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#228 Them Lazy Fan-Subbers

Posted in Anime, Hetalia with tags , , , , , on February 1, 2013 by Lee T

Hey people. I wanted to wait a week to make sure, so now I’m sure.

Due to FUNimation’s Simulcast of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, fan-subbers aren’t going to touch it at all.

Oh well. Even though we won’t get an in-detail sub plus a translated theme song, the episodes will be now uploaded at a faster speed and with the highest of quality.

It looks this season that they are focusing less on world history and focusing more on individual cultures. As of episode 2, we meet 2 new countries: Seychelles and Romania.

So enjoy this playlist of Hetalia: The Beautiful World from the convenience of FUNi’s YouTube. Expect new episodes every Friday.

Enjoy your Hetalia mochi balls of goodness.