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#274 Zombies Again?

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Kuroshitsuji chapter 82 : That Butler, Laughing Out Loud [read here]

KS 82Pbbbbbbttt

I literally spit on my monitor. Zombies again?? Wasn’t that last arc? Apparently it isn’t over yet. I’m sick and tired of these zombies everywhere. Lately it’s been zombie movies everywhere, zombie games, The Walking Dead. Just another day in the Land of the Free. Geez.

But still, I’m nicely surprised by the turn of events.

Prefects killed him for some reason unknown. Does that mean that the other students are dead and zombiefied, too? We have to remember how the Prefects described Derrick back in chapter 73. Each of them said he excelled at different things.

KS 73From Kuroshitsuji chapter 73 : That Butler, Consultaion

What they said about cutting off from the source, I do not understand one bit. Maybe since Derrick had connection to power through the Queen? I’m not sure. The way things are right now makes it very blurry.

Well I know now why Redmond is Viscount’s nephew. It’s for this situation to “revive” Derrick from the dead. What a big mistake they made. Derrick was revived before the zombie cruise line since Doctor Ryan Stoker is currently dead. There hasn’t been a large time gap between that and this arc.

So why does Sebastian get the epicest entrance in the world?

KS 82 0Materializing in the air like that.

Actually, forget Sebastian. Why does Ciel get so many epic poses this chapter?

KS 82 1

KS 82 2

KS 82 3My only guess is to counterbalance all the innocent smiling he’s been doing this entire arc.

Back to more important things:

KS 82 4

What is this? Edward defending Ciel? He has been against Ciel this entire time and decides now to defend him. Nice change of pace, Edward, even though you’ve said otherwise in the previous arc.

KS 58From Kuroshitsuji chapter 58 : That Butler, Chop

Lastly, we find the Undertaker has been posing as the principal of the school. He obviously hasn’t been the whole time, though, since he comes in the carriage with Ryan Stoker. He probably replaced him after coming back from the cruise ship.  What shocks me the most about this is the Undertaker’s physique. He is a very skinny and fit man. We’ve always seen him in drapery so his body shape was a mystery. All I can remember are his super sexy mid-thigh boots.

KS 59From Kuroshitsuji chapter 59 : That Butler, Compromise

Looks like there’s a battle coming up and it’s going to be extremely bloody taking into account of Undertaker’s great skill in combat. With that, see  you next chapter.


#271 Two Zangetsus

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Bleach chapter 542 : The Blade is Me [read here]

Not a lot happens in this chapter, but it sure is emotional.

The only thing that I’m questionable about is…

Bleach 542

…that tiny blade on the left. Makes me think he’s a chef now… With a meat cleaver.

Funny thing is that the “Old Man” is the small blade and the “Hollow” is the long one.

I’m also wondering why they mentioned before about the Asauchi turning white. I was assuming the blade would be white, too, but that isn’t the case at all.

Another thing to analyze: his sleeves are gone. Maybe they burned off since the blade was too hot. Maybe it’s a new form? It’s probably the first one.

Oh well, see you next chapter.

#246 Demonic Aura

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Kuroshitsuji 79 : That Butler, Final Battle [read here]

Sebastian finally realizes that the persuant is aware of the persuer. This just got interesting.

Meanwhile, cricket. Ciel plays dirty. The chef looks like he expected this would happen saying, “His horrible personality is showing”…

KS 79 1You know the author wrote it in English when the text is written vertically!

Starting to regret questioning how Ciel was able to throw a metal lantern over a fence and through a 2nd story window many chapters ago. He’s freaking good!

And this all ends bittersweet when the Blue House prefect is inspired by Ciel’s determination to win. He doesn’t know Ciel’s actual motive is to find the Queen’s nephew, not take their house to victory. Ciel’s goals extend much farther than Bluer’s.

KS 79Oh. Shit.
It’s spreading.

Now Ciel is bound to see the principal. But wait… If the the principal knows he is being persued, what if he knows Ciel is the persuer? I have a feeling things are going to explode in the next few chapters.

 Man, this manga is beautiful. If only the anime stuck to the manga more closely instead of turning it into a boob party. This story is clearly more Shoujo than Shounen even though it was originally labeled under Shounen!
But then again, I loved 2nd season of the anime. Alois Trauncy… Sigh, I love him.

#52 Got peanut butter?

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Dragon Ball SD Special 2 [read here]

Chibi version of the Goku and Freeza fight. Cute, short, and simple. It’s only 11 pages and in full color. If they rewrote the series like this instead of DBZ Kai, I would have been much happier.

Soul Eater c85 Raw Scans [click here]

Soul Eater raws came out today!  It looks like Justin Law and that bear headed guy, Teza Tiploca are fighting. Didn’t that bear head guy change it to a chipmunk or something?? DWMA knows that he isn’t dead since he used his magic mirror or something. Oh well, Death Scythe versus Death Scythe. I expect a fantastic fight.

Kuroshitsuji c55

Comes out Monday, May 18th.

Bleach ep 317: Unusual Incident in Seireitei?! Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc!
[watch here]

Filler arc? Maybe the animators wanted to use as much of Shinigami Ichigo as possible before he loses them forever. Maybe they wanted to do something within the 3 months the manga said he was asleep for. This arc will probably fill up 3 months in their real time minus the time in the previous fillers. Ichigo has to be incredibly awesome then.

New opening theme: BLUE by ViViD
High action, metal to metal contact. Punk style colors and theme. I liked it better than the previous one. As we can see, the filler arc contains a green haired girl who has Kon grabbing on her coat. There might be captains versus captains fights.  That’s all I’ll watch. Bye now!

New ending theme: アオイトリ(Aoi Tori) / Blue Bird by fumika

This is the last post about Bleach until the filler arc is over.