as pure as Erza. Should I call Erza pure? She always had a vicious personality…. They roll down a hill, get barraged by flashbacks, and almost kiss! But then Jellal lies that he has a fiance. Kill joy.

And Happy gives more comic relief than needed. I love Happy.

Holy shizza whatsit you say?