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#274 Zombies Again?

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Kuroshitsuji chapter 82 : That Butler, Laughing Out Loud [read here]

KS 82Pbbbbbbttt

I literally spit on my monitor. Zombies again?? Wasn’t that last arc? Apparently it isn’t over yet. I’m sick and tired of these zombies everywhere. Lately it’s been zombie movies everywhere, zombie games, The Walking Dead. Just another day in the Land of the Free. Geez.

But still, I’m nicely surprised by the turn of events.

Prefects killed him for some reason unknown. Does that mean that the other students are dead and zombiefied, too? We have to remember how the Prefects described Derrick back in chapter 73. Each of them said he excelled at different things.

KS 73From Kuroshitsuji chapter 73 : That Butler, Consultaion

What they said about cutting off from the source, I do not understand one bit. Maybe since Derrick had connection to power through the Queen? I’m not sure. The way things are right now makes it very blurry.

Well I know now why Redmond is Viscount’s nephew. It’s for this situation to “revive” Derrick from the dead. What a big mistake they made. Derrick was revived before the zombie cruise line since Doctor Ryan Stoker is currently dead. There hasn’t been a large time gap between that and this arc.

So why does Sebastian get the epicest entrance in the world?

KS 82 0Materializing in the air like that.

Actually, forget Sebastian. Why does Ciel get so many epic poses this chapter?

KS 82 1

KS 82 2

KS 82 3My only guess is to counterbalance all the innocent smiling he’s been doing this entire arc.

Back to more important things:

KS 82 4

What is this? Edward defending Ciel? He has been against Ciel this entire time and decides now to defend him. Nice change of pace, Edward, even though you’ve said otherwise in the previous arc.

KS 58From Kuroshitsuji chapter 58 : That Butler, Chop

Lastly, we find the Undertaker has been posing as the principal of the school. He obviously hasn’t been the whole time, though, since he comes in the carriage with Ryan Stoker. He probably replaced him after coming back from the cruise ship.  What shocks me the most about this is the Undertaker’s physique. He is a very skinny and fit man. We’ve always seen him in drapery so his body shape was a mystery. All I can remember are his super sexy mid-thigh boots.

KS 59From Kuroshitsuji chapter 59 : That Butler, Compromise

Looks like there’s a battle coming up and it’s going to be extremely bloody taking into account of Undertaker’s great skill in combat. With that, see  you next chapter.


#246 Demonic Aura

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Kuroshitsuji 79 : That Butler, Final Battle [read here]

Sebastian finally realizes that the persuant is aware of the persuer. This just got interesting.

Meanwhile, cricket. Ciel plays dirty. The chef looks like he expected this would happen saying, “His horrible personality is showing”…

KS 79 1You know the author wrote it in English when the text is written vertically!

Starting to regret questioning how Ciel was able to throw a metal lantern over a fence and through a 2nd story window many chapters ago. He’s freaking good!

And this all ends bittersweet when the Blue House prefect is inspired by Ciel’s determination to win. He doesn’t know Ciel’s actual motive is to find the Queen’s nephew, not take their house to victory. Ciel’s goals extend much farther than Bluer’s.

KS 79Oh. Shit.
It’s spreading.

Now Ciel is bound to see the principal. But wait… If the the principal knows he is being persued, what if he knows Ciel is the persuer? I have a feeling things are going to explode in the next few chapters.

 Man, this manga is beautiful. If only the anime stuck to the manga more closely instead of turning it into a boob party. This story is clearly more Shoujo than Shounen even though it was originally labeled under Shounen!
But then again, I loved 2nd season of the anime. Alois Trauncy… Sigh, I love him.

#234 Ciel is so Gangster!

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Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) chapter 78 : That Butler, Chase [read here]

KS 78
They’ve chosen a male actor to play Ciel!! Why can’t I stop laughing? Maybe because I only see female cosplayers for this character. That’s probably it. Kuroshitsuji live action, huh? I never watch live action things. The last time I saw one was Detective Conan and that was pretty bad. Then I saw Death Note and that was hysterically worse. Should I watch this one? What do you think?

Anyway, about this chapter..

KS 78 1

It’s hysterical! Lau’s harem of skimpy women have come to distract Ciel’s opposing team. Their clothes are quite modern, though. Judging from their time period, a skirt up to the knees would suffice rather than a super mini skirt! Oh well. More fan-service I guess.

Man, this arc makes Ciel look like a f*king genius. It also makes sports semi-interesting (b/c I never watch sports). He just keeps pulling out strategy after strategy. Did he make up all these or did Sebastian tell him all of it?

On the flip-side of the story, Sebastian isn’t being very sneaky going after the school’s principal. The principal is obviously avoiding Sebastian. He’s the only person running place to place! Well it won’t be much of a story if the principal gets caught now. I at least want to know how the cricket tourny ends.

Oh, and Ciel be flippin’ gang signs all over the place today.

KS 78 2KS 78 3

That’s gangster!

#223 Kuroshitsuji Movie?

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I should actually be writing up about Naruto but I spent yesterday rolling around distressed about it, watching Family Guy, and playing Kaiser. I was also watching Sword Art Online in which I will write up a review much later as soon as I decipher what the main character’s intentions are.

Kuroshitsuji chapter 76: That Butler, Manoeuvres [read here]

First page suggests a movie… maybe? This link was included on the first page along with “The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World”. Whatever it is, it’s coming May 2013! If it’s a movie, we won’t be able to see it until probably later that year due to the wait of the release in DVD/Blu-ray.

Oh well, onto the chapter.

As an American, I have no idea what this game of cricket is. Something about a flat paddle, knocking something over, and running around in a circle? I can’t even understand baseball… Or American football… I don’t watch sports. Tbh, when stories start talking about sports, I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on. I just watch expressions of the characters.

Luckily, Bard is here to explain this game to the Japanese audience. Glad to see the Phantomhive servants again. Well, except Snake who didn’t come. He hasn’t really been around that long anyway.

And here, I was hoping to see Ciel actually show some sport skills. Instead, he does something down right sinister.

KS 76

But then again, we should expect he would do such a thing. He’s evil. He kills people. He has no mercy.

And Mr. Tanaka knows about it! You can’t rule him out as a filler character anymore since 2 arcs ago! He is is also a butler of the Phantomhive household.

Okay, bye now! I want to review Sword Art Online anime next. I just can’t really wrap my head around some things as of episode 5. Expect it in a week.

#221 Manga Is Da Bomb

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I have been feeling down this week, but manga came to the rescue.
Come to my Facebook page to see!

Here are my favorite manga clippings for these past few weeks!

Kuroshitsuji chapter 74 : That Butler, Entry [read here]

I am amused by Soma’s face. I wonder where he keeps his elephant anyway.

Yotuba&! chapter 82.1 :& Camping part2 [read here]

No comment…

Blue Exorcist chapter 40 : 7 Mysteries of True Cross Academy [read here]

Rejected LIKE A BOSS

Silver Spoon chapter 56 [read here]

Silver Spoon ch 58 [read here]

More pictures are posted on my Facebook! Post your own favorite manga/anime screenshots too!

#220 Silver Spoon is getting depressing…

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Before I get into Silver Spoon/Gin no Saji, I need to talk about raws! I haven’t posted raws in a while since the mangas I watch usually release before my patience runs out. This time is different.

Soul Eater chapter 103 : Battle of the Moon 2 (Part 3) [click here]

This was supposed to come out on the 13th, but it’s the 18th and there’s no translation in sight! I need my Soul Eater!

Let’s list what we see.

  • Excalibur. Why is he here again? Being useless.
  • Kishin comes closer meter by meter and releases his madness wave.
  • Maka’s hands are disproportionately smaller than her face.
  • Soul saves the the day by using his ability to disperse Maka’s anti-madness wavelength.
  • Noah’s ass-cannon.

  • ToC (Table of Contents in the Book of Eibon) pretty much is the only one fighting since he secretly controls Noah… He turned Noah into a freaking giant ant.
  • And Crona is here.

So what I can guess from here is that whoever can take down/control Kishin will be the next antagonist of this Series. I have a strong feeling that Shibusen/DWMA will not be the victor in this battle. This story is known for the bad guys to win. Medusa is still winning and she’s dead! Even Justin died a winner.

Actually, I don’t think Medusa’s dead. There was no soul present at the time of her “death” and if there was, Ragnarok would’ve eaten it and adopt Medusa’s Vector Arrow snake magic. Crona’s new power looks more like thorns than arrows…

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler chapter 74 Raws [click here]

Well this one I’ve been waiting all month for and actually came out today… I was looking up Soul Eater raws and thought I might as well look up some Black Butler raws too.

Might I say the Gangan Fantasy magazine cover is looking quite fabulous this month? The page provided looks like a ceremony of some sort. I am pretty sure they were supposed to have a fire evacuation due to last chapter’s events.

Silver Spoon chapter 55 : Autumn 24 [read here]

Recap of what happened. Main character Hachiken Yugo has overworked himself that he ends up in the hospital on the morning of the school festival. The weirdest part is that over the 2 days he’s there, none of his friends visit, not even his brother! We know now that Shingo is right about himself being too selfish. He high tails out when he sees his father there.

As for Yugo’s father, he has been viewed as an antagonist by Yugo, but after the previous chapter, I can’t really go against him. His father believes in hard work in education and would much rather Yugo not waste his time in things that aren’t related to education. I don’t really see the bad in that since I grew up with a mother who believes the same thing. Yugo is compelled to prove himself that he can do things his own way, but at the end of the day, his father isn’t wrong.

This is where I talk about this chapter:

In this chapter, Yugo is reluctant to go back to school and very rejecting of his parents’ presence at the same time. He even considered throwing away the money his mother gives him.

Everything else is just comical relief. Thus, we have the master of comic relief:

Why hello Major Armstrong look-alike! I haven’t seen you since… chapter 1? o__O

Omygaw, this Silver Spoon is really making run up a wall. Good chapter nonetheless. Can’t wait until Kuroshitsuji gets translated so I can read it.
Images in this blog post © Soul Eater, Silver Spoon

#219 Check Out My Facebook Page

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Hey everybody who’s anybody. I am making this post to officially say that I am no longer posting in this blog. Well I might if something worth ranting about comes up like Tobi’s jacked up back-story or if I want to write another Anime vs. Manga post.

The Ultimate Spoiler Attack Facebook page has been up for a while for a few people to stay updated for my blog posts. I will now use this page to have mini-rants when my favorite mangas update with a provided link. I will also be now using it to post my manga/anime screenshots that I extensively collect.

It’s obvious I have too many of these. I will allow posting on this page so others can share, too! SHARE YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND MANGA SCREENSHOTS.

I usually take the ones of humorous aspect, but you make share your favorite heartwarming scenes as well.
And don’t worry about spoilers. This name is ULTIMATE SPOILER ATTACK for that sole reason. Spoil away!

I don’t know where this will be heading. It might explode to be some meme page, it might just be just me posting pictures all alone forever. Whatever happens, it will be fun. :)

Images appeared in this post by order: Defense Devil, Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison, Yotsuba&!, GaiaOnline, and Bleach