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#275 Saving Old Obito

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Put both Naruto and Bleach in one post this week. Not much happens in both, so enjoy!

Naruto chapter 636 : The Current Obito [read here]

Here we go again with a freshly created backstory for someone’s last battle. Last time this happened, it was for Itachi and the backstory was for hunting. Honestly, this doesn’t do the ticket for me since this stuff is new and I really don’t have the emotional connection with it. The author throws in too many of these things like he meant to put them in before and decides to put them in where it’s sort of too late.

The good story with this flash back + end battle is Kakashi’s monologue. Ending with:

Naruto 636I’ve been playing with this phrase in my head to figure out exactly what it means… My conclusion is that Kakashi is protecting an idea rather than a person. The old Obito’s personality and will is what he wants to protect. Those two things he has adopted into his own personality and will and passed them onto his student, Naruto. The current Obito is against all that so to protect his will and Naruto’s will, he must defeat the current Obito. All of this you probably figured out, but it took me a while. Let me express my own thoughts.

Okay, so Kakashi and Obito severely wounded each other and Obito fled the scene. Can Kakashi get back on his own? Who knows.

FB Naruto 0Person who can recognize the other anime reference wins some internetz

Then half his body starts turning black. It’s the good part too! Remember his right side of the body was rebuilt by that Hashirama tree?

Naruto 636 1And there’s a circle around his eye like his old mask…. Wait. Doesn’t this kind of look like Black Zetsu?

zetsu-brit-n-bianca-32310267-400-300Image taken from Google Images

Does this explain how Black Zetsus are made? Is this why there’s only 1 Black while there’s an army of White?

Actually, this doesn’t explain sh*t. Let’s just wait until next chapter.

Bleach chapter 453 : Letters [read here]

Well, that took a good 6 chapters for Ishida to reveal himself as our enemy and then get on stage.

So he’s a successor. I’m not completely surprised. It makes for good story is what I’m agreeing to. Little confused since he’s actually not a pureblood and his father is. His father doesn’t have any pride of being a Quincy, though so Ishida is our candidate.

I don’t think he likes it there. Probably came against his will. We’re talking King of the Quincies here. It was probably to go or die.

Bleach 543 0

And now the King is giving Ishida new powers. Ooooh. Exciting. This story has potential.

Introducing and reintroducing characters of the bad guys. Looks like it’s by letter instead of numbers in the Espada. The author likes to put different races of people in the story.

Bleach 543 1That’s a definite Chinese guy.

And nothing happens on the protagonist’s side! I don’t really care about these new characters. I want to know what Kenpachi’s sword spirit looks like.


#271 Two Zangetsus

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Bleach chapter 542 : The Blade is Me [read here]

Not a lot happens in this chapter, but it sure is emotional.

The only thing that I’m questionable about is…

Bleach 542

…that tiny blade on the left. Makes me think he’s a chef now… With a meat cleaver.

Funny thing is that the “Old Man” is the small blade and the “Hollow” is the long one.

I’m also wondering why they mentioned before about the Asauchi turning white. I was assuming the blade would be white, too, but that isn’t the case at all.

Another thing to analyze: his sleeves are gone. Maybe they burned off since the blade was too hot. Maybe it’s a new form? It’s probably the first one.

Oh well, see you next chapter.

#266 Then, where is my real sword…?

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Bleach 540 : The Sword Five [read here]

Naruto making me fangirl this week and Bleach making my mind blow. It’s going to be a good week.
And I have a 5 page essay due tomorrow I haven’t started. =D

The first half of this chapter is like,

Bleach 540Yeah. Let’s not talk about it.

And I ask why, again, do we have to go through all these new character introductions? Most of these new characters are not crucial at all to the story. Too many characters..


Bleach 540 0shock!

It makes sense now why Zangetsu hasn’t been showing up even after Ichigo revived his shinigami powers a whole arc ago! I get it and Kubo got me good. By hiding that character and making the readers sort of forget about him for a while lowers the suspicion of them being the same person. When the fact is revealed, it blows everybody’s mind! Well done, Kubo. Well done.

This also grows on what Isshin said about Juhabach where “His blood within all Quincies.” (chapter 537) Juhabach is part of Ichigo whether we like it or not and of course, this will aid Ichigo in learning Quincy powers. It’s just the rules of Bleach that Ichigo learns every power he comes across.

Well now, you know what’s going to happen? Zangetsu’s going to be replaced. There’s a chance he might keep the same name, but he’s going to look completely different. A character we’ve gotten to know since the beginning, a character Ichigo has trusted with his life, he’s going to change. Let us embrace this new character and watch as Ichigo finally inherits the strength he was meant to weld from the beginning.

I haven’t been this excited since I saw Rukia revealing her sword for the first time. Anybody else getting that?

Okay, okay. I want to take a scrnsht from the first half just to go ‘wtf’ at it.

Bleach 540 1WTF?
You pulled a hammer out of a tooth.

It’s not clever or creative, just WTF.


I think you already can tell that I am not very passionate reading Bleach since it is always the shortest post every week.

I found this guy on YouTube that has a far in-depth analysis of this chapter that can make up for the lack of research on my part!
Zero sama’s Bleach chapter 540 review

#262 He’s a peeper

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Bleach chapter 539 : Prob-less, Progress [read here]

Somebody tell me what the title of this chapter means? I know the author writes them in English, so there isn’t any translation technicalities. Maybe it means something along “Problemless Progress” or “Probability-less Progress”?

Bleach 539Stalker cam activate! Akon’s a peeper.

So a lot of stuff happens that are, as it seems, random in this chapter. It’s just viewing into the lives of what each of the characters are doing at the time.

Mayuri is creating something in his ‘private quarters’. He asks “can it move” suggesting it is something alive or mobile. Probably to fight the Quincies when they return.

Soi Fon is upside down on a mountain top. She only gets 3 panels… sad.

Soi Fon’s vice captain has a weird family. Why do we need to know this? What purpose does it serve to introduce these new characters?

Komamura visits his gigantic great-grandfather seeking a secret family technique. The great-grandfather refuses saying the clan’s purpose is to hide in the shadows. There’s a lot of contradictory things in this conversation.

  • Great-granddog teases the Captain for wearing a helmet and hiding his face yet he also states that the clan needs to hide their presence.
  • The clan possesses a great technique that the Captain wants to use in battle when the clan’s priority is to live in peace.
  • Great-granddog is surprised that times have changed enough for their clan’s appearances to be accepted by the public but yet insists that things can never change because it will disturb their peace.
  • Great-granddog has four toes on each foot whereas Captain Komamura is able to wear five-fingered gloves. What do his parents look like?

Bleach 539 0Woof woof, motherf*****

Hope you’re enjoying my new banner image. It has been edited again with edited colors and white streaks. Another version of the same image has been uploaded to my deviantArt profile. Check it out.

#257 Prinz Von Licht

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Bleach before Naruto? This is odd. I haven’t talked about Bleach since 4 chapters ago! Don’t worry, Naruto special post of its own this week.

Bleach chapter 537 : Everything But The Rain OP. 1o – Prinz Von Licht [read here]

For all to know, “Prinz Von Licht” means “Prince of Light” in German according to Google Translator.

Prince of Light is referred to Uryuu Ishida joining the Vandenreich at the end of the chapter because the name is placed on the very last page of this chapter. Interesting style choice for the author to introduce this.

It is also a contrast to Ichigo when Isshin says “My son… born in the darkness…”
So… light vs darkness battle, GO!

So there are a lot of shock factor facts in this chapter: how Masaki was supposed to survive, Ryuken marrying the maid, Juhabach being the original bloodline of Quincy, Ishida joining the bad guys, Ichigo having full acceptance over everything, but one thing shocked me more than anything.

Ishida’s mom dying 9 years ago. It’s crazy that we know nothing about this. I understand that Ishida meets his father a lot and his mother is never mentioned and anything fact could have been acceptable, but there is one thing that bothers me. She was shown in flashbacks in Ishida’s childhood. It’s mind-blowing that she died around that time too and we never knew about it. We saw her when she was alive but she’s been dead all this time! I can’t get over it.

I know that the biggest shocker is supposed to be Ishida joining the Vandenreich since it’s on a 2-pager at the end of the chapter. But you know, I’m not that shocked. I was at first, but then I remember him refusing to help his friends in this battle. He probably knew all this.

bleach 486Image from Bleach chapter 486

But you know, maybe he’s avenging his mother or something. I mean, according to these facts, he’s not a pureblood Quincy either. There must be a catch. There’s always a catch.

Now let’s end this post with that snazzy picture of Ishida, since I don’t know what else to say about this chapter. Hopefully these series of information heavy chapters end will lead up to some nice actiony chapters. Maybe they’ll be awesome enough for the anime to pick back up from where it ended.

Bleach 537I do like a man in uniform.

#251 Growing A Pair

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No big post today! Just my favorite panels this week . :)

Naruto chapter 626 : Hashirama and Madara 2 [read here]

Naruto 626Psst! Naruto movie 6: Road to Ninja is Korean dubbed, English subbed! Youtube link: here

Bleach chapter 532 : Everything but the Rain OP5 : The White Noise [read here]

Bleach 532

#241 Gone Full Circle Again.

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Bleach chapter 529 : Everything but the Rain Op. 2 : “The Rudiments” [read here]

Ichigo’s dad was a captain, blah blah blah. It was stated in the previous chapter, blah blah blah. And oh crap! Isshin without a beard!!

Bleach 529That’s hot.

Not surprised at all. You know, anybody who’s anybody in this story is a captain or vice-captain. All supporting characters are high ranked and extras and filler characters rankless shinigami.

Interesting how Matsumoto always picked on Hitsugaya. The intention is different, but she still picks on him. And Matsumoto is still a vice-captain. That part is a little confusing, but doesn’t seem like she is complaining in present day.

And BAM! Aizen is back in the story.

bleach 529 1That’s not.

Everybody who left Soul Society was connected to Aizen’s antics. Urahara, Yoruichi, the Vizards. All was left was Ichigo’s dad. Hopefully, they won’t repeat the same story from Urahara’s point of view and we’ll get a totally brand new perspective.

I wonder how this arc will play out. I wonder if the little sister, Karin will be involved. Maybe she’s more Quincy than Shinigami, opposite of Ichigo. I wonder if Ichigo and Ishida will call each other cousins. We also have to take into account that Aizen is still alive, enjoying himself in then te underground prison. Remember? He didn’t want to leave even when the Quincy’s ask for his support. He probably likes it there.

I can’t wait for next chapter in this flashback. It will be very nostalgic since some of these characters are sadly dead.

Ps. I think Bleach has the best flashback stories.

Naruto chapter 623 : A Glimpse [read here]

Madara? A prodigy? Last few chapters don’t show that at all! It makes him look humble now… Or maybe because Madara was incapable of acknowledging he was a prodigy since he was unable to protect his brothers.

Why doesn’t anybody have sisters? I think it’s only Hinata who has a sister, Temari who is Gaara’s sister, and Tsunade who had a mentioned younger brother. All other girls are only childs…

Back to this chapter:

Naruto 623

Well, that answers all my questions on how their village system was built. They wanted to cover a big plot hole with a single panel. =_=

As for the fight between Hoshirama and Madara, I think we were all expecting that they would coincidentally meet on the battlefield and duke it out.
Instead, their fathers and younger brothers went: “We found out that guy you hang with is an enemy. Let’s kill him.”

Far more direct than I was expecting, but an interesting turn of events. The whole father and little brother thing, a little too perfect of a situation for my taste, though.

Feels a little weird to be favoring Bleach over Naruto this week, especially on my birthday.