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#277 What are you watching this Summer 2013?

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I bet you’re wondering where Naruto and Bleach chapter reviews lately. Well, they’re not coming. Naruto is getting very suspenseful, but also slowing down to one event per chapter. Bleach is too busy flipping through their multitude of new and old characters that I’m losing focus from the main story.

But let’s talk about anime.

I know I’m late. Animes have come out for the past couple weeks and I haven’t even seen 1 yet. Well, I watched Monogatari Series. I’m going to start now!

Things I will be watching this Summer 2013:

Gin No Saji (Silver Spoon) 

To be honest, the manga has completely lost my interest. Other than being a great source of agricultural knowledge (some which I can relate to since I go to an agricultural university myself) I believe this series has become an anime through the pure hype of the author’s previous work, Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is a rare case that the anime has to be better than the original story of the manga.

Of course, this won’t stop me from continuing to read the series and watch the anime. Let’s see what happens.

GNSa 1Hachiken x Bacon is canon now.
In writing this post, I have only seen the OP and this put a smile on me. I hope the rest of the anime will do the same.

Monogatari Series: Second Season

Bakemonogatari is back and it will be my number 1 focus this series. Its unnatural scenes and lack of continuity really is something. I always love how the scenery tells the story more than the character that is standing still in a large room.

It looks as though they will be focusing on everyone else other than Araragi, hinted by the series poster and first episode. Episode 1 was named Nekomonogatari but the series is called Monogatari Series. It probably means that each episode will be named after each of the female characters respectively. They already said episode 2 is about Hachiki in the beginning of episode 1!

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Movie

An anime that was better than its manga. Not much else I can say. This movie is already out raw, but refuse to watch it until subs come out to make every moment count. No spoilers for me please!





Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!
(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!)

Little girl obsessed with high school dating games and expects to be extremely popular like the games. Expectations vs Reality is hilarious.

Read the description, I’m curious. I’m going to wait a few more weeks until a few episodes come out to watch them consecutively.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) 

Read the manga. Liked it.

First episode is a complete disappointment.

Lack of… character from Ai? Her head is wider than her shoulders for Pete’s sake. She is now a generic submissive anime character who you have to pity 90% of the time. First episode is too rushed. Every scene is a sunset scene even when this episode spans across multiple days.

I’ll stay until about episode 4 and see how good the anime really is.

Blood Lad

I have no idea why this became an anime. Well, kinda.

I have been reading the manga for quite a few years now and the first arc is very good. Otaku vampire who lives in the underworld is a big plus. It’s recently that all that stuff about Staz has died down and sort of disappeared and they are focusing on actual plot. I got really annoyed and bored after that since Staz just became all OP and DGAF about a lot of things. Makes him look like a sensible character, which I don’t really like at all. I never really understood why he was called ‘Blood Lad’ since only Wolf called him that and it was never explained… I’ll watch this… someday.

This feels more like a waiting list for anime I think I’ll watch rather than the things I will absolutely watch. I’m not that into anime anymore and none of these titles really get me excited other than Monogatari Series.
I guess it’s just a fill in until AKB0048 and Fairy Tail start up again.

See you… whenever. I just made a Tumblr so it might be a while before I return.


#253 Exorcist Love Triangle

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I’ve been in some major depression lately so I’ll make this review quick.

Ao no Exorcist/
Blue Exorcist chapter 46 : Try and Error [read here]

Ever since this series started, there’s been a love triangle buzzing in the background with Rin, Yukio, and Sheimi. It did its duty being the main character’s unreachable love interest throughout the story, but it never really advanced. Rin continued to be extremely nice to Sheimi, Sheimi continued talking about Yukio, and Yukio never returned any feelings towards Sheimi. Very generic, probably cliché. Things are starting change now.

School festival is coming, the boys are scampering to find dates to go with to the dance. Well in the story’s point of view, it’s just Rin and Shima. This has been going on for the past 2-3 chapters and it is an odd path for this once high-action story.

Rin is completely confident that Sheimi would say yes, most likely based on his romantic fantasy. The reader knows that Sheimi will go ask Yukio instead. The funny thing is that Rin told her to let him talk first and she goes right ahead and says she was going to ask Yukio. She continues to remain oblivious to Rin’s feelings.

BE 46 1

Interesting that the focus veers off a couple panels with both of them worried about Yukio’s stress.

Mind blowing that Yukio actually expected Rin to succeed at asking Sheimi out. At the same time, maybe Yukio does acknowledge that Sheimi likes him. Like with Gray and Juvia of Fairy Tail? But Gray doesn’t like to call attention to it. Yukio just ignores it and gives her one of those dishonest smiles he has all the time.

He definitely acknowledges Rin’s crush on Sheimi. I believe he teased Rin 2 chapters back about it?

All this love drama… Hmm… It’s kinda weird isn’t it? Twins and a girl… like a certain Korean drama I know. I also found out that the mangaka is female as well. I bet she wanted the drama in the story eventually.

Now that I think about it, it’s not a triangle at all. It’s a straight line. Rin likes Sheimi, Sheimi likes Yukio, Yukio …? Well Yukio doesn’t look like he even likes his brother. He’s in love with his work or something. That guy has issues.

Next month’s chapter is going to be all up in this drama. Plus Illuminati stuff. I’m really worried what is going to happen to Rin especially when he said, “In the end she likes Yukio, I guess…” and makes a face like he’s trying not to cry. Did he really admit defeat?
We also have to look forward to Rin’s miso soup booth at the festival. Even though he isn’t going to the couple’s party, he is still participating in the festival.

I like how the story just rolled into this love arc without breaking the story itself. It does feel out of place, but the author is keeping some level of respectable seriousness. Most shounen I have read never has taken a break from all the slaughtering to develop a serious love story. It’s usually set in the beginning and then struggled after for the rest of the series (KHR) or stuck into retarded places for plot convenience (Naruto). Other than that, it’s kind of a joke.

I can’t wait ’till this next chapter to see how Rin deals with everything.

I can’t wait until Naruto’s next chapter to finally see how the former Hokages will affect the battlefield. Also, has anybody seen the current 5 kages? They disappeared around late last year.

I can’t wait until Bleach’s story to finally pick itself  up. This flashback is dragging on small details for far too long.

I can’t wait for Fairy Tail to get off its break so I can see if Rogue faces his alter-ego self from the future.

I can’t wait until Soul Eater’s next chapter to see if Kid actually resolves his confusion with his line between order and madness. Also, I want to know how Shinigami dies.

I can’t wait until Kuroshitsuji’s next chapter to see if Ciel ever meets the headmaster or if the headmaster will constantly run away.

I can’t wait until Hetalia’s next season. I feel so empty without it.

I can’t wait until Legend of Korra Book 2 comes out to see Korra abuse the Avatar state! Also to see how long teen love really lasts!

I can’t wait until AKB0048’s next season because it’s the only anime I actually enjoy watching and to see if they’ll actually show Acchan the 14’s whole succession ceremony!!

Wow. 9 different series spoiled. That’s a record. Sorry for all this.
I’m all pent up on emotions that I’ve been trying to keep in. Releasing my thoughts in anime/manga reviews has been an outlet for me these past couple years since I am unable to express them publicly. I’m even scared to express on anonymous forums. Here, they can be completely stated without interruption.
It no longer concerns me how many people view my blog. All I care about is that this haven exists where I can write all my opinions about the things I love and I can read all the comments from you wonderful people. I got received first negative comment recently and I was really happy. I am not sure why, but I was overjoyed that a hater exists on my blog. Thank you sir, for your honest opinion.
In my quest for mental stability, I want to know what others think. Let me know that you exist and not just a computer that spams ad links to generate fake page views.