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#243 When Stereotypes are True

Posted in Anime, Hetalia with tags , , , , , , , on March 9, 2013 by Lee T

Hetalia: Beautiful World episode 7
[watch on YouTube or FUNimation]

I love listening to stereotypes, but I hate it when they are true.  They nailed every single one and now I feel like a slightly awkward American. Let’s look at them shall we? But first:

HBW7Mochi eating mochi leaves? Who’da thunk?

First of all, Americans love to barbecue. So do Canadians, but still. There is also a lot of beef in our diets. I, personally, can’t digest beef for some reason, but it’s everywhere. Stores like to use the term “All American Beef” to advertise it. Why you scared, Japan? You should be excited!

I change clothes when I walk inside… To pajama pants. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who does that.

Hetalia_-The-Beautiful-World---Episode-7America vacuums like a boss!
ps. I tried to make a .gif today. Is it working?
It’s not working for me ;_;

And isn’t using lint rollers on carpets… wasteful? Most Americans don’t take their shoes off indoors either so carpet doesn’t stay clean.

Dancing? Well I guess it boils down to how our music industry runs. Songs that have a dance with it always get popular. For example, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, Soulja Boy Tell Em, Party Rock Anthem, even Gangnam Style! Currently, the Harlem Shake is making itself home here. Also, check out Russell Peter’s take on this. He’s a Canadian Indian comedian visiting the USA.

Eating blow fish? Yeah, that’s pretty ballsy.
Eating anything that isn’t in the norm is always scary. Americans eat turkey and other people think that’s scary! (Well at least my math teacher does). I’m too scared to eat the pig intestines at the KBBQ!

The water bill is a testy subject. Our water gets imported from different parts of the country so we can get clean water. We have to save water! Especially in my community, we’re not allowed to use our garden hose or water the grass from 8am to 5pm to save water.

Bad news is more exciting to listen to. That’s it. Plus, it’s a big country, so we can’t talk about everything. If they do talk about small things like animals being saved, it’s called a “slow news day”.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved this episode. It’s because I love my country! Don’t you love it when your Hetalia character of your country appears? What stereotype would like seen your country expressing on the show next?


#228 Them Lazy Fan-Subbers

Posted in Anime, Hetalia with tags , , , , , on February 1, 2013 by Lee T

Hey people. I wanted to wait a week to make sure, so now I’m sure.

Due to FUNimation’s Simulcast of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, fan-subbers aren’t going to touch it at all.

Oh well. Even though we won’t get an in-detail sub plus a translated theme song, the episodes will be now uploaded at a faster speed and with the highest of quality.

It looks this season that they are focusing less on world history and focusing more on individual cultures. As of episode 2, we meet 2 new countries: Seychelles and Romania.

So enjoy this playlist of Hetalia: The Beautiful World from the convenience of FUNi’s YouTube. Expect new episodes every Friday.

Enjoy your Hetalia mochi balls of goodness.