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#279 Obito The Sage

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Naruto chapter 640 : Finally [read here]

4 chapter review skip. I really got bored of the recent chapters since things slowed down so much to focus on the details of the battle. Only like ONE thing happens per chapter now. This one is a shocker, though.

Also going to edit these scrnshts on MS Paint now ’cause I’m lazy. Is the quality lower? I have no idea.

Naruto 640 0Oh what the f–?!
We’re going into the Soul Eater realm now. Ripping logic at the seems.

That’s not the shocker. Here it is.

Naruto 640 1

Bam! Plot twist! Kurama’s talk of Naruto being similar to the Six Path Sage and foreshadowing Naruto gaining Six Path Sage powers meant nothing! All hail our new sage, Obito! Better plot twist than Sasuke’s return.

You should read my previous post, #278, where I ending up talking about what Sasuke should have done in my penultimate Soul Eater chapter review.

I believe it is safe to say that in the realm of Naruto, ultimate powers make your grow pseudo-clothing. Naruto has that energy cloak when he goes into kyuubi mode and a physical cloak materialized in the Blood Prison movie when Naruto went into Sage mode. Now Obito has now materialized the Six Path Sage cloak out of his own skin. It all makes sense now. No Super Saiyan hair here. Just super clothes!

No Bleach for the next 5 weeks and no One Piece this week. Enjoy your short break One Piece-ers! Bleach-ers over here will just have to sit anxiously and suffer.

Still waiting to see Kenpachi’s sword spirit.

#275 Saving Old Obito

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Put both Naruto and Bleach in one post this week. Not much happens in both, so enjoy!

Naruto chapter 636 : The Current Obito [read here]

Here we go again with a freshly created backstory for someone’s last battle. Last time this happened, it was for Itachi and the backstory was for hunting. Honestly, this doesn’t do the ticket for me since this stuff is new and I really don’t have the emotional connection with it. The author throws in too many of these things like he meant to put them in before and decides to put them in where it’s sort of too late.

The good story with this flash back + end battle is Kakashi’s monologue. Ending with:

Naruto 636I’ve been playing with this phrase in my head to figure out exactly what it means… My conclusion is that Kakashi is protecting an idea rather than a person. The old Obito’s personality and will is what he wants to protect. Those two things he has adopted into his own personality and will and passed them onto his student, Naruto. The current Obito is against all that so to protect his will and Naruto’s will, he must defeat the current Obito. All of this you probably figured out, but it took me a while. Let me express my own thoughts.

Okay, so Kakashi and Obito severely wounded each other and Obito fled the scene. Can Kakashi get back on his own? Who knows.

FB Naruto 0Person who can recognize the other anime reference wins some internetz

Then half his body starts turning black. It’s the good part too! Remember his right side of the body was rebuilt by that Hashirama tree?

Naruto 636 1And there’s a circle around his eye like his old mask…. Wait. Doesn’t this kind of look like Black Zetsu?

zetsu-brit-n-bianca-32310267-400-300Image taken from Google Images

Does this explain how Black Zetsus are made? Is this why there’s only 1 Black while there’s an army of White?

Actually, this doesn’t explain sh*t. Let’s just wait until next chapter.

Bleach chapter 453 : Letters [read here]

Well, that took a good 6 chapters for Ishida to reveal himself as our enemy and then get on stage.

So he’s a successor. I’m not completely surprised. It makes for good story is what I’m agreeing to. Little confused since he’s actually not a pureblood and his father is. His father doesn’t have any pride of being a Quincy, though so Ishida is our candidate.

I don’t think he likes it there. Probably came against his will. We’re talking King of the Quincies here. It was probably to go or die.

Bleach 543 0

And now the King is giving Ishida new powers. Ooooh. Exciting. This story has potential.

Introducing and reintroducing characters of the bad guys. Looks like it’s by letter instead of numbers in the Espada. The author likes to put different races of people in the story.

Bleach 543 1That’s a definite Chinese guy.

And nothing happens on the protagonist’s side! I don’t really care about these new characters. I want to know what Kenpachi’s sword spirit looks like.

#273 Kicking Butt in a Dress

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Soul Eater chapter 111 : Dark Side of the Moon VIII [read here]

I don’t usually review monthlies. It’s hard to have the plot fresh in mind after each release they’re a whole month apart. I like to review Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler more since I’m much more drawn to their story.

Soul Eater on the other hand, is just… how should I describe it? It’s harder to think about and explain Soul Eater since their logic breaks the barriers of pretty much everything. I love reading the story, but in a suspension of disbelief. It makes it more enjoyable. How else do you describe their madness warps and stuff?

Last time I talked about this series (chapter 108), Kishin had an upper hand, Kid had second thoughts, and there are a ton of useful people watching from the sidelines.

Three chapters later, Kishin still has the upper hand and a lot of people standing from the sidelines are finally putting their hand in battle. I hate it when Spirit stands on the side. He’s so OP in this story but yet he does nothing unless Shinigami or Stein is next to him. But before we go into this more, let’s talk about what happened in between 108 and 111.

Chapter 109. High action, protagonists get their asses kicked.

Chapter 110. Shinigami… disintegrates. It shows that there can’t be 2 gods in the world. Death the Kid had succeeded his father and is no longer needed. I particularly love this scene. Shinigami has always been watching you, Kid!

SE 110

And the crack in his mask is like a little tear… So beautiful…

But even with Kid becoming full powered, Kishin still has the upper hand up to chapter 111.

I thought Kid here was going to be the main stager this time around, but it looks like main character Maka will be bringing this home once again like in the end of the Anime. Speaking of which, here is where the manga and anime finale start to look similar.

SE 111 2

Yeesh. They had to remind me about the anime finale here? The concept is the same but luckily, the approach is completely different.

Manga: Everybody, I mean everybody is joined in this Kishin battle.
Azusa can shoot Kishin from the surface of the Earth; Eruka calculates all points; Kilik assists Azusa; Free defends Earth; Stein throws Marie at Kishin; Spirit, Sidd, Clay, and Akane defend Marie; Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty assist Maka; Soul controls the black blood for Maka and gives significant moral support; and Gopher makes Kishin….

SE 111 1Wait, what the f***?

Uhh… Moving on.

Anime: Kid, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, Black Star, and Soul Eater are laying on the ground too weak to get up but strong enough to give her moral support.

SE 51 0mmhrrmfrmhhmm

Meanwhile, all other significant characters are standing outside the barrier, powerless.

SE 51 1I wonder what’s going on in there…

And then Maka takes all her courage and she…!

SE 51 2You… you go do that.

Things are looking up for the end of this series. But don’t get me wrong, I love the anime. The last episode was just horrible. I still go back and rewatch the series every now and then excluding the last episode.

At least Kishin goes down like a badass this time around.

SE 111 3Way better than courage punching in the face. When Maka said everybody is behind her in this fight, THEY REALLY FREAKING ARE. Not face down on the ground.

To wrap up this review, I’d like to talk about some characters.SE 111 4

Kid seems to only talk to Liz. Almost like Patty is just sitting quietly this whole time… Why would the author do that?

Kishin’s character design is very fascinating. When his face is covered, he is loud and insane. His mouth is also wide open and his appearance is very intimidating. When the mask is uncovered, he seems to have some proper reasoning behind his words. It’s just like a switch between crazy and sane. He surely is more respectable in the manga than the anime. I still have to applaud the level of animation that was done on Kishin’s revival in episode 24. Gives me chills every time. He’s like Slenderman. Naked.

Wrapping up of this series is doing quite nicely. I wonder how Kid’s life will be like from now on. I guess we shall see.

#270 Things Are Not as Great as We Hoped

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Naruto chapter 635 : A New Wind [read here]

Last week’s chapter I didn’t review was pretty good. Teamwork was at an all time high, Naruto’s wind and Sasuke’s fire merged, and Sakura shed a tear. Wait, Sakura shed a tear? Oh well. The point was that things were working perfectly.

This chapter, things have completely flipped. Why such a drastic change right after things were so epicly perfect? Sasuke just decided to be selfish again? I can talk about this all day, but I’m going to accept it and roll with it.

Sasuke is showing his true colors again. He obviously is using his former friends as a vehicle to put his plans into action. What I can guess is that he wants to destroy the world to create a new one, where he is the primary player in everything. He thinks he can fix everything! Sounds like someone after they’ve taken Intro to Econ class. I’ve forgotten how egotistical and self-centered he is. Thanks Kishimoto, for pulling this guy back into character. It’s about time.

Naruto 635 2Dat pouty face.

And Sai is Sakura’s voice of reason again. Last time was when he told her Naruto loved her. Maybe he should just live inside her head and help her make rational choices about her emotions.

Orochimaru says something about wind? I guess he also tried to make change in the world and hopes that Sasuke, I mean, he knows that Sasuke will make the change. Orochimaru doesn’t exactly know what the change is, but I guess gambling with the future is one of his mentioned “hobbies”.

Naruto 635 1

In other news, the Kages are alive. If you read my previous posts, I have complained about their absence multiple times.

In less important news, Orochimaru has a new babysitting job, to take care of Karin ans Suigetsu. I hate Karin so much.


I almost forgot the last page!

Naruto 635 3Took me a while to understand what exactly is happening here, but I managed see: Kakashi and Obito stabbing each other in the chest. Obito sure has a lot of giant shurikens or is this the same one he stabbed Kakashi in the knee with many chapters ago?

Naruto 608From Naruto chapter 508
Shuriken to the knee… I love this scene

We will get an epic death fight with Obito and Kakashi next chapter. Well, unless Obito really is immortal. He already stabbed himself in the heart previously. But then he has those powers from a wood element which is part earth element. If Naruto world logic is still in play, lightning defeats earth, therefore Kakashi has also dealt a lot of damage to Obito as well. Maybe when Naruto said he and Sasuke were both going to die next time they meet was for Kakashi and Obito? Ooooh. Crafty. Obito and Kakashi were also present during that battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Well they met again and they are fighting to the death! Exciting! See you next chapter!

#269 Mini-James

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Hataraku Maou-Sama! episode 11 : The Hero Keeps Her Faith [watch here]

I know I haven’t been talking about this anime at all this season, but today’s episode really just… A character made me go ‘wtf’.

I’m not really sure what his name is but we’re going to call him Mini-James. I mean, look at him!

Hataraku Maou-Sama 10From Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 10

First he’s got this aviator glasses, ponytail thing. Pretty weird, huh? Then,

Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 2

Ski mask, huh? Okay… looks good for a villain. But then,

Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 3

Wishboneª Logo

What. Is that. On. Your. Face?

Suddenly, you’re Wishbone. The similarity is remarkable.

But wait! That’s not all!

Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 4

You just had to shoot laser beams out of your eyes. Is that it?

Maybe other than he’s also an angel like Emilia, swings around a giant death scythe, and set up a fast food restaurant to watch over his enemy? Oh this guy. Maybe I should find out what his name is… Nah. I’ll just continue to facepalm of his character design.

Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 7

Also in this episode,

Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 1

Why do you we need 5 minutes straight of Chiho and Suzuno screaming at each other about Chiho’s love for Maou? Why does this argument continue exactly 2 minutes later in the middle of a battle? If you hated Chiho’s character before, get ready to an earful.


Hataraku Maou-Sama 11 5

This broom is bothering me! He takes a scene to open the closet and grab this broom and then hurries away on his bike to save Chiho? What purpose does this broom have?!? And why does it have green bristles?!

Things are heating up for the last 2 episodes for this season. Who knows what will happen. That broom is particularly suspicious. You should pick up this anime if you haven’t yet. It’s really funny in a very odd way.

#267 Your Brains A-sploded

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Fairy Tail chapter 334 : Sin and Sacrifice [read here]

So what exactly  was Ultear doing walking through the battlefield?  Is it just plot convenience since Jellal needed his ass saved before the two girls were going to tear him apart? I was pretty sure she was staring at Rogue thinking about to kill him!  Even after walking away from Jellal’s situation, she was still thinking about it. Well now we understand she’s all torn apart by her thoughts and is now a non-player in this battle. How many chapters will it take for her to get better? Hopefully it will only take a couple chapters.


FT 334 0Sting is such a troll. A heartwarming, funloving troll. :) Great Sting and Rogue bromance this chapter.

So let’s get to the important part. So it starts out with,

FT 334 1

And ends up,

FT 334 2

No words.

I was angry before, but now it’s just no words.

I don’t know why

or how


Why… He didn’t even get to struggle for his life.

Fairy Tail series’ first death? Nobody usually dies in the story. Especially not the members of the guild itself. Pretty sure the Guild Master has been almost dead 3 times already. *sigh* He didn’t even get to struggle. Only 3 pages.


I’m done now.

FT 334 twit

#266 Then, where is my real sword…?

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Bleach 540 : The Sword Five [read here]

Naruto making me fangirl this week and Bleach making my mind blow. It’s going to be a good week.
And I have a 5 page essay due tomorrow I haven’t started. =D

The first half of this chapter is like,

Bleach 540Yeah. Let’s not talk about it.

And I ask why, again, do we have to go through all these new character introductions? Most of these new characters are not crucial at all to the story. Too many characters..


Bleach 540 0shock!

It makes sense now why Zangetsu hasn’t been showing up even after Ichigo revived his shinigami powers a whole arc ago! I get it and Kubo got me good. By hiding that character and making the readers sort of forget about him for a while lowers the suspicion of them being the same person. When the fact is revealed, it blows everybody’s mind! Well done, Kubo. Well done.

This also grows on what Isshin said about Juhabach where “His blood within all Quincies.” (chapter 537) Juhabach is part of Ichigo whether we like it or not and of course, this will aid Ichigo in learning Quincy powers. It’s just the rules of Bleach that Ichigo learns every power he comes across.

Well now, you know what’s going to happen? Zangetsu’s going to be replaced. There’s a chance he might keep the same name, but he’s going to look completely different. A character we’ve gotten to know since the beginning, a character Ichigo has trusted with his life, he’s going to change. Let us embrace this new character and watch as Ichigo finally inherits the strength he was meant to weld from the beginning.

I haven’t been this excited since I saw Rukia revealing her sword for the first time. Anybody else getting that?

Okay, okay. I want to take a scrnsht from the first half just to go ‘wtf’ at it.

Bleach 540 1WTF?
You pulled a hammer out of a tooth.

It’s not clever or creative, just WTF.


I think you already can tell that I am not very passionate reading Bleach since it is always the shortest post every week.

I found this guy on YouTube that has a far in-depth analysis of this chapter that can make up for the lack of research on my part!
Zero sama’s Bleach chapter 540 review