Homemade Icons

Here are the icons I made for fun from screenshots of the Anime and Manga I read. I don’t make icons of pretty Korean boys or anything of that sort. I mainly make them for people to laugh at and share to their friends. We all need a good laugh every now and then.

The earlier ones at the top are at very odd sizes. I now make them a standard size of 250 x 250. Sometimes, the images will fail since I uploaded most of them to Photobucket. There is only limited bandwidth per month so you’ll have to wait until the following month to view the images if that is to happen. I will try to upload them to the WordPress if I remember. I might not since WordPress gives me 3 GB while Photobucket gives unlimited storage. I will just wait until it becomes an actual problem.

All images are copyright to respective owners. They are slightly edited by me.

I take requests!

< This icon was my first made on MS Paint.

Click To View Full Size.




One Response to “Homemade Icons”

  1. Totally awesomeness

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