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#244 Not As I Predicted!

Posted in Fairy Tail, Manga with tags , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2013 by Lee T

Fairy Tail chapter 323 : A Returning Shadow [read here]

Huh. Pleasantly surprised. A character who has been standing semi- in the background (behind Sting specifically) the entire time is the bad guy! Got some two-face thing going on here.

Usually stories stare at a single character hinting that they will do something. They did that Tenrou island with Zeref, introducing him before the arc started and such. Fairy Tail, being a very predictable series, has taken a pretty cool turn.

I don’t usually review this series. I just play a the prediction game and see if I’m right! Let’s get to it.

New Predictions:

  • Sting will be a hero in some form or another.
  • Frosch will provide some emotional distress being all cute and stuff. Might be the key to saving Rogue. She’ll probably cry somewhere in between. I know she already has, but she will do it again.
  • There will be touching flashback story for Gajeel and “Raios” aka Rogue?

What else? The normal things?

  • Lucy will talk a lot.
  • Natsu will be OP.
  • Nobody will die.
  • Somebody will join Fairy Tail.
  • Something about Zeref.
  • Fairy Tail lives happily ever after!

I hope I’m right!

FT 323