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#265 Kuchiyose no Combo

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Naruto chapter 633 : Going Forward [read here]

Oh man, this chapter. A lot of exciting things this time, especially the last page. I want to talk about it so bad. I want to go in order though, but f- it.

Naruto 633 0

Last page. Fangirl mode activate! Oh. My. God. This scene.

This was my original fangirl dream for this series. There is an chapter artwork in Naruto volume 1 that is extremely similar to this one. A long time ago, I said, “I want this image to be real later on in the story.” Right next to me wanting to see Kakashi’s face. Well the original does have Sasuke on a hawk, but that’s besides the point. I ditched this dream after Sasuke ran away from the village, blah de blah, they are now enemies, blah blah, Naruto and Sasuke are going to kill each other, blah blah blah. But now tables have turned in an unexpected and anti-stereotypical way (I’ll get to that later). This fangirl’s dream has been fulfilled.

Onto panel-by-panel analysis.

Naruto 633 1Ooh. Intense. Greatly anticipated acknowledgement? Sasuke has had that power for a while now. Possibly a couple weeks to a month. Naruto just learned this stuff probably this day or possibly a day ago.  Who do you think deserves more acknowledgement?

Naruto 633 2Someone else doing kage bunshin makes it less of a signature move of Naruto, but that probably is the point of this panel.
Kiba has been pushing for more screentime these last few chapters. Should I pitty Him? Nah, he is serving as a good gag character right now.

Naruto 633 3Shino gained some badassery points. He’s always been badass every time he is seen in combat, which is not often.

I like how the manga ships Naruto x Hinata while the anime likes to ship more Naruto x Sakura. The clash is hilarious! Then again, the anime also ships Lee and Tenten, Aoba and a filler character, and plenty of others. Just makes the anime all more fun to watch.

InoShikaChou? Yoyo? Moving along.

Naruto 633 4Sai got owned? What?! His character becomes less and less appealing to me every time he appears. You’re supposed to be cool. :(

And then the last page… oh I already talked about it. I guess I’m done.

Naruto 633 5Anybody else tried this irl? Just me? I was only 11 at the time. It’s kinda impossible for the most part…? I guess unless you sadistical in that way. This is the only place that you’ll ever see someone do this.

See you tomorrow for Bleach review.


#254 Dragon Slayers Actually Slaying Dragons

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Fairy Tail chapter 329: Seven Dragons [read here]

Natsu is OP. He is the one to boost everyone’s moral to defeat the dragons!
Just to say, “I told you so”. Let’s make more FT predictions!

But seriously, Natsu is OP. But you know, it’s normal for the main character to get up from almost dying and beat the final boss.

Lucy on the other hand, I think she is the actual main character. The story does start out with her. We know absolutely everything about her life and history and not so much on Natsu. Maybe Natsu is just the male protagonist and Lucy’s character point of view is what moves this story along.

So we finally know how Sting and Rogue killed their parental dragons. The dragons told them to kill them so their sons would be stronger. So if that happened, why are Natsu and Gajeel still waay stronger than both of them? Is it that whole “nakama” business all over again? Also, Natsu and Gajeel seemed to take the more strategic view while Sting and Rogue powered housed through it.

Oh man, I’m not talking about the chapter at all!

I love how the light dragon looks. That beard so cool… I wanna stroke it. So what’s the Light Dragon’s name? Shadow dragon is Skiadrum. I didn’t expect a shadow dragon would have a name like that. Wait wait wait, the light dragon’s name is Weisslogia? Sounds like Acknologia. I wonder what these names mean. And in what language?

Okay, so everybody‘s goal is to kill Acknologia. Future alger-ego Rogue, Fairy Tail, the princess…. Grand Magic Council is more geared towards Zeref.

So future alter-ego Rogue is surprised that a dragon-slayer can kill a dragon he’s riding on?

So apparently “fake” dragon-slayers count as dragon-slayers. They even released the poison dragon-slayer from back in the 3rd arc from prison. I thought he was out of prison because of the recent filler arc, but according to internet sources, end of the arc says Oracion Seis ended up back… in… prison… A bit counter productive. I should really watch that arc. I keep saying so, but never get around to it.

FT 329

I always wonder why Natsu’s tongue turns like that from time to time. I thought it was comical.
Now it looks like a medical condition?

So new prediction: Natsu beats that dragon future Rogue is riding on and eventually defeats future Rogue. Well, not before present Rogue gets to meet future Rogue and sh!t gets real.

#253 Exorcist Love Triangle

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I’ve been in some major depression lately so I’ll make this review quick.

Ao no Exorcist/
Blue Exorcist chapter 46 : Try and Error [read here]

Ever since this series started, there’s been a love triangle buzzing in the background with Rin, Yukio, and Sheimi. It did its duty being the main character’s unreachable love interest throughout the story, but it never really advanced. Rin continued to be extremely nice to Sheimi, Sheimi continued talking about Yukio, and Yukio never returned any feelings towards Sheimi. Very generic, probably cliché. Things are starting change now.

School festival is coming, the boys are scampering to find dates to go with to the dance. Well in the story’s point of view, it’s just Rin and Shima. This has been going on for the past 2-3 chapters and it is an odd path for this once high-action story.

Rin is completely confident that Sheimi would say yes, most likely based on his romantic fantasy. The reader knows that Sheimi will go ask Yukio instead. The funny thing is that Rin told her to let him talk first and she goes right ahead and says she was going to ask Yukio. She continues to remain oblivious to Rin’s feelings.

BE 46 1

Interesting that the focus veers off a couple panels with both of them worried about Yukio’s stress.

Mind blowing that Yukio actually expected Rin to succeed at asking Sheimi out. At the same time, maybe Yukio does acknowledge that Sheimi likes him. Like with Gray and Juvia of Fairy Tail? But Gray doesn’t like to call attention to it. Yukio just ignores it and gives her one of those dishonest smiles he has all the time.

He definitely acknowledges Rin’s crush on Sheimi. I believe he teased Rin 2 chapters back about it?

All this love drama… Hmm… It’s kinda weird isn’t it? Twins and a girl… like a certain Korean drama I know. I also found out that the mangaka is female as well. I bet she wanted the drama in the story eventually.

Now that I think about it, it’s not a triangle at all. It’s a straight line. Rin likes Sheimi, Sheimi likes Yukio, Yukio …? Well Yukio doesn’t look like he even likes his brother. He’s in love with his work or something. That guy has issues.

Next month’s chapter is going to be all up in this drama. Plus Illuminati stuff. I’m really worried what is going to happen to Rin especially when he said, “In the end she likes Yukio, I guess…” and makes a face like he’s trying not to cry. Did he really admit defeat?
We also have to look forward to Rin’s miso soup booth at the festival. Even though he isn’t going to the couple’s party, he is still participating in the festival.

I like how the story just rolled into this love arc without breaking the story itself. It does feel out of place, but the author is keeping some level of respectable seriousness. Most shounen I have read never has taken a break from all the slaughtering to develop a serious love story. It’s usually set in the beginning and then struggled after for the rest of the series (KHR) or stuck into retarded places for plot convenience (Naruto). Other than that, it’s kind of a joke.

I can’t wait ’till this next chapter to see how Rin deals with everything.

I can’t wait until Naruto’s next chapter to finally see how the former Hokages will affect the battlefield. Also, has anybody seen the current 5 kages? They disappeared around late last year.

I can’t wait until Bleach’s story to finally pick itself  up. This flashback is dragging on small details for far too long.

I can’t wait for Fairy Tail to get off its break so I can see if Rogue faces his alter-ego self from the future.

I can’t wait until Soul Eater’s next chapter to see if Kid actually resolves his confusion with his line between order and madness. Also, I want to know how Shinigami dies.

I can’t wait until Kuroshitsuji’s next chapter to see if Ciel ever meets the headmaster or if the headmaster will constantly run away.

I can’t wait until Hetalia’s next season. I feel so empty without it.

I can’t wait until Legend of Korra Book 2 comes out to see Korra abuse the Avatar state! Also to see how long teen love really lasts!

I can’t wait until AKB0048’s next season because it’s the only anime I actually enjoy watching and to see if they’ll actually show Acchan the 14’s whole succession ceremony!!

Wow. 9 different series spoiled. That’s a record. Sorry for all this.
I’m all pent up on emotions that I’ve been trying to keep in. Releasing my thoughts in anime/manga reviews has been an outlet for me these past couple years since I am unable to express them publicly. I’m even scared to express on anonymous forums. Here, they can be completely stated without interruption.
It no longer concerns me how many people view my blog. All I care about is that this haven exists where I can write all my opinions about the things I love and I can read all the comments from you wonderful people. I got received first negative comment recently and I was really happy. I am not sure why, but I was overjoyed that a hater exists on my blog. Thank you sir, for your honest opinion.
In my quest for mental stability, I want to know what others think. Let me know that you exist and not just a computer that spams ad links to generate fake page views.

#244 Not As I Predicted!

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Fairy Tail chapter 323 : A Returning Shadow [read here]

Huh. Pleasantly surprised. A character who has been standing semi- in the background (behind Sting specifically) the entire time is the bad guy! Got some two-face thing going on here.

Usually stories stare at a single character hinting that they will do something. They did that Tenrou island with Zeref, introducing him before the arc started and such. Fairy Tail, being a very predictable series, has taken a pretty cool turn.

I don’t usually review this series. I just play a the prediction game and see if I’m right! Let’s get to it.

New Predictions:

  • Sting will be a hero in some form or another.
  • Frosch will provide some emotional distress being all cute and stuff. Might be the key to saving Rogue. She’ll probably cry somewhere in between. I know she already has, but she will do it again.
  • There will be touching flashback story for Gajeel and “Raios” aka Rogue?

What else? The normal things?

  • Lucy will talk a lot.
  • Natsu will be OP.
  • Nobody will die.
  • Somebody will join Fairy Tail.
  • Something about Zeref.
  • Fairy Tail lives happily ever after!

I hope I’m right!

FT 323

#241 Gone Full Circle Again.

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Bleach chapter 529 : Everything but the Rain Op. 2 : “The Rudiments” [read here]

Ichigo’s dad was a captain, blah blah blah. It was stated in the previous chapter, blah blah blah. And oh crap! Isshin without a beard!!

Bleach 529That’s hot.

Not surprised at all. You know, anybody who’s anybody in this story is a captain or vice-captain. All supporting characters are high ranked and extras and filler characters rankless shinigami.

Interesting how Matsumoto always picked on Hitsugaya. The intention is different, but she still picks on him. And Matsumoto is still a vice-captain. That part is a little confusing, but doesn’t seem like she is complaining in present day.

And BAM! Aizen is back in the story.

bleach 529 1That’s not.

Everybody who left Soul Society was connected to Aizen’s antics. Urahara, Yoruichi, the Vizards. All was left was Ichigo’s dad. Hopefully, they won’t repeat the same story from Urahara’s point of view and we’ll get a totally brand new perspective.

I wonder how this arc will play out. I wonder if the little sister, Karin will be involved. Maybe she’s more Quincy than Shinigami, opposite of Ichigo. I wonder if Ichigo and Ishida will call each other cousins. We also have to take into account that Aizen is still alive, enjoying himself in then te underground prison. Remember? He didn’t want to leave even when the Quincy’s ask for his support. He probably likes it there.

I can’t wait for next chapter in this flashback. It will be very nostalgic since some of these characters are sadly dead.

Ps. I think Bleach has the best flashback stories.

Naruto chapter 623 : A Glimpse [read here]

Madara? A prodigy? Last few chapters don’t show that at all! It makes him look humble now… Or maybe because Madara was incapable of acknowledging he was a prodigy since he was unable to protect his brothers.

Why doesn’t anybody have sisters? I think it’s only Hinata who has a sister, Temari who is Gaara’s sister, and Tsunade who had a mentioned younger brother. All other girls are only childs…

Back to this chapter:

Naruto 623

Well, that answers all my questions on how their village system was built. They wanted to cover a big plot hole with a single panel. =_=

As for the fight between Hoshirama and Madara, I think we were all expecting that they would coincidentally meet on the battlefield and duke it out.
Instead, their fathers and younger brothers went: “We found out that guy you hang with is an enemy. Let’s kill him.”

Far more direct than I was expecting, but an interesting turn of events. The whole father and little brother thing, a little too perfect of a situation for my taste, though.

Feels a little weird to be favoring Bleach over Naruto this week, especially on my birthday.

#238 Greatest Shocker Ever!

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Bleach chapter 528 : Everything but the Rain [read here]

You know I am incapable of expressing extreme emotion. That has to be a sarcastic title.

The problem is, the author still chooses to express this as a “big shocker!”, even though the reader (even Ichigo) already know this.

Let’s look back to chapter 514. Well, more like all the chapters surrounding that chapter, before and after. The big bad guy told Ichigo, TO HIS FACE, that the prison couldn’t hold a Quincy. He also mentioned that Ichigo’s Quincy blood was awakened and he said, “You don’t even know your own mother.” Ichigo might have been totally confused and questioning his existence, but I’m pretty sure he was more in denile. The facts were easy to understand, but he’d rather not accept them is what I see.

Well ignoring all that, sad that Ichigo ran away from his father to escape confrontation and his father actually went after him? Of all times that he always left his son to do what he wanted, he chose now? He could have waited until Ichigo went home, and came in his human form. I’m more shocked at the beginning of the chapter than the flashback end. I’m just disappointed at the end of the chapter if you can’t tell.

Bleach 528I’ve come to you incognito, son.

Naruto ch 622 : The Other Side [read here]

Madara has serious anger issues. Not much to say about that.

A lot of things happen in this chapter. Mostly the big metaphor that hangs over this chapter is the concept of the creek.

Hashirama comes to the river to wash away his negative emotions. It doesn’t seem possible especially when a body of the enemy washes down the creek at the beginning of the chapter.

Madara comes to the creek to seek the other side. This is represented by the rocks he throws and how he fails to after many attempts. This other side he wants to reach is the enemy to reason with for peace.

Here’s a rule of life to think about. Madara says that death could be avoided if people were “upfront and honest” but “we’re all too proud to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.”
All human beings have pride and fear if they are too vulnerable they will get hurt. That’s why pride is a sin. Think about it.


Onto the thing that bothers me this chapter:

Naruto 622First child: black hair.
Second child: white hair.
Third child: half black, half white?

What kind of logic is this! ROFL

One more thing: this story doesn’t look like the story of the beginning. It looks like it’s a story of why Madara’s so jacked up.

#237 Fairy Tail Movie Review (Spoiler Alert: It Sucks)

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Fairy Tail: the Pheonix Priestess Movie 

This movie doesn’t deserve a full review. I give it 2/10 rating.

Why? Well, the animation is top notch, I’ll give it that.. And there’s an adorable yellow chicken thing. (See image bellow) That’s why it gets 2 points.

All the other points were missed because:

1. The fight scenes were too simple and focused more on showing every single Fairy Tail member fight instead of having few epically good battles with a couple couple characters.

2. Fairy Tail had the upper hand the entire time so there really was no suspense. For most of the movie, it was 4 enemies from Carbuncle Vs Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Charla, and Happy. Then everybody else joined in except Romeo and the dancing guy.

3. The chicken had virtually no use. Well other than to speak for Eclair (even though he barely knew her himself) and to “save” her life. You don’t really see him successfully undoing the chain though, so it doesn’t count. Eclair isn’t even nice to him until after she’s dead.

4. The Magic Council had a meeting at the beginning of the movie about something that might destroy the world, but still refused to help throughout the movie. I think it was just to introduce that the Magic Council exists.

5. Gajeel and Lily were sent on some secret mission by the Master at the beginning of the movie right after the council meeting that we never know about but doesn’t seem to have any affect on the plot whatsoever.

6. Lucy cries 4 times. It’s not just a cry. She bawls. She cries and screams like she’s dying because she’s sad for Eclair, the movie damsel in distress. It’s sad, but it doesn’t really distract from the fact that THE WORLD IS ENDING. She’d rather save Eclair, let the world explode, and then everybody dies. Not once does it cross her mind that Eclair is being sacrificed for the good of all humanity.

7. All the bad guys have unique powers. All except one. One of the characters has the exact same power as Erza. She also has the power to dispel magic, but still. Everything else was unoriginal.

8. The aim of the plot got totally messed up. I can’t figure out if it was to to save the world, save a girl, the importance of friendship, or to find out if magic was good or evil. I think the answer is close to… all of the above.

FT Mov

I was hoping to write a couple paragraphs and be done…
It turned into a hate list very fast. I don’t like to express my anger so I’m thoroughly surprised. That was good venting. I wish I could say nicer things about this movie, but I didn’t really enjoy it. The only thing I can think of is that the music soundtrack is pretty good.

Maybe you should watch it to see if there’s anything else good to say about this movie. I don’t recommend it, though.