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#278 Crona the Savior

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Soul Eater chapter 112 : The Dark Side of the Moon IX [read here]

Second to last chapter already?

I was about to go on about how cheesy and confusing this last chapter was, but if you think about the rest of the series, there has never been a stable logic to anything.

So Maka’s goal was one: destroy Kishin, and two: save Crona.

Poor Crona. Her speech to Maka sure hit an emotional chord in me. Especially this scene:

SE 112

Dangit. Why can’t Sasuke be like this? He too, needs to understand the weight of his sins and realize he can’t just jump in and be the hero!

And from what I understand, Kishin absorbed the Book of Eibon for plot convenience. Crona also being able to use the Brew stored in the Book of Eigon also due to plot convenience. Ehh…?

And Kishin exploded and consumed the moon. I’m sad. I always loved the moon. I even have a key chain of the Soul Eater moon.

Now the people currently standing on the moon:

SE 112 0

Group hug for the end. D’aaawwwww. T_TSE 112 1


What a sport… Good sacrifices were made in this battle.

Next chapter is the end! I’ve enjoyed this series very much mostly due to their constant breaking of logic and reality. I loved the anime of this series much more due to the animation, but I feel like the manga is gives such high standards that the anime would never be able to stay at that level of quality of animation forever.

See you next chapter for the end!


#273 Kicking Butt in a Dress

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Soul Eater chapter 111 : Dark Side of the Moon VIII [read here]

I don’t usually review monthlies. It’s hard to have the plot fresh in mind after each release they’re a whole month apart. I like to review Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler more since I’m much more drawn to their story.

Soul Eater on the other hand, is just… how should I describe it? It’s harder to think about and explain Soul Eater since their logic breaks the barriers of pretty much everything. I love reading the story, but in a suspension of disbelief. It makes it more enjoyable. How else do you describe their madness warps and stuff?

Last time I talked about this series (chapter 108), Kishin had an upper hand, Kid had second thoughts, and there are a ton of useful people watching from the sidelines.

Three chapters later, Kishin still has the upper hand and a lot of people standing from the sidelines are finally putting their hand in battle. I hate it when Spirit stands on the side. He’s so OP in this story but yet he does nothing unless Shinigami or Stein is next to him. But before we go into this more, let’s talk about what happened in between 108 and 111.

Chapter 109. High action, protagonists get their asses kicked.

Chapter 110. Shinigami… disintegrates. It shows that there can’t be 2 gods in the world. Death the Kid had succeeded his father and is no longer needed. I particularly love this scene. Shinigami has always been watching you, Kid!

SE 110

And the crack in his mask is like a little tear… So beautiful…

But even with Kid becoming full powered, Kishin still has the upper hand up to chapter 111.

I thought Kid here was going to be the main stager this time around, but it looks like main character Maka will be bringing this home once again like in the end of the Anime. Speaking of which, here is where the manga and anime finale start to look similar.

SE 111 2

Yeesh. They had to remind me about the anime finale here? The concept is the same but luckily, the approach is completely different.

Manga: Everybody, I mean everybody is joined in this Kishin battle.
Azusa can shoot Kishin from the surface of the Earth; Eruka calculates all points; Kilik assists Azusa; Free defends Earth; Stein throws Marie at Kishin; Spirit, Sidd, Clay, and Akane defend Marie; Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty assist Maka; Soul controls the black blood for Maka and gives significant moral support; and Gopher makes Kishin….

SE 111 1Wait, what the f***?

Uhh… Moving on.

Anime: Kid, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, Black Star, and Soul Eater are laying on the ground too weak to get up but strong enough to give her moral support.

SE 51 0mmhrrmfrmhhmm

Meanwhile, all other significant characters are standing outside the barrier, powerless.

SE 51 1I wonder what’s going on in there…

And then Maka takes all her courage and she…!

SE 51 2You… you go do that.

Things are looking up for the end of this series. But don’t get me wrong, I love the anime. The last episode was just horrible. I still go back and rewatch the series every now and then excluding the last episode.

At least Kishin goes down like a badass this time around.

SE 111 3Way better than courage punching in the face. When Maka said everybody is behind her in this fight, THEY REALLY FREAKING ARE. Not face down on the ground.

To wrap up this review, I’d like to talk about some characters.SE 111 4

Kid seems to only talk to Liz. Almost like Patty is just sitting quietly this whole time… Why would the author do that?

Kishin’s character design is very fascinating. When his face is covered, he is loud and insane. His mouth is also wide open and his appearance is very intimidating. When the mask is uncovered, he seems to have some proper reasoning behind his words. It’s just like a switch between crazy and sane. He surely is more respectable in the manga than the anime. I still have to applaud the level of animation that was done on Kishin’s revival in episode 24. Gives me chills every time. He’s like Slenderman. Naked.

Wrapping up of this series is doing quite nicely. I wonder how Kid’s life will be like from now on. I guess we shall see.

#213 Change in Symmetry

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Soul Eater chapter 99 : Roger!!

I haven’t reviewed Soul Eater in a while. The last chapter I reviewed was 96, 3 months ago!

Where we last left off, Shinigami-sama wanted to join up with the witches to defeat the Kishin with the soul protect spell… whatever. I don’t exactly understand what our heroes want to use with the witches’ Soul Protect. I’ve probably forgotten over the last 3 months.

In short, the witches agree, but sentenced all the Death City ambassadors to death a few thousand times, Kid gets on his hands and knees and begs for an alliance with the witches. Grandmother witch says ‘Nyamu!’ and Kid somehow understands? Anyway, Kid plans to change the world so the witches could no longer live in hiding.

Later on the moon, Sid’s team and Noah’s team meet up deep in the moon’s nose (that sounds really nasty). Sid says how much of a problem it is with Noah and Gopher there and Akane agrees. Clay tries to devise a plan to use them, but then there’s a copy pasta of the previous panel but now Akane says it’s a problem and Sid agrees. Is the author trying to say that Clay is a useless character?

Madness hallucination time! I personally believe these hallucinations are awesome. I like to go back to the first Kishin battle to watch everybody hallucinate again. It gives a good thrill.

Shinigami and Tezca started talking about the origins of the war between them and the witches and then 2nd page in!!

What the what what?!

Page 19 if this chapter has been left untranslated. AND it’s filled with Excalibur. I WANT TO KNOW HOW EXCALIBUR HAS TO DO WITH ALL THIS. Page 20 continues their conversation without the mention of Excalibur. What?

What we do know is Shinigami(Death), Eibon, and Arachne created research to create a human/weapon hybrid with a human soul and the shape-shifting witch soul. Arachne was the one to carry out the experiments and Shinigami was the one to create Shibusen(DWMA) to collect the human/weapon hybrids to train them. We got some cameo’s from the Not! series, too! Tsugumi and Eternal Feather are in one of the visuals. We also learn that the weapons are incomplete without a witch’s soul so that is why they hunt them to become DeathScythe.

Joining Kid on the way to the moon is Kilik and his Pots. Kilik hands the new headbands to Liz and Patty. He hands one to Kid, but apologizing for not bringing 2 because of Kid’s symmetry habits. But then…!


Betcha didn’t see that coming.

Crona has reached the moon’s nose! Interesting how she/he says to die the moon “black” instead of “red” since his/her blood is black!