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#270 Things Are Not as Great as We Hoped

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Naruto chapter 635 : A New Wind [read here]

Last week’s chapter I didn’t review was pretty good. Teamwork was at an all time high, Naruto’s wind and Sasuke’s fire merged, and Sakura shed a tear. Wait, Sakura shed a tear? Oh well. The point was that things were working perfectly.

This chapter, things have completely flipped. Why such a drastic change right after things were so epicly perfect? Sasuke just decided to be selfish again? I can talk about this all day, but I’m going to accept it and roll with it.

Sasuke is showing his true colors again. He obviously is using his former friends as a vehicle to put his plans into action. What I can guess is that he wants to destroy the world to create a new one, where he is the primary player in everything. He thinks he can fix everything! Sounds like someone after they’ve taken Intro to Econ class. I’ve forgotten how egotistical and self-centered he is. Thanks Kishimoto, for pulling this guy back into character. It’s about time.

Naruto 635 2Dat pouty face.

And Sai is Sakura’s voice of reason again. Last time was when he told her Naruto loved her. Maybe he should just live inside her head and help her make rational choices about her emotions.

Orochimaru says something about wind? I guess he also tried to make change in the world and hopes that Sasuke, I mean, he knows that Sasuke will make the change. Orochimaru doesn’t exactly know what the change is, but I guess gambling with the future is one of his mentioned “hobbies”.

Naruto 635 1

In other news, the Kages are alive. If you read my previous posts, I have complained about their absence multiple times.

In less important news, Orochimaru has a new babysitting job, to take care of Karin ans Suigetsu. I hate Karin so much.


I almost forgot the last page!

Naruto 635 3Took me a while to understand what exactly is happening here, but I managed see: Kakashi and Obito stabbing each other in the chest. Obito sure has a lot of giant shurikens or is this the same one he stabbed Kakashi in the knee with many chapters ago?

Naruto 608From Naruto chapter 508
Shuriken to the knee… I love this scene

We will get an epic death fight with Obito and Kakashi next chapter. Well, unless Obito really is immortal. He already stabbed himself in the heart previously. But then he has those powers from a wood element which is part earth element. If Naruto world logic is still in play, lightning defeats earth, therefore Kakashi has also dealt a lot of damage to Obito as well. Maybe when Naruto said he and Sasuke were both going to die next time they meet was for Kakashi and Obito? Ooooh. Crafty. Obito and Kakashi were also present during that battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Well they met again and they are fighting to the death! Exciting! See you next chapter!


#263 What Will Happen To Present-Rogue?

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Fairy Tail chapter 333 : Man and Man, Dragon and Dragon, Man and Dragon [read here]

FT 333

He’s afraid of his own shadow. It reminds me of that funny video of the baby being afraid of her own shadow. That’s so cute. Heads up, this post is mostly about Rogue.

Serious talk: Rogue’s shadow might be the embodiment of his anger and fear, if it is part of him at all. As Yoda would say, “I sense much fear in you.”

But then what about this thing way back when?

FT 318
From Fairy Tail chapter 318 : Gajeel vs Rogue

Something referring to a past event but never brought up again. Then again, we barely know anything about Gajeel’s past before he joins Fairy Tail. Reyos? Sounds like Rayos, like rays of the sun or lightning in Spanish. Quite the opposite of Dragon Slayer of Darkness. Hopefully this point will be brought up again ’cause it is bothering me half to death!

I should have talked about this before, but future Rogue’s face is split down the middle. Like the Shadow had taken over half of his body in the future… making half his hair turn white. But then I noticed that it’s not just his hair, when Future Rogue is attacking, the half of his face covered by his hair turns completely black. Another power I guess for being from the future?

FT 333 0

Oh, and he seems to have lost his hair tie in Natsu’s last punch.

I’ve also stumbled across this image.

FT 325From Fairy Tail chapter 325 : Unity!!!

What’s up with everybody’s right eye? Gajeel, Erza, Rogue, even Laxus has a scar!

But I digress. So in this chapter:

FT 333 1Is that a gun? On a stick? I know you’re probably distracted by Erza’s cleavage, but look at this gun. ON A STICK.

Now for serious about the chapter.

So looking at this timeline on the second page, it looks like the timeline is jacked up when the Gate of Eclipse is open. I didn’t know there were 2 alternate time lines. Now that this battle arc has started a 3rd one has opened. I suggest if you’re confused, just focus on what his happening currently: a fight against Rogue from taking over the future. The other 2 alternate futures don’t matter anymore.

Natsu overpowered megapunch! I told you Natsu is going to be overpowered in this battle. As for last chapter that I didn’t review last week, wasn’t it obvious that Natsu would try to eat Atlas Flame? Why does it deserve such a big reaction shot?

FT chat

Natsu get’s a lot of hero like scenes this chapter. Glad he wants to protect present Rogue since he has done nothing wrong. Beautiful speech, sir.

Ultear is correct to some extent no matter how many people are against her choice on killing present Rogue. Ultear’s plan is the quickest and most efficient fix even though it is the least moral. The only thing I’m against is her unitard. I want to see her in a skirt.

So from here, the path lies in the hands of Natsu and Ultear. The one most moral and the one that is most beneficial. Reminds me of my philosophy class.

Natsu’s path is deontologist path which is most moral since we cannot kill the innocent so going after future Rogue is the option. The downside is that many people will die/be injured during the battle to take down future Rogue.

Ultear’s path is called utilitarian path where she will take the necessary actions to save as many people as possible. Killing present Rogue will stop everything at once. Stopping the dragons, stopping future Rogue, and removing the uncertainty of if Natsu was going to win against Rogue as well.

Sorry I went on a little rant here.

But the path that Fairy Tail usually follows, it is safe to predict that Natsu will defeat future Rogue and present Rogue will conquer his Shadow and fending off Ultear as well. There’s also a chance that the dragon would protect Rogue since he was told to not let present Rogue die.

My image uploading has gotten out of control since the Naruto movie.
Thanks to all who like my new blog banner!

#255 Naruto Shipp Movie 6 Japanese HD Eng Sub Yes Yes Yes!

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Even though we thoroughly enjoyed the Korean dub of this movie, it is necessary to watch the movie in its intended quality and language. :)

Here are many links! Enjoy!

(links are rated from best quality to lowest quality. Hopefully the first link doesn’t break.)

Here is my review and rant blog post on the movie (even if it was only 3 blogs ago): Blog #252.




While we’re still on the topic of Naruto Shippuden, I entered a T-shirt competition on welovefine and I really hope I win. I would link you, but I can’t find my submission!

Here’s what it looks like.

This is the competition website. Rating starts May 8th. Help me find it and rate?

EDIT: Here’s the direct link to my submission. Now GO and make me proud.

#254 Dragon Slayers Actually Slaying Dragons

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Fairy Tail chapter 329: Seven Dragons [read here]

Natsu is OP. He is the one to boost everyone’s moral to defeat the dragons!
Just to say, “I told you so”. Let’s make more FT predictions!

But seriously, Natsu is OP. But you know, it’s normal for the main character to get up from almost dying and beat the final boss.

Lucy on the other hand, I think she is the actual main character. The story does start out with her. We know absolutely everything about her life and history and not so much on Natsu. Maybe Natsu is just the male protagonist and Lucy’s character point of view is what moves this story along.

So we finally know how Sting and Rogue killed their parental dragons. The dragons told them to kill them so their sons would be stronger. So if that happened, why are Natsu and Gajeel still waay stronger than both of them? Is it that whole “nakama” business all over again? Also, Natsu and Gajeel seemed to take the more strategic view while Sting and Rogue powered housed through it.

Oh man, I’m not talking about the chapter at all!

I love how the light dragon looks. That beard so cool… I wanna stroke it. So what’s the Light Dragon’s name? Shadow dragon is Skiadrum. I didn’t expect a shadow dragon would have a name like that. Wait wait wait, the light dragon’s name is Weisslogia? Sounds like Acknologia. I wonder what these names mean. And in what language?

Okay, so everybody‘s goal is to kill Acknologia. Future alger-ego Rogue, Fairy Tail, the princess…. Grand Magic Council is more geared towards Zeref.

So future alter-ego Rogue is surprised that a dragon-slayer can kill a dragon he’s riding on?

So apparently “fake” dragon-slayers count as dragon-slayers. They even released the poison dragon-slayer from back in the 3rd arc from prison. I thought he was out of prison because of the recent filler arc, but according to internet sources, end of the arc says Oracion Seis ended up back… in… prison… A bit counter productive. I should really watch that arc. I keep saying so, but never get around to it.

FT 329

I always wonder why Natsu’s tongue turns like that from time to time. I thought it was comical.
Now it looks like a medical condition?

So new prediction: Natsu beats that dragon future Rogue is riding on and eventually defeats future Rogue. Well, not before present Rogue gets to meet future Rogue and sh!t gets real.

#234 Ciel is so Gangster!

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Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) chapter 78 : That Butler, Chase [read here]

KS 78
They’ve chosen a male actor to play Ciel!! Why can’t I stop laughing? Maybe because I only see female cosplayers for this character. That’s probably it. Kuroshitsuji live action, huh? I never watch live action things. The last time I saw one was Detective Conan and that was pretty bad. Then I saw Death Note and that was hysterically worse. Should I watch this one? What do you think?

Anyway, about this chapter..

KS 78 1

It’s hysterical! Lau’s harem of skimpy women have come to distract Ciel’s opposing team. Their clothes are quite modern, though. Judging from their time period, a skirt up to the knees would suffice rather than a super mini skirt! Oh well. More fan-service I guess.

Man, this arc makes Ciel look like a f*king genius. It also makes sports semi-interesting (b/c I never watch sports). He just keeps pulling out strategy after strategy. Did he make up all these or did Sebastian tell him all of it?

On the flip-side of the story, Sebastian isn’t being very sneaky going after the school’s principal. The principal is obviously avoiding Sebastian. He’s the only person running place to place! Well it won’t be much of a story if the principal gets caught now. I at least want to know how the cricket tourny ends.

Oh, and Ciel be flippin’ gang signs all over the place today.

KS 78 2KS 78 3

That’s gangster!

#229 Like An Irish Drunkard

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Naruto chapter 619 : A Cursed Clan [read here]

The 4 former Hokages are here. Time to tie up some plot holes. Hopefully.

But first, they have to meet each other.

Naruto 619It’s a newb!

You’d think the Fourth would the more expressive character, but that seat is taken by the First…

naruto 619 1

Second place for expressive character of chapter 619 goes to…. Sasuke?

naruto 619 SasukeIt’s not every day that Sasuke has a different face other than angry and/or indifferent.
(these are all images from this chapter)

We get a few plot holes filled that I won’t get into. I want to talk about one specific one.

Sasuke’s angsty behavior is hereditary? So all the Uchihas are able to unlock their Sharingans and advance them to greater levels through their suffering. That’s pretty crazy, depressing, and maybe mentally unhealthy. Well now we know Sasuke can’t help being an emo kid. It’s in his genes! Kind of like how most Irish are drunkards. It’s also in their genes!

Makes sense why Obito broke his cool-guy act these recent chapters. His Sharingan is super strong so he is totally jacked up in brain. Madara on the other hand is strong because he’s seen a lot of shit in his life and won’t drop down and die. He just continues living and suffering. So sad Madara.

I kinda liked this chapter. I’ll continue posting only Naruto. No matter how much people say, it’s still my favorite.
Oh, I almost forgot. have you seen the recent episodes of Shippuden? Episode 298 specifically?
UntitledShould be “I’m a F*king Ball of Fire Mode*
Kyuubi Chakra Mode is an eyesore.

Now where the hell is Bleach this week? I want to see Kenpachi tear sh!t up!

#227 Over Analyzing Naruto Chapter 618

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Naruto Chapter 618: The One Who Knows Everything [read here]

I have no idea what’s going on.
Nor do I care.

I only care is that Sasuke is back in the story. Not because I like him, but because the author left off this bunch hinting that something very important was going to happen and then just letting them disappear off the radar for many chapters.

We also don’t have any information about the Kages. That probably pisses me off more than Sasuke’s part in this story.

But here, I would like to talk about this scene:

Naruto 618

Looks like the author was trying to pull an allusion from when Naruto returns to the village for the first time in 2.5 years and looks over everything.

Naruto 245

Same stump, same view.
Different person, opposite angle, opposite time of day, opposite phrase used.

The author is trying to show how opposite these characters are. From the beginning he’s been doing this, making one red and one blue, the colors of rivals in Japan. One takes the path of evil path, good path. Who will take the the middle path? Buddha taught us to take the middle path of least extremity! We need a character who is like that. Sorry I went on a littl tangent. Naruto has a lot of references to Japanese Shinto Buddhism and I try to make connections. I’ll probably go more into this another time.

Kishimoto doesn’t always make extremely meaningful and rememberable scenes, but this one hits home. Or does he… I don’t know. I guess the fact that I’ve been on this series for 9 years now and I can’t remember shit.

Another thing to look into. Sasuke’s gang retrieves a mask from an Uzumaki Clans shrine. Ooh, another symbol. The “man who knows everything” can be summoned with the unity of the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan? More evidence that Naruto and Sasuke’s encounter was destiny?

There’s also the irony that the clan that had conflicts with the Leaf Village, Uchiha, had a shrine inside the village while the clan that had deep ties with the Village, Uzumaki, had a shrine far away from the village.

Okay. Last thing. Orochimaru was able to Edo Tensei all 4 Hokages even when Kabuto failed to do so. Trying to get my head around this when Kabuto said he was the one to surpass Orochimaru when Orochimaru was the one who always surpassed Kabuto.