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#279 Obito The Sage

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Naruto chapter 640 : Finally [read here]

4 chapter review skip. I really got bored of the recent chapters since things slowed down so much to focus on the details of the battle. Only like ONE thing happens per chapter now. This one is a shocker, though.

Also going to edit these scrnshts on MS Paint now ’cause I’m lazy. Is the quality lower? I have no idea.

Naruto 640 0Oh what the f–?!
We’re going into the Soul Eater realm now. Ripping logic at the seems.

That’s not the shocker. Here it is.

Naruto 640 1

Bam! Plot twist! Kurama’s talk of Naruto being similar to the Six Path Sage and foreshadowing Naruto gaining Six Path Sage powers meant nothing! All hail our new sage, Obito! Better plot twist than Sasuke’s return.

You should read my previous post, #278, where I ending up talking about what Sasuke should have done in my penultimate Soul Eater chapter review.

I believe it is safe to say that in the realm of Naruto, ultimate powers make your grow pseudo-clothing. Naruto has that energy cloak when he goes into kyuubi mode and a physical cloak materialized in the Blood Prison movie when Naruto went into Sage mode. Now Obito has now materialized the Six Path Sage cloak out of his own skin. It all makes sense now. No Super Saiyan hair here. Just super clothes!

No Bleach for the next 5 weeks and no One Piece this week. Enjoy your short break One Piece-ers! Bleach-ers over here will just have to sit anxiously and suffer.

Still waiting to see Kenpachi’s sword spirit.

#258 And then Ten-Tails said, “This isn’t even my final form!”

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Naruto chapter 630 : What We Bury [read here]

Aww man. That Juubi. Nasty. It never ceases to surprise me. It’s just keeps getting all sorts of nasty.

Just look at this from the recent chapter. Please insert do not want image where see fit.

Naruto 630 0Dafuq is happening?

naruto 630 1Is that a flower?

Naruto 630 2Are you serious?! How could there be a final form?!?

And yet, it gets weirder and weirder. Let us take a walk down the past of what it used to look like.

Stage 1:Naruto 610Stage 2: Naruto 613

Now that I’ve stared at it for so long, I now thoroughly convinced that Juubi is a Bulbasaur. Can’t you see it?

Naruto JuubiSaur

Next evolution, Venustoise!

venustoise_by_armotethehedgehog-d337ldq copy

Sprite by ArmoteTheHedgehog

And while I’m still in the picture editing mood, here’s one for teh memes.

naruto 630 4

Final form probably looks something along the lines of this, shown in Obito’s backstory of the 10-tails…. Which really doesn’t help. It kinda looks the same as it does now. It just has a bigger eye. (No screenshot this time. I already uploaded 8 images to this post)



Okay, okay, serious talk now.

If memory serves, Obito is fused with that tree which makes him have regeneration powers. Wouldn’t that make him invincible? I mean, he’s currently walking around with a hole through his chest and he is fine. If that doesn’t scream invincible, then I don’t know what does.

Kakashi has reached his conclusion! He has finally concluded that it is right to fight the present Obito since only past Obito was his friend and the one in front of him is a big douche. Back to the Road to Ninja movie’s theme, a ninja is someone who endures. Obito does not endure, but intends to create an illusion where he does not have to endure any longer and live with ideal standards, therefore, Obito is not a true ninja. He also went back on his word which is another thing that makes him not a true ninja according to Naruto himself. Ha!


Back on the battlefield, Sakura gives a pep-talk? Well there’s a first for everything.  And FWOOM! Fourth Hokage is here. Everybody can relax now. He’s got it covered B]

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading my crazy Juubi  picture-loaded rant!

One more thing. I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a YouTube channel where I just rant in front of my webcam or with just audio. It would be a dream if I could do so while showing parts of the chapter, clips of the anime, and references of many other things all at the same time! I could also  include all the things I don’t talk about while ranting here. I actually outline the things to blog about and organize them into semi-organized paragraphs while taking out things so it doesn’t look to wordy since I already post pictures in the post.

The only problem is that it will take a lot of time that I don’t have. This post alone has already taken me about 3 hours to edit, write, and adding pictures. Actually, most of the time I spend is finding, cropping, labeling, organizing, and uploading the manga clips. But wouldn’t it be so much fun?

#256 What kind of Inception is this?

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Naruto chapter 629 : Windhole [read here]

So Obito thinks he’s Mal from Inception that the real world is fake and he has to go to the other “real world”?! WHAT? I don’t even.
I don’t know how to take this.

So the rest of the chapter:

This is a very odd place in the story where Kakashi believes more in Naruto than himself, basing everything off of Naruto, his student, when he should back up his own experiences in there too. It’s good for the story to keep talking about Naruto, but I know Kakashi is free to talk about his past experiences and especially his take on Rin’s death.

So Rin was forced being Jinchuuriki. Kinda makes sense why it was rampant while Deidara and “Tobi” went after it. Doesn’t make so much sense that it remained rampant for the last 5 – 10 years, though.

And Naruto’s bleeding from his temple. I wonder how. He looks kinda different this chapter. His face is usually drawn more round and his eyes farther apart.

And what in the hell is this thing?

Naruto 629

I think it’s supposed to be a giant cloud with lightning but it looks way more like a giant mushroom with spore stringies hanging out of it.


Ps. Check out this t-shirt design I made for a Naruto Shippuden contest. Rate 5 for me?

#216 Tobito Lives On!

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Naruto Chapter 600 : Why Until Now… [read here]

Heeyo it’s been a while. Have you guys been keeping up with Naruto these past 3 weeks? I have been for 2 weeks now ago. I still wanted to see how the story would play out so I waited a couple more chapters. Here it is 2 weeks in the making with a total of 13 manga cuts and even a YouTube video at the end! Ready?

Tobito lives on in cannon! Lol? You shouldn’t be surprised. Naruto fans have already figured this out years ago and kind of scrapped it since Kishimoto screwing us pretending he was the adorable “Good Boy” and then the great Uchiha Madara. Fans were right in the end. Fans were also right that Yondaime was Naruto’s father. Their hair is the same color! Anime logic states they are related! These are no big plot twists!

Through all of this, there is something I can’t wrap my head around. How does the extremely loveable character, Obito, become a nasty this nasty villain, Tobi, that aims to take over the world? Let’s do a timeline of what we know about him.

1. A crybaby ninja who dies saving his friends.

He was introduced as Obito: weak and often called out by his sensei and Kakashi. In the recent chapter of 599, we are shown his love for Rin and his status of Chuunin. He wasn’t as weak as we thought he was since he passed the Chuunin Exam. I thought he went all berserk because Kakashi let Rin die but then in this week’s chapter 600, Tobi says that fact is useless. Kishimoto is still ***king with our minds!

2. The guy who hates everything

Itachi seeks out Tobi’s help and says he hates Uchiha and Konoha. This current plot-hole swirls around the fact that he concludes he hates enough things to take over it. That doesn’t really make sense in the end. He tried to destroy the Konoha Village about 10 years before meeting Itachi like this. Destroying the Uchiha Clan was a success with Itachi’s help.

He also grew out his hair during the 10 years he was missing. Check this picture of him when he attacked the village with Kyuubi:

Maybe he got so much full of hate he went for the long-haired emo look?
Maybe he wanted to cosplay Madara better?

3. Collecting eyeballs is now a hobby

It’s hard to see from this image but this is Tobi’s collection of Uchiha Sharingan eyeballs. Click for larger view. There is no question that he got those eyes from the dead Uchiha clan members Itachi murdered. Danzo took a few of them too but he only had 10. The rest is owned by the one and only Tobi.

This is what bothers me the most about Tobi’s character. He is in constant search for more eyes. Probably because he is missing his left eye, he feels he must fill in the void of his missing eye. He goes after Danzo’s Sharingan that is Shisui’s right eyeball then tries find the left eye that was implanted in a crow by Itachi. He later takes Nagato’s Rinnegan and implanting it in his left eye socket. His collection does come in handy when Sasuke loses his eyesight after defeating Danzo. It’s like some kind of hobby or fetish? Whatever it is, it gives me the creeeps!!

4. Tobi is a Good Boy! ♥

Now we are back to chapter 280. Can you believe this was 320 chapters ago?!

The specific character of Tobi was introduced as the clumsy “Good Boy” with the obnoxiously high voice. His place the side of evil with his naive nature made him loveable in every way. It’s hard to believe such a cute character can turn out to be the same guy who is trying take the world. Seriously, I can’t even imagine how the Tobi we see today trying to submerge everyone into an illusion can be the same Tobi we saw for the first time and loved eternally! Did anyone else notice how far his voice dropped when he declared he was Uchiha Madara? He sounds like Darth Vader or something!! Well that was in the Japanese version. I never heard what his voice sounded like in the dub version. Has anybody heard it?

I guess Good Boy Tobi never really existed. It was all an act, but the big question is, why? Why would he do such a thing to infiltrate his own evil organization and ultimately lead the takeover of the entire world? He’s a genius but the intentions are still a mystery.

I think that he put on this fake personality in memory of how he was in his childhood but we still don’t know what happened from the day he “died” to make him so evil.

5. I am the legendary man who should be dead

Now here comes the bluff. Using a name that everyone knew, he was able to strike fear into the world! It is odd that nobody called the bluff when he had no evidence to back this up. Uchiha Madara was proclaimed dead since he lived so long ago. But to his master plan, everyone fell for it out of fear.

Kabuto knew though. And Zetsu who continues to call this guy “Tobi” no matter what. It’s also the reason why I still say Tobi.

It is amazing how long he could keep this name up until recently when the REAL Madara came up and pretty revealed the big secret. Madara also knew Tobi’s original name of Obito. They must be old homies. *shrug*

6. I manipulate 16-year-old boys

I’m not sure why I added this part in but it is my favorite part about Tobi. He was able to manipulate Sasuke to turn against Konoha Village by telling him the stretched truth and being a total asshole.

I also loved the part when he tied Sasuke up. Sasuke looks like a loser tied up.
Kakashi tied him to a tree once too, but that’s for a different topic.

Other than Sasuke, Tobi took control of the Mizukage. Who knows how old he is. Naruto addresses Mizukage Yagura as a little kid so he might be extremely young or just extremely short. There’s a lack of short people in this series.

Just saying Tobi has a nack for controlling kids.

7. This means war!

He strategically raises an army, impersonates a legend, and declares war on the world just to take over it. Genius. Everything falls into place and he declares a war he knows he will win. This is where we are in the story as he lures out the Hachibi and Kyuubi to capture and complete his master plan of summoning the Jyuubi. At this point I feel like he is the most feared entity we have ever seen. Taking over the world might be overused but it is way better than our first antagonist’s plan of living forever.

Everything is falling into place but the origin of the plan is still missing! Was it all because Rin died? But wait, Rin didn’t die yet when he got crushed by the boulder. If he survived he would have been running back home right away! Unless he went into hibernation or something and didn’t wake until Rin’s death…

OR MAYBE, Tobi is just someone else who ripped off Obito’s face and took his eye and impersonates him just to throw off his loved ones like what happened in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Sacred Star of Milos!!!

Or maybe we’ll have to wait 6 more chapters.

8. But what of the catchphrase?

This talk of trash is the foundation of probably everything Naruto. Such a catchphrase is so important, it is reused by our one and only Kakashi to teach his students the importants of friendship. Everything he stands for is because the old Obito said this. But what about now? We obviously don’t see him upholding his way of saving his ‘nakama’. Could everything Kakashi be living for be a lie?

This reminds me greatly of the movie Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby lived on his father’s words of “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Let’s just say Obito was high.

Well goodbye again. I’m more active on deviantART and planning on updating on Facebook since blog posts take so long. This one is taking 4 hours and counting! Other than that, I will just link the weeklies when if I find them before MangaStream updates. Bye!

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