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#279 Obito The Sage

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Naruto chapter 640 : Finally [read here]

4 chapter review skip. I really got bored of the recent chapters since things slowed down so much to focus on the details of the battle. Only like ONE thing happens per chapter now. This one is a shocker, though.

Also going to edit these scrnshts on MS Paint now ’cause I’m lazy. Is the quality lower? I have no idea.

Naruto 640 0Oh what the f–?!
We’re going into the Soul Eater realm now. Ripping logic at the seems.

That’s not the shocker. Here it is.

Naruto 640 1

Bam! Plot twist! Kurama’s talk of Naruto being similar to the Six Path Sage and foreshadowing Naruto gaining Six Path Sage powers meant nothing! All hail our new sage, Obito! Better plot twist than Sasuke’s return.

You should read my previous post, #278, where I ending up talking about what Sasuke should have done in my penultimate Soul Eater chapter review.

I believe it is safe to say that in the realm of Naruto, ultimate powers make your grow pseudo-clothing. Naruto has that energy cloak when he goes into kyuubi mode and a physical cloak materialized in the Blood Prison movie when Naruto went into Sage mode. Now Obito has now materialized the Six Path Sage cloak out of his own skin. It all makes sense now. No Super Saiyan hair here. Just super clothes!

No Bleach for the next 5 weeks and no One Piece this week. Enjoy your short break One Piece-ers! Bleach-ers over here will just have to sit anxiously and suffer.

Still waiting to see Kenpachi’s sword spirit.

#275 Saving Old Obito

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Put both Naruto and Bleach in one post this week. Not much happens in both, so enjoy!

Naruto chapter 636 : The Current Obito [read here]

Here we go again with a freshly created backstory for someone’s last battle. Last time this happened, it was for Itachi and the backstory was for hunting. Honestly, this doesn’t do the ticket for me since this stuff is new and I really don’t have the emotional connection with it. The author throws in too many of these things like he meant to put them in before and decides to put them in where it’s sort of too late.

The good story with this flash back + end battle is Kakashi’s monologue. Ending with:

Naruto 636I’ve been playing with this phrase in my head to figure out exactly what it means… My conclusion is that Kakashi is protecting an idea rather than a person. The old Obito’s personality and will is what he wants to protect. Those two things he has adopted into his own personality and will and passed them onto his student, Naruto. The current Obito is against all that so to protect his will and Naruto’s will, he must defeat the current Obito. All of this you probably figured out, but it took me a while. Let me express my own thoughts.

Okay, so Kakashi and Obito severely wounded each other and Obito fled the scene. Can Kakashi get back on his own? Who knows.

FB Naruto 0Person who can recognize the other anime reference wins some internetz

Then half his body starts turning black. It’s the good part too! Remember his right side of the body was rebuilt by that Hashirama tree?

Naruto 636 1And there’s a circle around his eye like his old mask…. Wait. Doesn’t this kind of look like Black Zetsu?

zetsu-brit-n-bianca-32310267-400-300Image taken from Google Images

Does this explain how Black Zetsus are made? Is this why there’s only 1 Black while there’s an army of White?

Actually, this doesn’t explain sh*t. Let’s just wait until next chapter.

Bleach chapter 453 : Letters [read here]

Well, that took a good 6 chapters for Ishida to reveal himself as our enemy and then get on stage.

So he’s a successor. I’m not completely surprised. It makes for good story is what I’m agreeing to. Little confused since he’s actually not a pureblood and his father is. His father doesn’t have any pride of being a Quincy, though so Ishida is our candidate.

I don’t think he likes it there. Probably came against his will. We’re talking King of the Quincies here. It was probably to go or die.

Bleach 543 0

And now the King is giving Ishida new powers. Ooooh. Exciting. This story has potential.

Introducing and reintroducing characters of the bad guys. Looks like it’s by letter instead of numbers in the Espada. The author likes to put different races of people in the story.

Bleach 543 1That’s a definite Chinese guy.

And nothing happens on the protagonist’s side! I don’t really care about these new characters. I want to know what Kenpachi’s sword spirit looks like.

#270 Things Are Not as Great as We Hoped

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Naruto chapter 635 : A New Wind [read here]

Last week’s chapter I didn’t review was pretty good. Teamwork was at an all time high, Naruto’s wind and Sasuke’s fire merged, and Sakura shed a tear. Wait, Sakura shed a tear? Oh well. The point was that things were working perfectly.

This chapter, things have completely flipped. Why such a drastic change right after things were so epicly perfect? Sasuke just decided to be selfish again? I can talk about this all day, but I’m going to accept it and roll with it.

Sasuke is showing his true colors again. He obviously is using his former friends as a vehicle to put his plans into action. What I can guess is that he wants to destroy the world to create a new one, where he is the primary player in everything. He thinks he can fix everything! Sounds like someone after they’ve taken Intro to Econ class. I’ve forgotten how egotistical and self-centered he is. Thanks Kishimoto, for pulling this guy back into character. It’s about time.

Naruto 635 2Dat pouty face.

And Sai is Sakura’s voice of reason again. Last time was when he told her Naruto loved her. Maybe he should just live inside her head and help her make rational choices about her emotions.

Orochimaru says something about wind? I guess he also tried to make change in the world and hopes that Sasuke, I mean, he knows that Sasuke will make the change. Orochimaru doesn’t exactly know what the change is, but I guess gambling with the future is one of his mentioned “hobbies”.

Naruto 635 1

In other news, the Kages are alive. If you read my previous posts, I have complained about their absence multiple times.

In less important news, Orochimaru has a new babysitting job, to take care of Karin ans Suigetsu. I hate Karin so much.


I almost forgot the last page!

Naruto 635 3Took me a while to understand what exactly is happening here, but I managed see: Kakashi and Obito stabbing each other in the chest. Obito sure has a lot of giant shurikens or is this the same one he stabbed Kakashi in the knee with many chapters ago?

Naruto 608From Naruto chapter 508
Shuriken to the knee… I love this scene

We will get an epic death fight with Obito and Kakashi next chapter. Well, unless Obito really is immortal. He already stabbed himself in the heart previously. But then he has those powers from a wood element which is part earth element. If Naruto world logic is still in play, lightning defeats earth, therefore Kakashi has also dealt a lot of damage to Obito as well. Maybe when Naruto said he and Sasuke were both going to die next time they meet was for Kakashi and Obito? Ooooh. Crafty. Obito and Kakashi were also present during that battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Well they met again and they are fighting to the death! Exciting! See you next chapter!

#265 Kuchiyose no Combo

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Naruto chapter 633 : Going Forward [read here]

Oh man, this chapter. A lot of exciting things this time, especially the last page. I want to talk about it so bad. I want to go in order though, but f- it.

Naruto 633 0

Last page. Fangirl mode activate! Oh. My. God. This scene.

This was my original fangirl dream for this series. There is an chapter artwork in Naruto volume 1 that is extremely similar to this one. A long time ago, I said, “I want this image to be real later on in the story.” Right next to me wanting to see Kakashi’s face. Well the original does have Sasuke on a hawk, but that’s besides the point. I ditched this dream after Sasuke ran away from the village, blah de blah, they are now enemies, blah blah, Naruto and Sasuke are going to kill each other, blah blah blah. But now tables have turned in an unexpected and anti-stereotypical way (I’ll get to that later). This fangirl’s dream has been fulfilled.

Onto panel-by-panel analysis.

Naruto 633 1Ooh. Intense. Greatly anticipated acknowledgement? Sasuke has had that power for a while now. Possibly a couple weeks to a month. Naruto just learned this stuff probably this day or possibly a day ago.  Who do you think deserves more acknowledgement?

Naruto 633 2Someone else doing kage bunshin makes it less of a signature move of Naruto, but that probably is the point of this panel.
Kiba has been pushing for more screentime these last few chapters. Should I pitty Him? Nah, he is serving as a good gag character right now.

Naruto 633 3Shino gained some badassery points. He’s always been badass every time he is seen in combat, which is not often.

I like how the manga ships Naruto x Hinata while the anime likes to ship more Naruto x Sakura. The clash is hilarious! Then again, the anime also ships Lee and Tenten, Aoba and a filler character, and plenty of others. Just makes the anime all more fun to watch.

InoShikaChou? Yoyo? Moving along.

Naruto 633 4Sai got owned? What?! His character becomes less and less appealing to me every time he appears. You’re supposed to be cool. :(

And then the last page… oh I already talked about it. I guess I’m done.

Naruto 633 5Anybody else tried this irl? Just me? I was only 11 at the time. It’s kinda impossible for the most part…? I guess unless you sadistical in that way. This is the only place that you’ll ever see someone do this.

See you tomorrow for Bleach review.

#261 Everybody wants to be Hokage

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Guess who went on a 4 hour splurge in creating a new banner? It’s 3am here and I should be sleeping. Or doing linear algebra homework. Oh, I’m a mess.75 redo kyuubi 4th tail copy

I wanted to create something new since the old banner was of an image I created in 2008. Today is the 2013 revamp! Here is the full-sized image. It is currently unfinished and I will put final touch ups and upload to deviantArt by…. Saturday…? I might even change the banner, too. Depends on my mood really.

This is the old banner. Tell me what you think about the new look!


Naruto chapter 632 : Explosion [read here]

So the plot is completely ruined. If you read my previous post, I am catching up with the anime and I have recalled that the whole reason for everything since the beginning was to bring Sasuke back. Now he’s back. This war sure has caused a lot of facts to go obsolete. All’s fair in love and war?

But you know,

Naruto 291 From Naruto chapter 291

I do want to see them fight. I really do. The best fights are always between Naruto and Sasuke! The author has to at least keep that promise of a good Naruto vs Sasuke fight.

Naruto 632 0

Does anybody even remember the Chuunin Exam? It was waaaay back in the 2nd arc of the WHOLE SERIES.
Actually, I remember it quite vividly. I’ve rewatched the entire arc at least 3 times.

Naruto 632 1

Shadup Kiba! Nobody listens to you anyway!

Naruto 632 2

Huh, that was exactly was I was trying to say. Thanks Shino for reading my mind 2nd chapter in the row.

Naruto 632 3

Well, uh, I think that destroys the magic of seeing people having the dream of being Hokage.


That’s all I want to talk about this chapter even though I only went up to page 2.

First Hokage and Sakura steal the show this chapter. Madara will only fight the non-clone version of the First Hokage. Sakura learned Tsunade’s strength ability after 3 years of channeling chakra to her forehead? Oh, and it’s also stronger than Tsunade’s because Tsunade channels part of her power into keeping her younger. Ain’t that peachy.

I’m going to bed now. I’m exhausted from making 200 chakra balls floating around four-tailed kyuubi-Naruto’s face. (I’m not exaggerating)

#259 Naruto Chapter 631 Review

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Naruto chapter 631 : Team 7 [read here]

Pardon my language, but a lot of shit happens in this chapter. Some of it I approve of, some of it I just wanna throw against the wall and hope it sticks.

First of all, I can summarize this chapter in 3 panels.


Naruto 631 0


Naruto 631 1


Naruto 631 3

Oooh. 3 big surprisers.  The last one probably flips my shit more than others. Let us analyze each one. Us, I mean just me.

1. Minato drops big hint bomb that Sakura and Naruto will be together by using the big “G” word and comparing Sakura to Kushina. Maybe this is to counterbalance the NaruHina that has been going on.

2. Minato has kyuubi powers?  This seems extremely cliche right now that the father and son have the exact same power. I couldn’t stomach this at first, but then I thought, this is Minato we’re talking about.  He is the one who married the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. He has the ability to teleport himself as well as large explosions. He mastered all the Uzumaki sealing techniques when they aren’t even from his own clan. He invented the Rasengan from watching tailed beast bombs.  Minato Namikaze has been a huge OP player of this story and he just became more OP.  And now because of this, I’m totally fine with him being more OP.

3. Sasuke wanting to become Hokage is the most controversial thing in this chapter. Probably in this arc. Wait actually, Madara and Obito killing everybody to revive them in a perfect world is probably worse than that. But since there will be a lot of rage after this chapter from many people (especially me), let’s observe both sides of the situation.

  • Sasuke is a really bad ideas guy. I’ve said it before on this blog, too. All of his ideas were never his until this one to become Hokage. Itachi told him to take the path of revenge and kill Itachi, and he does. Orochimaru told Sasuke to come to him for power and he does. Obito told him Itachi was a puppet of Konoha and to destroy Konoha and he does. This guy’s track record his horrible!

    Second, he doesn’t have a care for people. He might have apologized to Karin for trying to kill her but that don’t mean jack shit! People don’t grow a heart overnight. He even says in this chapter, “I honestly don’t care what any of you think of me.” As my friend told me 3AM today, “He wants to be a dictator.” With that his ideals suddenly become more like Madara’s and Tobi’s to have everything to be an unconditional peace so no conflict breaks out. How Sasuke achieves this different from Madara’s mind control will be a surprise to me.

    Most of all, Sasuke is a felon and a murderer.  He attempted to murder all the Kages. He killed Danzo. He killed a lot of people. Enough for the Anbu Roots to write his name down as extremely dangerous and send Sai to kill him. Come to think of it, where the hell is Sai?Naruto 631 5Thanks Shino. You always say exactly what I’m thinking.

  • So on the flip side, this might work out. Sasuke has been mentored by the 4 former hokages themselves.  He has heard the original story of Madara that not many people have heard before from an original source! He knows far more about this war than most of the people in the world. Not only that, he purposefully came with an open mind to learn, to decide. All those other times, he was shoved against a wall, bitten by a hand snake, and tied up. I think Kakashi tied him up once too.
    Naruto 132Yuupp. Funny thing that I’ve had this image in reserve just in case the topic of Sasuke being tied up came up again. It’s from the original Naruto series episode 132. Check it out. It’s free on subbed.So he listened without being held against his will for the first time. First time for everything.

    We also have to take into account that he has a deep (and complicated) connection with his brother, Itachi. The 3rd Hokage said himself that Itachi had the thought process of a Hokage at a young age. Itachi told Sasuke a lot about… stuff. I can’t remember them right now, but I’m pretty sure they were deep and emotional. I was up at 3am reading this chapter. Don’t complain. This post has 9 screenshots and that’s amazing enough.

To the rest of the chapter.

MangaPanda and MangaStream have this panel translated differently. On the other hand, MangaStream has had a tendency to use superfluous vocabulary and slang instead of literal translations. The only good thing about them for me is they make Bee’s rapping actually rhyme in English which makes reading all the more entertaining.

Naruto 631 4“More are coming” in MPanda’s scans while he says “Better late than never” in MStream’s.  “More are coming,” implies more are coming! If MPanda is more accurate, that means the Kages are coming! Remember?? They’ve been missing since chapter 601, 30 chapters ago! Manga wise, that means 7 months ago in November. I’ve been waiting for this! I hope MPanda is correct.


Naruto 631 6
Ha! Rejected.
I’ve never laughed at Madara so much before. Thinking now that the all-mighty 1st Hokage is a comic relief character. Super powerful and super laid-back all the time. Kinda like Kakashi except when he becomes too laid-back, Naruto treats him like a pedo.

naruto 631 2

Ten Tails now has ten horns. I don’t know where this is going.

Naruto 631 7

Last thing last! Team seven reunited, but they’ve never fought together before. You know why? Sakura was an annoying side character back when Sasuke was still around 4 years ago. Naruto, Sakura, and Sai has been a great Team 7 and they actually fight together extremely well. Naruto as tank and diversion, Sakura on offensive, and Sai as support. If this is like pre-Shippuden, Sasuke will take offensive to make Naruto sit on the backburner support and that shit don’t fly with me. I want our protagonist to stay protagonist! Don’t let the antagonist recently turned good to take the show! That’s all messed up.

This has been a bittersweet chapter for me. I’m not excited for next chapter either.
I haven’t read Bleach yet and I deserve a slap on the wrist for that.

edit:: I found this on deviantArt of another person’s review of the chapter also summed up in 3 panels. Check it out.

#258 And then Ten-Tails said, “This isn’t even my final form!”

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Images can be clicked to view full size. Those that cannot be clicked are already at full size.

Naruto chapter 630 : What We Bury [read here]

Aww man. That Juubi. Nasty. It never ceases to surprise me. It’s just keeps getting all sorts of nasty.

Just look at this from the recent chapter. Please insert do not want image where see fit.

Naruto 630 0Dafuq is happening?

naruto 630 1Is that a flower?

Naruto 630 2Are you serious?! How could there be a final form?!?

And yet, it gets weirder and weirder. Let us take a walk down the past of what it used to look like.

Stage 1:Naruto 610Stage 2: Naruto 613

Now that I’ve stared at it for so long, I now thoroughly convinced that Juubi is a Bulbasaur. Can’t you see it?

Naruto JuubiSaur

Next evolution, Venustoise!

venustoise_by_armotethehedgehog-d337ldq copy

Sprite by ArmoteTheHedgehog

And while I’m still in the picture editing mood, here’s one for teh memes.

naruto 630 4

Final form probably looks something along the lines of this, shown in Obito’s backstory of the 10-tails…. Which really doesn’t help. It kinda looks the same as it does now. It just has a bigger eye. (No screenshot this time. I already uploaded 8 images to this post)



Okay, okay, serious talk now.

If memory serves, Obito is fused with that tree which makes him have regeneration powers. Wouldn’t that make him invincible? I mean, he’s currently walking around with a hole through his chest and he is fine. If that doesn’t scream invincible, then I don’t know what does.

Kakashi has reached his conclusion! He has finally concluded that it is right to fight the present Obito since only past Obito was his friend and the one in front of him is a big douche. Back to the Road to Ninja movie’s theme, a ninja is someone who endures. Obito does not endure, but intends to create an illusion where he does not have to endure any longer and live with ideal standards, therefore, Obito is not a true ninja. He also went back on his word which is another thing that makes him not a true ninja according to Naruto himself. Ha!


Back on the battlefield, Sakura gives a pep-talk? Well there’s a first for everything.  And FWOOM! Fourth Hokage is here. Everybody can relax now. He’s got it covered B]

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading my crazy Juubi  picture-loaded rant!

One more thing. I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a YouTube channel where I just rant in front of my webcam or with just audio. It would be a dream if I could do so while showing parts of the chapter, clips of the anime, and references of many other things all at the same time! I could also  include all the things I don’t talk about while ranting here. I actually outline the things to blog about and organize them into semi-organized paragraphs while taking out things so it doesn’t look to wordy since I already post pictures in the post.

The only problem is that it will take a lot of time that I don’t have. This post alone has already taken me about 3 hours to edit, write, and adding pictures. Actually, most of the time I spend is finding, cropping, labeling, organizing, and uploading the manga clips. But wouldn’t it be so much fun?